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2021 Tamil Reality Show - Survivor Latest Updates, Participants, Contestants, Winner, Spoiler, Elimination

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Default 2021 Tamil Reality Show - Survivor Latest Updates, Participants, Contestants, Winner, Spoiler, Elimination

Latest Update:
  • Today Episode:
  • Popular Tamil actress Vijayalakshmi has won the debut season of Survivor Tamil. The actress was overwhelmed after receiving the trophy. The reality show was hosted by 'Action King' Arjun. Vijayalakshmi contested with the 17 contestants on the island and became the sole person to survive in the game. From getting the majority of votes from the jury to her tough battle with 17 contestants in 91 days, here's a look at the journey of the 'supermom'.​Vijayalaxmi got majority votes from Jury

  • The actress won the majority of the jury members' votes and became the sole survivor in the show.
    ​91 days of Journey

    Vijayalakshmi was adjudged as the winner of Survivor after 91 days. The Supermom became the sole Survivor and lifted the trophy with pride. (PC - Instagram)
    ​Contest with the 17 contestants

    Vijayalakshmi competed with the 17 contestants including Vikranth, Nandaa, Narayan, Inigo Prabhakar, Umapathy, Saran, Lakshmipriya Chandramouli, Aishwarya Krishnan, Gayathri, Indraja Shankar, Besant Ravi and VJ Parvathy in the show. The contestants were sent to a secluded island where they had to perform tasks and overcome difficult challenges.
    ​Awarded a cash prize money of Rs 1 crore

    Vijayalakshmi was awarded a cash prize of Rs 1 crore and thanked the jury members who voted for her and fans for their continued support. (PC - Instagram)
    Grateful to everyone

    Vijayalakshami also shared a thanks note to fellow contestants and fans who supported her throughout the journey. She wrote, "Thank you everyone for the love and wishes. Thanks to my 17 co-contestants for the memories to cherish. I know how much we all struggled there from day 1. I have tons of super hero stories on you guys to tell! Can’t believe we lived through that phase! BIG RESPECT N LOVE to you HEROES n FIGHTERS. Thanks to #arjun sir for encouraging me which made me give my best! Thanks Zee for the opportunity.. and a big thanks and #SALUTE to the crew who suffered more than us to make this show! Thank you #juries @vikranth_santhosh, @inigoprabhakar, @nandaa_actor, @narayan_live. It makes me so happy that I earned you guys n your trust. Thank you (sic)." (PC - Instagram)
  • Lakshmi Priyaa gets eliminated; Saran Shakthi enjoys a narrow escape: In the latest episode of Survivor Tamil, host Arjun welcomed members of both the Kadargal and Vedargal tribes for the first joint tribal panchayat. He shared, there will be one elimination from both tribes. Arjun welcomed Nandaa and Vikranth, the winners of the immunity idols with a special mention and shared that they are already safe. Arjun asked Aishwarya Krishnan the reason behind his preference for Saran Shakthi over Prabhakar, when they both are outsiders. Later, Arjun asked the members of both the tribes to rate the leadership of the captains of their rival tribes. Vikranth received good ratings from his tribe and his rival tribe. After all the discussion, Arjun asked the members to cast their vote for eliminating one member from their tribe. Arjun brought the votes cast by the members. On asking whether someone has hidden the immunity idol, Inigo Prabhakar gives affirmation by his reply. Hence, the votes cast against him became null and void. He also gets immunity from elimination. Saran Shakthi from Kadargal tribe and Lakshmi from the Vedargal tribe got shortlisted for elimination after counting the votes. Arjun informed that from those two members, only one will get eliminated for the day. In that way, Saran and Lakshmi were selected for elimination. Arjun offered the option for the ‘Draw the rocks’ procedure. They both had to pick a stone each without seeing the stones in the little bag. Saran got the black stone and hence he escaped the process of nomination. But, Lakshmi got the white stone and hence she was selected for elimination. At last, Lakshmi tried her luck with the smashing idol, the last lifeline. Even in that option, she got the white balls and hence she was voted out from her tribe. After the tribal panchayat, the Vedargal tribe members expressed their dissent against Inigo Prabhakar for not revealing about the immunity idol.
