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2021-2022: Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 (Contestants, Participants, Spoiler, Winner, Eliminations)

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Default 2021-2022: Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 (Contestants, Participants, Spoiler, Winner, Eliminations)

Latest Update:
  • Today Episode:
  • Sweta Eliminated and Lobo sent to the secret room: After a fake eviction sequence. Based on the opinion of the housemates in the confession room a majority of the housemates voted for Priya and Lobo had to step out of the house. Vishwa burst into tears while the rest of the housemates bid an emotional farewell to Lobo. Lobo gave all the contestants a thumbs up and as he almost stepped out of the studio, Nagarjuna called him back. He then asked Lobo to stay in the secret room waiting for further intimation from Bigg Boss. Lobo broke into tears after realising that it was a fake eviction and went into the secret room.
  • Preethi Anshu wild card entry (October 16). Preethi Anshu is an aspiring actress who has appeared in Telugu short films like My Dil and is quite a familiar name in the circuit. Unlike the previous ones, a wild card entry was delayed this season. Many actors including Sudigaali Sudheer, Vishnupriya Bheemineni, Navya Swamy and others were rumoured to be wild card contestants in the ongoing edition of the reality TV series in Telugu.
  • So far WHO got maximun Footage? Watch Video
  • Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 is set to witness an interesting captaincy task that has drama, physical challenges, and major fights, too. Finally Sunny Lost and Ravi won. Kajal Selected as Worst Performer of the week
  • Show witnessed something unusual: The nomination task in Monday's (October 4) episode, witnessed over 8 contestants nominating Shanmukh. In season 5, this is the first time the nomination process took place in the confession room. The episode also witnessed Jaswanth picking a fight with Sreerama Chandra (captain), over food. An argument between Sreerama and Jaswanth escalated when Shanmukh and Siri came to their BFF Jaswanth's support. Earlier, Jaswanth and Sreerama argued over the former sharing the kitchen chores. Shanmukh's intervention has left Sreerama irked. While Sreerama justified his conversation with Jaswanth and his authority as a captain, Shanmukh and Siri asserted that he (Sreerama) should take responsibility but not boss over everyone.
  • Choreographer Nataraj to get evicted from the show. He compared the housemates with animals during his post-eviction interaction.
  • Week 3 Evicted Contestant: Host Nagarjuna Akkineni to expose Ravi in front of Lahari Sreeram, Maanas, Priyanka Sngh are SAVED. So Priya and Lahari in bottle 2 and Finally Lahari OUT.
  • Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 is gearing up for an interesting weekend episode as host Nagarjuna Akkineni is set to grill the housemates, especially Ravi, Lahari and Priya. The latest teaser of the upcoming episode will see Nagarjuna breaking tiles with the names of the contestants as shown in the nomination task. Referring to Priya’s previous allegations on Lahari, Nagarjuna questions her (Priya) if hugging someone is 'being busy' as she claimed. Priya replies that her remark ‘being busy’ doesn’t mean so. Nagarjuna also asks Ravi if he used the word 'single men' in his conversation with Priya about Lahari. Ravi says he has admitted using the word but Priya denies the same. The host then sends Lahari into the power room, plays the video of Ravi and Priya's conversation and asks her to hug the innocent and question the culprit in the case
  • Shailaja Priya bursts into tears as Ravi denies commenting on Lahari: Ravi and Lahari strongly condemned Priya's claim. While Ravi hit back saying she (Priya) can't make such statements in the house, Lahari stated that she (Priya) has no right to talk about her. Ravi further clarified that it was a friendly hug and also asked what his family, especially daughter, would think of him.
  • Week 2 Highlights: Rise of Sweta, Nataraj calls Ravi a 'fox', When Anee called Uma 'Chillar', Lobo gets medical help; Bigg Boss' warning to housemates, Shanmukh and Sweta get trolled, What's cooking between Sreerama Chandra and Hamida?, Vishwa is the new captain Sunny gets jailed, BB News
    Uma Devi to get eliminated from the show:
    Uma Devi turned out to be one of the most aggressive contestants of the season and came across as a rude person for contestants like Priyanka Singh. She earned flak for using profane language in the nomination task. Uma Devi had her share of ugly fights with Priyanka, Anee and others. While Sweta lashed out at her for disrespecting Anee as well. Uma chose to be herself in the show though. Towards the end of the week, she was seen pairing up with Lobo who started calling her 'Potti'.
