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SAB TV's Aladdin: Naam Toh Suna Hoga (Star Cast, Story, All Seasons, All Episodes, Latest News, Future Story so far)

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Old 04-26-2020, 05:20 AM
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Default SAB TV's Aladdin: Naam Toh Suna Hoga (Star Cast, Story, All Seasons, All Episodes, Latest News, Future Story so far)

Latest Update:
  • Aladdin – Naam Toh Suna Hoga (transl. Aladdin – You must have heard the name) is an Indian fantasy television series based on the Arabian nights character Aladdin. The series premiered on 21 August 2018 on Sony SAB. Aladdin is a young boy who falls in love with Princess Yasmine. His life changes after he finds a magical lamp which has a genie inside. Siddharth Nigam stars as Aladdin and Avneet Kaur starred as Princess Yasmine for the first two seasons. Avneet Kaur was replaced by Ashi Singh in 2020 due to health issues. Raashul Tandon stars as genie of the lamp. The series ended on 5 February 2021.
  • Zafar emerges as the strongest sorcerer on Sony SAB’s Aladdin: Naam Toh Suna Hoga - Siddharth Nigam and Aamir Dalvi get talking about shooting the show and what is in store for the fans ahead.
  • The show will soon enter into season 3. The report suggests that the current track which showcases the fight of Aladdin nd Zafar will come to an end and in the next season audience can see Aladdin propose to Yasmine for marriage.
  • One of the most popular shows for Sab TV, Aladdin Naam Toh Suna Hoga will witness the biggest development as leading lady Avneet Kaur has quit the show.
  • Actress Debina Bonnerjee takes it to her social media account to share a picture of her returning to the sets of SAB TV show Aladdin: Naam Toh Suna Hoga.
  • Post 2 months of long lockdown period imposed by the government of India due to the outbreak of COVID-19, TV and film stars are now bubbling with joy to resume work once again. After popular shows like Naagin 4, Kundali Bhagya, Barrister Babu, Yeh Rishta Kya Kheleta Hai, the latest show to start shooting is SAB TV's Aladdin Naam Toh Suna Hoga.

Story, TV Show is about:
It is an age old fantasy tale of a young boy and his struggles around his family and love. He is a lovable rogue, hopeless romantic, a poet and a righteous thief. He is an ambassador of happiness, who with his sheer presence and persona is able to spread happiness and positively around. On his journey Aladdin bumps into the magical lamp which possesses a mysterious Genie and they become friends.

The mere mention of Aladdin' takes one back in time to the middle eastern era of lavish palaces and vast deserts, flying carpets and the quest for the magic lamp. Sony SAB gears up to take viewers on an adventure with the launch of an epic, Aladdin:Naam Toh Suna Hoga. With a generous dose of magic and mystery, this show is based on the age-old fantasy of a 20-year old boy, Aladdin, and his trysts with love and fate. Aladdin: Naam Toh suna hoga which stars Siddharth Nigam in the main lead as Aladdin premiered its first season on 21st August 2018 and airs on Sony SAB. Avneet Kaur is starred as Yasmine, the princess of Baghdad and Sultan's daughter.

Star Cast, Crew:
Siddharth Nigam, Avneet Kaur, Raashul Tandon

Negative Reviews:
  • Worthless Scripted and enacted Serial. Absolute disgrace in the name of legendary Aladdin. Genie looks like a joker. Aladdin sings songs and keeps saying - ek din hoga zarur. Dear Sab Tv serials like Tarak Mehta, Tenali Rama, Bhkarwadi are keeping your brand value alive, don't spoil your reputation by broadcasting shows like Aladdin.
  • Except Siddhart Nigam (Aladdin) no character is proper. The storyline is terrible, trying to have scenes comparing Aladdin with Shahrukh movie dialogs. The genie although tries to act as a joker, is not funny at all. The worst character is Nazneen chachi and Gulbadan who spoil the show. This serial is not even funny, not even intriguing or entertaining and story moves very slow. Animations which are used are poor quality. Overall very pathetic serial degrading the Sony SAB channel brand.
  • The Show just have the name "Aladdin" from the Legendary story of Arabian Nights. Apart from the name, the show has nothing related to that. The Jhini here cannot do the magic, gets injured like a mortal human. Such a useless and loser personality of Jini that we have never seen before. And hardly there is 5% of magic shown till now. Children of this generation are getting a completely different and false version of the story of Aladdin.