  • Besant Ravi gets evicted from the show: Arjun said Ravi is the only contestant to volunteer for eviction adding that he shares a great bonding with his tribe and some of his teammates got emotional when he asked them to vote against him. Ravi said he has learnt that he can withstand any physical challenge after participating in the show. Arjun informed that Ravi has an option to continue his journey in the show if he is ready to go to Moondram Ulagam (third island). Ravi readily accepted the opportunity and headed to the Moondram Ulagam. Ravi discussed how he landed up in Moondram Ulagam. Later, Vijayalakshmi, Gayathri Reddy and Ravi were asked to decide the elimination for the day. Vijayalakshmi challenged Ravi and he accepted in spite of his injuries. Arjun explained the task. He said a maze has been set up on a table and Vijayalakshmi and Ravi should find a way to take the rod out of the maze. Then, they had to break the box and take the puzzle pieces. The person, who finishes the puzzle, becomes the winner. Vijayalakshmi finished the puzzle first and Ravi lost the task.
  • Narayan and Vanessa Cruez, the new leaders of both the tribes had a pep talk with their respective tribe members. Narayan advised Saran Shakthi to control his anger and try to talk politely. The host Arjun invited both the tribes for the reward challenge. Arjun asked about Lady Kash's injury. She replied that doctors advised her to stay out of the challenge for the day. Hence, Arjun asked one member from the Vedargal tribe to stay out and Besant Ravi volunteered for the same. The Kadargal tribe with the help of Lakshmi Priyaa solved the puzzle first and therefore they won the reward challenge.
  • Vijayalakshmi questions the show's format; VJ Parvathy gets evicted: Arjun announced that Saran Sakthi should have been eliminated from the show based on the decision taken in the last tribal panchayat. But, since he got golden-colored balls when he used his last lifeline, he survived and even got a special power to evict someone else. Sakthi chose Vijayalakshmi. As Vijayalakshi was upset with the turn of events, Arjun gave her an option to shift to the Moondram Ulagam if she wishes to continue in the game. Since she didn't want to set a bad example to her son Nilan by quitting, she moved to the Moondram Ulagam. Vijayalakshmi met VJ Parvathy and Gayathri Reddy there and discussed how each one of them were pushed to the island. Later, Arjun invited Vijayalakshmi, Parvathy and Gayathri to decide the elimination for the day. Vijayalakshmi questioned the rules of the game and asked how Saran got a special power to vote someone out. Arjun said it isn’t right to question the format of the game and that luck also plays a major role in the game. Parvathy and Gayathri were allowed to participate in the task as they got white stones while Vijayalakshmi had to rest as she got a black stone. According to the eliminator task, a pin-table set up and a puzzle with blocks were set up. The two of them had to push the ball and by the time it settles down, they should arrange the word Survivor from the puzzle. Arjun gave them an additional minute to arrange the same. Gayathri eventually finished the task first. Hence, Parvathy got eliminated from the show. She bid adieu to the show and everyone good luck.
  • Lady Kash quits Survivor; alleges makers didn’t care she had COVID symptoms
  • Actors Vanessa Cruez and Inigo Prabhakaran to join the show as new contestants: Premiered with 16 contestants. After a gap of 19 odd days, two contestants are entering the show.
  • Inigo Prabhakaran is an actor. He is from Tirunelveli. He made his acting debut with the movie ‘Ji’ in the year 2005. Following this, he has acted in a number of movies like Poo, Azhagarsamiyin Kuthirai, Sundarapandian, Pichuva Kaththi, Veeraiyan and RK Nagar. His performances in the movies like Rummy (as Sakthi), and Sundarapandian (as Arivazhagan) got him good fame.
  • Vanessa Cruez is an actress, model and host who is from Malaysia. The gorgeous Diva Vanessa has won beauty pageant titles like World Miss University Malaysia 2018, Miss Fitness Asia International and Miss Asia Malaysia 2017. Eventually, she became an actor and acted in the movie ‘Athaiyum Thaandi #Punithamanathu’. She has done TV projects too.
  • Vanessa will join the Kadargal tribe and Prabhakaran will be a part of the Vedargal tribe.