  • Team Wolves and Team Eagles - Highlights Vishwa and Ravi get into a heated argument. Lobo Collapsed. Sunny and Priya engaged in a verbal spat. Kajal asked Siri to mind her tongue. Sunny and Sreerama engaged in a verbal spat. Sweta bulldozed into their opponent’s team which triggered a commotion. Uma and Anee also engaged in an ugly spat. Anee called Uma ‘Chillar’ while the latter also gave a strong retort.
  • Week 2 Nominations: Slapping color on someone's faces - Uma, Nataraj, Kajal, Lobo, Priyanka, Anee and Shailaja Priya. In the nomination task, the contestants were divided into two teams - Wolf and Eagle. Each contestant had to nominate two contestants from their opponent team giving their reasons. Highlight is Sweta lashing out at Hamida. Uma's language.
  • Sarayu Roy aka 7Arts Sarayu is the first contestant to get evicted: According to her Siri, VJ Sunny, Lahari, Shanmukh and Kajal are worst and Sweta, Maanas, Priyanka and Vishwa are best. Watch Bigg Boss Buzz with Ariyana glory "If you (Shanmukh) are really a guy and have real guts, then play the game with the right spirit. If not just, go and sit in the house." She also called 'VJ Sunny a characterless man in the house. Anchor Ravi is just pretending in the house. She has been evicted, Nominations:Anchor Ravi, RJ Kajal, Jaswanth Padala, Maanas Nagulapalli, Hamida, Sarayu Roy are nominated for eviction. First Nominations Process in the garden area, a dustbin and 19 trash covers for each contestant. The participants were asked to nominate two contestants whom they wanted to get evicted by throwing their trash covers in the bin.
  • Power room access Task (First Captain Task): Out of 4 who got power room access are participated in Captain Task and Winner is Siri (First Captain). Earlier Hamida was the 4th person who got Power room access is to get a special power; a contestant to lose eligibility for captaincy throughout the season, she selected Shailaja Priya. 3rd Winner is Siri, she will get a chance to make a contestant a slave to another inmate. 2nd Winner is Maanas, He takes RJ Kajal's name who must sleep only after everyone sleeps. 1st Winner is Vishwa, he choose Ravi & Priya who required to give all their things and clothes to Bigg Boss.
  • Single bed Task: Vishwa, VJ Sunny, Priyanka Singh and Maanas pick their boxes as they look for keys to unlock the single beds. Vishwa wins the key buy he giving away the single bed to Priyanka who didn't sleep for a while.
  • 24/7 Live Streaming:
    1. Siri Hanmanth enters the show as the 1st contestant of the season.
    2. Kalyana Vaibhogam fame VJ Sunny is the second contestant makes a dashing entry with an energetic performance.
    3. Arjun Reddy fame Lahari Shari presents a rare and real rose for host Nagarjuna; asks him to call her 'Ammulu'
    4. Playback singer-turned-actor Sreerama Chandra enters with a mesmerizing performance.
    5. Host Nagarjuna Akkineni welcomes the next contestant choreographer Anee Master.
    6. Comedy Actor Lobo entered.
    7. Actress Shailaja Priya is introduced as the next contestant of the season.
    8. Model Jaswanth Padala aka Jessie entered.
    9. Transgender actress Priyanka Singh, who shot to fame with Jabardasth.
    10. Jaswanth Shanmukh steps in style.
    11. Hamida picks her favourite eyes of men who she might meet in the house.
    12. Choreographer-TV personality Nataraj Master is the next contestant.
    13. Sarayu Roy enters the house after revealing her dream to enter Annapurna Studios at least once in life
    14. TV actor Vishwa makes a smashing entry as the next contestant.
    15. Uma Devi is an open and straight forward personality
    16. After TV actor Maanas Nagulapalli's entry,
    17. RJ Kajal will making a zesty entry into the show
    18. Sweta Varma steps in with a scintillating performance
    19. Anchor Ravi makes a Dhamakedaar entry
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  • Poll Result: How excited you are for the season 5's premiere: 51% 'not at all' excited, 49% 'very much' excited.