    The story writers and makers of this show keeps the audience fool by promising something big every week and show nothing. I'm wondering how come SABTV keeps this show and who is watching such a twisted epic disaster story of Aladdin.
  • Literally fed up of this overdragging of serials the geni all 4 keeps acting worst than idiots and always putting there akka/hero in trouble. And the hero even After having so much geni and Princess and scientist in his side still gets horrible defeated everytime and Jafar keeps wining with one or no geni... Please end the serial immediately with a good ending...
  • Humor is no match to original Aladdin animated shows and movies. Even comparing this to original one is a disgrace to Aladdin. I don't know how in the world these shows become popular at all and survive to make Indian TV look like a joke compared to Netflix. Unnecessary lengthening of story, unnecessary addition of new characters are some main drawbacks, it doesn't matter what one does with a terrible badly written story it will always be terrible. Period. Also there is no kind of character development whatsoever, while in original Aladdin there is apt amount of it.
Positive Reviews:
  • The cast is excellent and their chemistry is vry nice. We should also accept the CGI of the show. The only thing that I don't like is the extra extention of the story. Overall. Good.
  • Despite the fact that most indian tv shows are a total toss, they have done and proven me wrong. All actors have given their fair contributions, outstanding performance despite the fact that budget cuts and lack of talent in VFX department make for an under average visual effects as indian tv shows notoriously are. The story is not straight up copy paste but they have given extra saga and a twist of their own, which resembles the 1001 nights nowhere, now that is script genius! Old package, new surprise.
  • It is one of the best shows. Well scripted , entertaining and we'll executed. Everyone works very hard just to make sure we enjoy watching it. So we should definitely support them so that Aladdin serial be at the top of TRP. A very thank u Aladdin team specially Siddharth and Avneet.
  • I guess this is the first time I can see a show of Aladdin showing actual characters of how Aladdin and Yasmine use to be. Great work by these young talents leading roles of Aladdin and Yasmine. The chemistry between Siddharth Nd Avneet is so natural and beautiful love it. Hopw to see more of it.
  • The showmakers told that the storyline will loosely based on Aladdin.That's why the show is called Aladdin - Naam Toh Suna Hoga!That means this is the fictional events after the era of Aladdin.So basically the story will be different and it is!Though the story line is very slow but you have to remember that this is an Indian TV show and Indian TV shows are slow this is a basic fact.The show also contains plenty of comedy scenes which makes it eligible for SAB TV.Actor Siddhart Nigam's gymnastic s**** worked like a charm during the actions scenes.He has done so well that sometimes I thought he should be the original Aladdin.Avneet Kaur and Amir Dalvi also done very well on their respective role.So basically I will say that first watch some episodes then judge it!The show is well made.Thanks to the cast and crew!
Unknown Facts, Interesting Facts, Controversies:
  • Siddharth Nigam who has won hearts with his portrayal of Aladdin in the TV soap confirmed the news with India Forums and said, "Yes, I am resuming shoot from today and I am excited as well as nervous about it, but I am sure all the necessary precautions will be taken by the cast and crew and can’t wait to be back on the screen to entertain the audience."
  • He even shared a picture of him traveling to the set and captioned it saying that from today shoot has started and he is nervous about the same just like when he was on the set for the first day of his shoot. He is telling his fans to love him and also wish him luck for the same.
  • Earlier when Siddharth's fans asked him about resuming shoot, the actor in his reply confirmed that the shooting for his show will resume soon and said that currently the sets are being sanitized.
Season 1