  • Srushti Dange gets eliminated: Gayathri Reddy was worried about being eliminated from her tribe. Host Arjun invited Gayathri to the tribal council. He asked Gayathri to share her worries. Later, he invited Srushti Dange and Indraja Shankar to the tribal council. Gayathri was shocked to meet them. Arjun informed them that all the three contestants will stay at Moondram Ulagam (third island). They will be given a few tasks. The winners can stay while the loser will have to leave the show. Srushti, Gayathri and Indraja had an open minded discussion while they were preparing the food. They were informed about today's task. Out of the three, two contestants had to participate in the task to decide the elimination. As they could not decide among themselves about the participants of the task, Arjun asked them to close their eyes and pick a stone from the sack. Srushti and Gayathri got the white stone and hence they were asked to participate in the task. Srushti and Gayathri were asked to arrange the logs and rings and arrange those in two layers. They had to make it stand for at least 3 seconds. Gayathri observed the tips given by Arjun and placed the logs in two layers correctly. Hence, Srushti got eliminated from the show. Srushti became emotional to leave the show at an early stage. Vedargal tribe had to choose contenders for the next tribe leader. Irrespective of winning or losing, VJ Parvathy wanted to take part in the task and decide the tribe leader.
  • Vedargal tribe win the immunity challenge, Besant Ravi turns emotional over wedding anniversary messages
  • Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli and Gayathri Reddy win the task, emerge as tribe leaders: Lady Kash and Gayathri Reddy received the maximum number of votes from the Kadargal tribe. Aishwarya Krishnan and Lakshmi Priya Chandramouli got the highest number of votes from the Vedargal tribe. 4 members became the contenders for the tribal leader selection task. The task was more like a penalty kick in football. Each contender was given 50 balls and had to aim and hit the 17 bottles kept in the other contender’s side. During their turn as players, the contenders were given an opportunity to pick another member from their tribe to support them. The contender, who saves the maximum bottles from being toppled, got selected as tribe leaders. At the end of the interesting task, Gayathri Reddy and Lakshmi Priyaa emerged as leaders of the Kadargal and Vedargal tribes respectively. Later, the tribes reached their islands. During the nomination process, VJ Parvathy voiced her concern that she felt lonely because of other contestants.
  • First Task: Is about to find their respective islands to settle from Good Island or Better Island. The better island is filled has coconuts, fruits and vegetables. while the good island has lesser facilities.
    Arjun showed a boat and asked the tribes to swim to reach the boat and pick food materials, vegetables and fruits from it and return to the shore. Only Aishwarya Krishnan and Vikranth from the rival tribes reached the boat. Later, Saran Shakthi got into the boat. Aishwarya succeeded in getting into the boat and picking food materials for the team. But, Vikranth failed in getting into the boat and sought medical help as he faced difficulties in breathing. Finally, both the tribes returned to the shore. Vedargal found the map and got a chance to settle in the better island. Kadargal were left to settle down in the other island with lesser luxuries.
  • First Episode Premiered on 12th September with 18 Contestants (Full Details Below)
  • Actor Arjun, popularly known as ‘Action King’ host the much anticipated adventure based reality show Survivor, Remote island in South Africa where the show is being shot.
  • It’s official now. Survivor, the ultimate fight for survival, is all set to entertain the telly audiences for the first time in South India. Survivor is expected to be in line with the world’s most successful reality show Survivor. The teasers are expected to be released very soon.
  • Survivor is to be held on an island (reportedly in South Africa) that will house the contestants of the show.
  • There were also reports of the team considering Silambarasan TR, Dhanush or Sivakarthikeyan to host the show. However, we have learnt from reliable sources that the makers have approached Arjun to play the host!
  • Reality show Survivor to be launched in Tamil soon in 2021 or 2022 based on COVID-19 status. COVID-19 அந்தஸ்தின் அடிப்படையில் 2021 அல்லது 2022 ஆம் ஆண்டுகளில் தமிழில் விரைவில் சர்வைவர் அறிமுகப்படுத்தப்படும் ரியாலிட்டி ஷோ.
  • Participants, Contestants Full List BELOW and Winner, Spoiler, Elimination, First Week Nomination: Eliminations:
About the show:
  • As the name suggests, the show is all about survival instincts. The contestants — comprising celebrities — will stay on a remote island, where they would be provided with minimal resources, and they will have to perform different tasks to stay in the show and also get additional resources.
  • Survivor is one of the most popular international reality shows. The Tamil edition of the show Survivor will be launched very soon. This show is expected to be a treat for adventure lovers for sure.
  • According to the reports, the Tamil edition of the reality show would also be named - Survivor. Barring a few minor changes, most of the aspects of the international edition will be adapted in the Tamil edition too.