  • First Wild Card Entry: Esha Chawla may not enter the BB house in the premiere episode as expected. She was one of the most rumoured contestant of the season and was expected to quarantine along with other contestants. However, she is likely to be a part of the show as a wild card contestant.
  • Grand Premiere: Premiere slated for telecast at 6PM for a 3-hour long special episode welcoming the contestants of the season on September 5, with a new time slot will air at 10 pm on weekdays while the weekend episodes will continue to air at 9PM.
  • Theme: Fifth edition is touted to be an entertaining one encouraging fans to 'bid goodbye to boredom' "Cheppandi boredom ki goodbye... vachestundi Bigg Boss season 5 (freedom from boredom)," says host Nagarjuna Akkineni.
  • Ahead of its launch, many lists of probable contestants are doing the rounds on social media.
  • Second Week nomination task Sweta Varma slammed Hamida, Uma Devi, and Lobo as well. While Sweta nominated Lobo and Hamida while hitting back at them, she lashed out at Uma Devi for disrespecting Anee. Sweta considers Anee as a motherly figure. She condemned Uma Devi's act of disrespecting Anee during the nomination task adding that they can't afford to lose 'humanity and respect for their co-contestant' despite it being a reality TV show. However, on the contrary, Sweta soon slapped Hamida and Lobo with color. This was questioned by Shailaja Priya and netizens as well. Sweta earned flak on social media for her contradictory action during the nominations task though she tried to justify and quickly apologised for the same.
  • Mangli is said to have backed out in the last minute because a delegation of BJP leaders is said to have lodged a complaint against Telugu folk singer Mangli alleging that the lyrics in her recently released Bonalu song ‘Chettu Kinda Kusunavamma’ were derogatory. However, Mangli ditching the show suddenly may not become a problem for the show organizers as they have a bunch of backup contestants to replace them. The latest we hear is that Sarayu was one of them. She is going to be part of Bigg Boss Telugu season 5, as per sources.
Contestants, Participants, Celebs:
  • Siri Hanmanth - TV Presenter and YouTube Personality
  • VJ Sunny - VJ , Actor known for Kalyana Vaibhogam.
  • Lahari Shari - Actress known for Arjun Reddy and Zombie Reddy
  • Sreerama Chandra - Singer and Actor. Winner of Indian Idol Season 5.
  • Anee Master - Dance Choreographer known for her work on Mahanati and acted as a Judge in Reality Show Dhee in ETV and Dancee Plus Telugu in Maa TV.
  • Lobo - VJ in Maa Music
  • Shailaja Priya - Actress in Telugu Films and TV Serials.
  • Jaswanth Padala - Super Model
  • Priyanka Singh - Comedienne known for Jabardasth
  • Shanmukh Jaswanth - YouTube Personality
  • Hamida - Actress Known for Sahasam Cheyara Dimbaka
  • Nataraj Master - Cheographer and Mentor in Reality Show Aata (ZEE Telugu)
  • Sarayu Roy- Youtube Personality
  • Vishwa - Actor in Movies and Televison (Zee telugu)
  • Uma Devi - Actress in Telugu Films and TV Serials
  • Maanas - Actor Known for Lead Role in Koilamma
  • RJ Kajal - Dubbing Artist and RJ from Radio Mirchi
  • Swetha Varma - Actress known for Pachchis and Raani
  • Anchor Ravi - Television Presenter, Actor and Anchor

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Contestants Remuneration:
  • Rs. 2 Lakh To Rs. 5 Lakh Bracket: Anchor Ravi, Shanmukh Jaswanth, Anee Master, Anchor Lobo
  • Rs. 1 Lakh To Rs. 2 Lakh Bracket: Shanmukh Jaswanth, Umadevi, Senior Artist Priya, Singer Ram Chandra, Lahari Shari
  • Rs 40 to 60k Bracket: VJ Sunny, Vishwa, Natraj Master, Sarayu, Swetha Varma, and others reportedly being paid per week to stay in the house. The official earnings of each contestant is yet to be disclosed by the show makers.