  • Aladdin is born in Baghdad as the only son of Rukhsaar and Omar, the once royal guard of Baghdad, now termed as a traitor. Though he is a thief, Aladdin is a kind-hearted, hopelessly romantic poet, funny, brave, and courageous young boy. His biggest dream is meeting Princess Yasmine of Baghdad, with whom he fell in love at first sight (when he was a child). He brings a magical lamp in exchange for ten thousand gold coins for the wazir of Baghdad, Zafar but gets confined in a cave. He rubs the lamp and becomes the master of the Genie of The Lamp. He names him Ginu.
  • Zafar tries to steal the lamp from Aladdin but fails. Aladdin strolls in the streets of Baghdad for several tasks. Princess Yasmine isn't allowed to roam Baghdad for her mother, Queen Mallika denies. Still, she disguises herself and wanders around in Baghdad in common clothes, ensuring the citizens' welfare. Aladdin and Yasmine often bump into each other. Yasmine hates that Aladdin (Kalachor) only likes Shehzaadi Yasmine because of the title, and hence, she introduces herself as Sana. Initially, they do not get along well, but soon they become friends and fall in love.
  • Zafar finds anguthi ke jinn in Misr (Egypt). He finds Ginu, turns him evil, and erases all of his memories with Aladdin. He ****s Sultan, i.e., Yasmine's father, framing Aladdin for the ******, and betrays Genie Of The Ring. A heartbroken Yasmine reveals her truth to a shocked and perplexed Aladdin and orders to bury him alive in a short square closed room without any opening and sand-filled in it. Everyone scorns Rukhsaar as her husband, and her son is termed as traitors.
Season 2

  • One year later, Aladdin is shown to be still alive, living in Misr. His father Omar and Bulbul Chacha saved him. In the process, Omar gets ****ed. Aladdin finds anguthi ke jinn (he calls him Anguthi Chaap) and discovers Zafar's crimes. Aladdin vows to seek revenge. The duo finds two more genies – an Uncle and Niece duo, Jinnee Minee and Chand Changezi (who is called ChaCha), along with an enormous amount of wealth.
  • They take up the names Ali (Aladdin), a merchant from Ankara, his siblings Sara (Jinne Minne), and Chand Changezi (ChaCha), and their servant Jhumuru (Anghuti Chaap) to foil Zafar's evil intentions. Gulbadan (Aladdin's cousin) and recognize Aladdin's innocence and then decide to help him. Yasmine too finds out about Aladdin's innocence and breaks down out of guilt. Soon she realises that Ali is no one but disguised Aladdin and confesses her love to him . Aladdin reciprocates her love .Together, they turn Ginu back to his good form, and Aladdin is reunited with his mother. Zafar intends to reach Mallika, an evil enchantress, with the sonminar's help, but Aladdin and Yasmine stop him. Zafar, with the help of his sister, Zeher, finds out Ali and Ginu's truth. Aladdin and his group consisted of Yasmine, Rukhsaar, Gulbadan, Ginu, Anghuti Chaap, Jinne Minne, and Chand Changezi (the Toli), bring Zafar's offenses in front of Baghdad. Zafar dies, and Zeher escapes from Baghdad. Before his death he revived Mallika. Aladdin and his companions buried Zafar.
A month later
  • On the occasion of Jashn e Dilbar, Aladdin proposes marriage to Yasmine and they plan their engagement. A disguised Mallika arrives and plans for destruction by using saytan ka khanjar. She turns Aladdin's mother into a captivated genie with a bracelet and persuades Aladdin to bring the three parts of the saytah na khanjar. In a fight with Zafar's sister Zeher, Aladdin unknowingly opens a prison from which a lookalike of Zafar comes out and helps Aladdin. He introduces himself as Faraz, Zafar and Zeher's younger brother. Together they collect all three parts of saytan ka khanjar by which Aladdin ****s Mallika, and his mother is brought back to human form.
  • Faraz is then revealed to be Zafar himself, who returned to take revenge from Aladdin and Zeher, ****ing the real Faraz. Using the khanjar, which is now more powerful because of Mallika's blood, Zafar becomes Aiyyar Zafar. Aladdin and Yasmine decide to go to Hell to save their father from punishment because he had given Aladdin a piece of the khanjar. After they reach Hell, they give the lal sanduk to Zafar, which he wants, and in return, he frees Omar from punishment. Aladdin tells Omar that the real lal sanduk is with them, not with Zafar. Omar sends the real sanduk to a safer place. Omar, knowing that Aladdin and Yasmine can bring the sanduk, pushes them into lava, ****ing them so that the sanduk cannot be brought back. Then he himself jumps into the lava. Zafar uses a spell that erases Aladdin and Yasmine's memories from the minds of Baghdad's citizens and becomes the Sultan. Aladdin and Yasmine are reborn in Turkistan.
Season 3