  • The participants are likely to spend 90 - 100 days in the show. After all the challenges and eliminations, the last standing contestant would be declared as the title winner.
Format & All Seasons:
  • Survivor is the US version of a Swedish television series, titled Expedition Robinson. It was conceptualized and created by Charlie Parsons and premiered in 1997.
  • Survivor has successfully aired for 40 seasons until now. Besides this, different editions of the Survivor show are made in over 20 countries under different names.
  • Keeping the international format in mind, the Tamil edition of the show Survivor will also feature at least 16 contestants. Mostly, film stars will participate in the show.
  • Earlier, the Indian edition of the show was launched with the name ‘Survivor India’ in the year 2012. This show was hosted by Sameer Kochhar. The first and only season named ‘Survivor India: Caramoan Islands’ was shot in the Caramoan Islands in the Philippines in the year 2011. Raj Rani emerged as the winner of the show.
  • The contestants will be chosen from different walks of life. The host will also serve as a mentor and guide for the contestants during the tasks.
  • Sources suggest the makers are yet to finalise the host. There were also reports of the team considering Silambarasan TR, Dhanush or Sivakarthikeyan to host the show. However, we have learnt from reliable sources that the makers have approached film Star Arjun to play the host!
  • Since the show is high on adventure quotient, the makers felt that Arjun, who’s known for this action image, would make for an ideal host. The actor, too, is kicked about the concept and is keen to explore the television space with a different kind of reality show. However, he is yet to sign on the dotted line. He is working out the logistics as well because he’s shooting for a few films across south industries.
  • Arjun is making his TV debut with the show. He has acted in over 150 films in his 40-year-career. Apart from being a talented actor, he is also a producer, director, screenwriter and distributor.
  • Arjun said, “I feel extremely elated to be a part of this iconic internationally acclaimed reality show like Survivor. Playing an integral role in Survivor, a worldwide famous reality show, is nothing less than an exhilarating experience. In the three-month journey, viewers will see the contestants facing their fears and pushing boundaries to survive on a marooned island. It will be a game of intensity, grit and determination, testing the will power and spirit of the contestants.
Contestants, Participants, Celebs:
  • Popular actress Vijayalakshmi Ahathian is one of the contestants of the show Survivor. She made her debut in the movie Chennai 600028 and featured in more than 15 movies. She produced movies too. She made her TV debut with the show Nayagi (as Anandhi) and then acted in the show Dum Dum Dum (as Priya). She co-judged TV show Mr. and Mrs. Chinnathirai. Prior to Survivor, she has been part of the reality show Bigg Boss Tamil season 3.
  • Actor Nandaa aka Nandhaa Durairaj is an actor, producer, voiceover artist, and cricketer. He is from Coimbatore and is the grandson of M. Kannappan, former Union Minister. Mounam Pesiyadhe marked his acting debut and appeared on 20 movies. On the small screen front, he has featured in shows Maya Thirai, Premi (as Govind) and Iru Dhuruvam (as Victor). He also produced the TV show Naam Oruvar
  • Srushti Dange is one of the contestants. She made her acting debut in Tamil movie Kadhalagi (as Nandhini Velu Nachiyar). Later, she acted in more than 20 movies in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. Shristi Dange's debut movie was Kadhalagi (as Nandhini Velu Nachiyar). She gained fame for her performance in the movies Darling, Rajavukku Check and Jithan 2. Shristi has 20 films to her credit.
  • Vikranth Santhosh is an actor who made his acting debut in the movie Karka Kasadara. He acted in over a dozen movies. Top Kollywood star Vijay is his cousin. He showcased his s****s in cricket in the celebrity cricket league matches and gained good fame.
  • Gayathri Reddy is a model, actress and a beauty pageant title finalist. At the age of 20, she emerged as the finalist of the Femina Miss India 2016 and won the Miss Talented and Miss Fashion Icon. She debuted in the sports-based movie Bigil (as Maari - a football player), featuring Vijay.
  • Umapathy Ramaiah, is the son of the national award-winning actor Thambi Ramaiah. He made his acting debut in Adhagappattathu Magajanangalay. He, then, featured in the films Maniyaar Kudumbam, Devadas, Thanne Vandi, and Thirumanam. Umapathy is known for his fit physique and dancing s****s.
