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Default Hindi TV Show - Ranju Ki Betiyaan Latest Updates, New Star Cast, New Future Story

Latest Updates:
  • Ranju Ki Betiyaan completing 100 episodes, the cast of the show celebrated the occasion with a small cake cutting ceremony. The show premiered on February 15 this year.
About the show:
  • Ranju Ki Betiyaan (transl. Ranju's daughters) is an Indian television drama series produced under Rashmi Sharma Telefilms. It stars Reena Kapoor, Ayub Khan, Karan Khandelwal, Jeevansh Chadha, Monika Chauhan and Roopal Tyagi.
  • Telecast, Repeat Dangal TV 15 February 2021 – present
Story, Plot:
  • The show’s concept is quite relatable as it happens in many Indian households but no one really openly speaks about it. The show is definitely going to be the talk of the town. This is not a love story. It is something much more than that. The show doesn’t have a situational story.
  • The show will be an eye-opening drama where such situations are still occurring in many households but no one speaks openly about it.
Star Cast:
  • Reena Kapoor as Ranju Guddu Mishra– A traditional, benevolent and strong woman who keeps her family united. She own and runs a tailoring shop named 'Pragati'. Shalu, Bulbul, Muskaan and Tiya's mother; Lucky and Vicky's step-mother, Guddu's first and legitimate wife
  • Ayub Khan as Guddu Mishra– An obedient, wealthy, orthodox, responsible and egoistic man. Ranju's husband with his first marriage and Lalita's husband with his second marriage; Shalu, Bulbul, Muskaan and Tiya's father from his first wife Ranju; Vicky and Lucky's father from his second wife Lalita
  • Monika Chauhan as Shalu Ranju Mishra/Shalu Guddu Mishra– Ranju and Guddu's first and eldest daughter; Tiya, Muskaan and Bulbul's elder sister
  • Roopal Tyagi as Bulbul Ranju Mishra/Bulbul Guddu Mishra– Ranju and Guddu's second daughter; Shalu, Muskaan and Tiya's sister
  • Aarushi Sharma as Muskaan Ranju Mishra/Muskaan Guddu Mishra– Ranju and Guddu's third daughter; Shalu, Tiya and Bulbul's sister
  • Adiba Hussain as Tiya Ranju Mishra/Tiya Guddu Mishra– Ranju and Guddu's fourth and youngest daughter; Shalu, Muskaan and Bulbul's younger sister
  • Jeevansh Chadha as Vicky Guddu Mishra- A spoilt brat. One of the twins of Guddu and Lalita's second and younger son; Ranju's step-son; Shalu, Bulbul, Muskaan and Tiya's step-brother
  • Deepshikha Nagpal as Lalita Mishra- A Bengali-orientated woman marries Guddu though they love each other but as Guddu wanted a son. Guddu's second and loving wife; Vicky and Lucky's mother; Shalu, Bulbul, Muskaan and Tiya's stepmother
  • Karan Khandelwal as Lucky Guddu Mishra- A spoilt brat. One of the twins of Guddu and Lalita's first and elder son; Ranju's step-son; Shalu, Bulbul, Muskaan and Tiya's stepbrother
  • Naveen Pandita as Vishesh
100 Episodes:
  • On this occasion, Ayub Khan, who plays the role of Guddu Mishra spoke to ETimes TV, sharing his happiness. He said, “Right from the word go to watching the very first episode at the launch of Ranju Ki Betiyaan, it has been one high after another, nonstop in these past 100 episodes! It really feels like it was just yesterday that we began shooting for the show. The excitement of watching the story unfold has kept us actors and the unit absolutely charged about being part of the show. Thank God for the healthy camaraderie amongst us all, there hasn't been a single unpleasant moment and these four months have been an absolute breeze.”
  • He further stated, “We have spent tons of time together as a team and sometimes ganged up as Lalita family and Ranju family and kept pulling each other's leg when crucial scenes were to be shot. The character Guddu Mishra is fun to shoot but yet challenging. Shooting for Ranju Ki Betiyaan has truly enriched us with fun and memorable moments. We are all looking forward to achieve another milestone for the show.”

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