  • 18 years later, Aladdin is shown as the spoilt and lazy prince of Turkistan and Yasmine as a kind-hearted, ordinary thief. After Aladdin manages to catch her, they are banished from Turkistan, and they reach Baghdad along with Ginu. They start taking lessons from Rukhsaar, the principal of Baghdad's school (all the four have no memory of their past life). Gradually, Aladdin regains his memory about his previous life.
  • Aladdin tricks Zafar to make him reveal where he has kept the memories and makes him turn against Zeher. As time passes, he completely falls for Yasmine and always speaks for her, for which Ginu & Anghuti Chaap tease him. Aladdin is shocked to know that Yasmine was the Sultana of Baghdad. He saves her and realizes that she is his real love and life partner.
  • Aladdin tells Yasmine about Zafar and his wicked plans. He then brings Zarina, a scorpion, to finish Zafar's powers and restore Baghdad's citizens' memories once and for all. Zarina stings Zafar, and all the memories he had taken away are restored while she gets ****ed. Aladdin is reunited with his mother Rukhsaar, his brothers Anghuti Chaap and Ginu, and his love Yasmine. After a lots of hurdles, Zafar and Zeher are captured and jailed. Yasmine is proclaimed Sultana-e-Baghdad while Zafar and Zeher plot against Rukhsaar. Zafar and Zeher manage to escape. Later, Yasmine confesses her love to Aladdin, and both get engaged. Zafar tells them that a meteoroid will soon crash on Earth, and the Black Lamp can only stop that. Aladdin, Yasmine, and Zafar hence travel to Marakkesh to get the lamp. After a series of incidents, Zafar takes over the Black lamp and its genie and becomes the master of the Black Genie. On the other side, Zeher makes Anguthi Chhap her slave, but he sacrifices himself.
  • Anghuti Chhap, before his death, tells Rukhsaar that Zafar can't be ****ed because he had locked his soul in a locket hidden in the Hell on land. He helps her to get there, and she gets the locket. She goes to Marakkesh to **** Zafar. Rukhsaar frees the soul from the locket, and Aladdin ****s him. The Black Genie gets captured in his lamp again but vows that he'll surely come to take revenge for his Master's death. Everything in Baghdad goes very well, and Aladdin and Yasmine get married. Someone releases the Black Genie out again, and Ginu senses this danger. The series ends showing Aladdin and Yasmine signing off on their way to fight the evils of the world once again.

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Default Star Cast

Siddharth Nigam
Siddharth Nigam says “Playing Aladdin has taught me that there is a solution to every problem”Siddharth seems to have gotten rather emotional as he penned a huge note, recalling his journey, expressing gratitude for all the love he has received, and so much more!

Avneet Kaur started off her career as a dancer where she appeared in dance reality show, Dance India Dance Li'l Masters as a contestant. She later participated in Dance Ke Superstars and Jhalak Dikhhla Ja season 5.
Avneet made her acting debut with Life OK's Meri Maa in 2012 and was later seen in shows like Ek Mutthi Aasmaan and Humari Sister Didi. She is currently seen as Princess Yasmine in SAB TV's Aladdin - Naam Toh Suna Hoga.

Aamir Dalvi will soon be seen in Sahara One's Main Aisi Kyun Hoon. This good looking dude who first debuted with Jabb Luv Hua(Lakhan), then moved on to Saathi Re where he earned a lot of name and fame as Rajeev.

Amir Dalvi, the main man of serial Saathii Re, is on cloud nine. Wife Alisha recently gave birth to a baby boy and the actor is now the proud papa of two. The couple have a daughter, Rashu.

"I couldn't have asked for more. Whether it will be a boy or a girl was never of any concern to us. All we wanted was to have a healthy child and god has fulfilled our wish," is what an exhilarated Aamir says.