  • VJ Parvathy is a radio jockey, video jockey, model, and actress. She was a student reporter in her early days. She is known for her TV shows Naalaiya Iyakkunar and Cooku with Comalis 2. She is making her debut on the silver screen in movie Sivakumarin Sabatham and will be seen in Karungaapiyam too.
  • R. Ravikumar aka Besant Ravi aka is a stuntman, actor and entrepreneur. Ravi was a bike mechanic in his early days. He learned various martial arts forms and after being trained by master Pandian, he became a stuntman. Eventually, he turned into an actor and has featured in more than 300 films across languages. Full Details - Besant Ravi 2021 Survivor Tamil Contestant
  • Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli, Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli is an actress, model, sportsperson, and a trained theatre artist too. She is a postgraduate in human resource management, who was involved in a corporate job for quite some time. She made her debut in Mundhinam Paartheney (as Prashanthi) and has done more than 25 films. Lakshmi's performances in Sutta Kadhai, Karnan and Ticket were highly praised. Lakshmi was a former National Level cricket player and national Ultimate Frisbee champion also. She was a part of the India's B national cricket team and played a series against the West Indies too
  • Vikranth Santhosh, Vikranth Santhosh is the relative of famous movie star Vijay. Karka Kasadara marked his acting debut in movies. He has done more than a dozen movies so far. He is a passionate cricketer and has played in a few celebrity cricket league matches
  • Aishwarya Krishnan, Aishwarya Krishnan is a sportsperson, certified fitness trainer and a model. She indulges in rowing sports. She is a 500m National Rowing Champion. Aishwarya trains celebrities.
  • Lady Kash, Lady Kash is a Hip Hop artist and playback singer from Singapore. She is famous for her rapping s****s in Tamil
  • Ram C, is an actor and famous model. He made his acting debut in the Vaanam Kottattum featuring Radikaa Sarathkumar and her hubby Sarathkumar. He is awaiting the release of his upcoming movie FIR.
  • Saran Shakthi, Actor Saran Shakthi is made his debut in the movie ‘Kadal’. He is famous for his appearances in the movies like KGF Chapter 2 with Yash, Netrikann with Nayanthara and Vada Chennai with Dhanush, to name a few.
  • Indraja Shankar
    Indraja Shankar is the daughter of famous comedian and actor Robo Shankar. She is known for her appearance in her debut movie Bigil, featuring top stars Vijay and Nayanthara. She is also a trained Bharatnatyam dancer. She often makes lip sync videos and entertains her fans.
  • Narayan Lucky
    Narayan Lucky is a model and actor. Inidhu Inidhu marked his acting debut in the silver screen as a lead. He has done more than 20 movies. He is known for his performances in the movies Oru Kal Oru Kannadi, Thiranthidu Seese and Payanam. Having completed his MBA, he is also a marketing head of a leading firm in the real estate domain.
  • Amzath Khan
    Amzath Khan is an actor, entrepreneur, and fitness enthusiast. He is known for his appearances in the movies Maya with Nayanthara, Kaithi with Karthi, and Vallinam. He holds an MBA in film marketing and finance and worked in a reputed company earlier.
    Earlier Approach:
    A few celebs like Nandaa Dorairaj, Vanitha Vijaykumar, Vikranth, Indraja Shankar, Vijayalakshmi and Sri Reddy are already touted as one of the probable contestants of the show. Speculations are rife that Sanjana Singh, VJ Parvathy, Shalu Shammu, John Vijay, Gopinath Ravi and Anikha Surendran are also taking part in the show.
  • All the contestants will stay in a remote island where they would be provided with minimal resources. The show will be shot in a foreign location.
  • The contestants would have to perform tasks on a regular basis in order to get additional things like food and fire.
  • They are expected to perform in the tasks to avoid elimination.
  • Speaking about the launch of the show, Mr. Siju Prabhakaran, South Cluster Head of the channel said, “As a channel we have always committed ourselves to engage and entertain our audience with innovative and variety content in reality entertainment. Survivor would definitely set new benchmarks in reality show formats in India. From the production value to the portfolio of talent, we have truly embarked on a journey to redefine quality entertainment in the market.”
Competition in Tamil Best Reality Shows:
  • Survivor’s Tamil edition is expected to be a tough challenger for other reality shows like Bigg Boss Tamil 5, hosted by Kamal Haasan and Vijay Sethupathi hosted MasterChef Tamil 1.

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