The couple have named their newborn Abir, which means 'fragrance' in Arabic. "Actually, when I was looking for names for my daughter Rashu, I came across this name and it got etched in my mind.," Aamir explains.

With his son's arrival, Aamir is also filled with an increased sense of responsibility. "I don't want any of my kids to feel neglected. So Alisha and I have decided that while she takes care of the boy, I will look after Rashu till the time she is mentally mature. This way, she would never feel insecure."

As of now, Rashu is having a whale of a time being pampered by her maternal grandparents who have dropped by.
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Default Vikas Grover

Raashul Tandon, an Indian television actor. Raashul has taken 3 months acting training from Anupam Kher's "Actor Prepares". Raashul started his career with YRF's 'Seven' as one of the Seven leads with powers to save the world. Raashul has also done adds for: Bang Bang films for Fiat Punto & Airtel, Nirvana films for future group, Footandels Films for Dr. Fixit, Opticus Pictures for Onida mobile. Raashul has also done add and photoshoot with Soda Films for Tata Sky. Raashul will soon be seen in a movie by PRBA production, called 'Someday'.

She was in Piya Ka Ghar, CID, Amanat, Alpaviram, Kora Kagaz, Koi Apna Sa, Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki, Itihaas, Sarhadein, Hip Hip Hurray or Woh, telly actress Smita Bansal has always come across as an endearing character by dint of her dramatics. Now seen in the SAB TV daily, Twinkle Beauty Parlour as Niyati. She was in Sarhadein Love knows no boundary and Desh Mein Nikala Hoga Chand. She came to Mumbai in the year 1997 from Delhi. Having done a workshop with Kishore Namit Kapoor, this beautiful petite girl was lucky to land herself a role in Ekta Kapoor's Itihaas. This break led her to few more plum roles in Amanat, Alpviram, Kora Kagaz, Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki, Kkusum and others. Smita has done a lots of pilots for various producers and in a span of four years has acted in more than twenty serials.

Currently she is working in Balika Vadhu in Colors and Paani Puri on starone

Gulfam Khan

Vikas Grover
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Farhina Parvez

Gireesh Sahdev
Amazon's Great Indian Festival Click Here
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Source indiaforums

“I miss getting into my look as Yasmine”, says Avneet Kaur from Sony SAB’s Aladdin: Naam Toh Suna Hoga

Sony SAB’s fantasy show Aladdin: Naam Toh Suna Hoga has successfully made its mark as an absolute family entertainer. A perfect blend of a classic tale mixed with nail-biting adventures and heartwarming romance - the show has continued to keep its audiences hooked to their television screens.

While the immensely talented cast of the show are at home staying safe, they not only miss playing their unique on-screen avatars, but are also missing the fun and excitement on the set. Teen sensation Avneet Kaur who plays Sultana Yasmine in the show appreciates and encourages everyone to stay at home but at the same time is missing her daily shoot schedule and the amazing time on the sets. Talking about missing the set and her beautiful character, Yasmine, Avneet said, “I miss the set and getting into the glamourous look of Sultana Yasmine. I miss being in front of the camera, feeling like a princess and getting immersed in the scene. But staying at home and safe is the need of the hour, so I am focusing a lot on spending quality time with my parents and also working towards exploring my interests like writing, sketching and at the same time creating content for my social media handles.” Avneet while reminiscing the fun on the sets, shared, “I really miss all my co-stars and the fun during the shoot. I miss Siddharth playing pranks on me which I always fall for because he is really sneaky. He has been pranking me since the first show we did together. The best part of the day during the shoot was sitting with my dad, Siddharth and his mother for lunch and I hope we all do that when the shoot resumes.” Emphasizing on the importance of being at home, sending a message to her fans, Avneet said, “It is a testing period for all of us and I urge my fans and viewers of Aladdin: Naam Toh Suna Hoga to stay at home and take all the precautions to be safe.” Watch Avneet Kaur as Sultana Yasmine on Aladdin: Naam Toh Suna Hoga every Monday-Friday at 9 PM only on Sony SAB
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