  • Bigg Boss set built in Annapurna 7 acres which also houses the Bigg Boss house.
  • King Nagarjuna stressed that this season will be 5 times more fun than the previous seasons aired so far. He also justified his statement while giving a tour of the house. While showing the swimming pool area, Nagarjuna told that the contestants will chill 5 times more than the contestants of previous seasons. While showing the sofa area, he said that the lounge area will witness 5 times more entertainment while the kitchen area will see more drama. Later, he took the audience to the bedroom and said that the season will see some romance happening too. But, yes we didn't miss the two single beds which were locked.
  • What Is Power Room? How Can Bigg Boss Contestants Use It? - In the end, just before going to the confession room, Nagarjuna opened a new room in the Bigg Boss house—The Power Room. The entrance of this room had a fingerprint scanner which indicates 5 times more security. This power room is basically a part of the game plan created by the Bigg Boss. As per Nagarjuna, one contestant in the house will be given access to the power room with which he/she will get the power to do whatever they want to. Bigg Boss tells Nagarjuna that ‘More the power, More the responsibilities’ which clearly specifies that the captain will be handed over the access to the power room. To know which contestant will first get access to the Power Room is to be watched in the upcoming episodes of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5.
Here's a quick look at the list of rumoured contestants of the upcoming season 5:
  1. Anchor Ravi, who is the telly audiences' favourite entertainer, is touted to be a part of the upcoming season. The ace TV host has been approached for the show a couple of times but he is likely to take part in this season.
  2. VJ Sunny, The Kalyana Vaibhogam actor is yet another popular TV celeb who is rumoured to be taking part in the upcoming fifth edition. He has been away from television for a while now. The first look of his upcoming debut film as a male lead was released recently. However, he is most likely to participate in Bigg Boss Telugu season 5. He has been keen upon Bigg Boss Telugu for a while now.
  3. Manas Nagulapalli, This actor of Koilamma and Deeparadhana fame is also rumoured to be a contestant on the forthcoming season of Bigg Boss Telugu. He has played the male lead in a few Telugu movies but his successful stint on TV has made him one of the most probable contestants of the season.
  4. Uma Devi aka Bhagyam of Karthika Deepam fame is an interesting name on the list of the rumoured contestants. She is playing a key role in the show and a few other daily soaps as well. It remains to be seen if the actress will pause her shows to appear on Bigg Boss Telugu 5.
  5. RJ Kajal, This Radio Jockey-anchor is most likely to be seen on BB Telugu season 5 if the buzz on social media is anything to go by. Her interviews and content on the internet are popular and she can be an interesting addition to the list of contestants.
  6. Shailaja Priya, She is a familiar face to the Telugu audiences; thanks to her notable supporting roles in successful Telugu films like Mirchi starring Prabhas, Anushka and others. She is a must mention in every list of the rumoured contestants of the season.
  7. Varshini Sounderajan, Rumour mill has it that this popular TV host is a part of the upcoming season 5 of Bigg Boss Telugu. However, close sources reveal that she has opted out of the show due to unknown reasons.
  8. Jaswanth Shanmukh, This social media influencer recently made headlines for being charged with drunken driving. He is now most likely to participate in the upcoming edition of Bigg Boss Telugu. The fact that social media influencers hogged limelight in BB Telugu 4 is fueling rumours about his participation in season 5. Notably, his rumoured bea Deepthi Sunaina was a contestant on Bigg Boss Telugu season 2.
  9. Indian Idol winner Sreerama Chandra to take part in the show.
Earlier rumoures:
  1. Aame Katha fame Navya Swamy is likely to take part. However, an official confirmation is awaited at the moment. The actress has shot to fame with her popular shows Vaani Raani, Na Peru Meenakshi, one of the longest-running Telugu shows, and Aame Katha that features BB Telugu 3 fame Ravikrishna as well.
  2. Kalyana Vaibhogam fame VJ Sunny likely to take part?
  3. Sources close to the show reveal that ace anchor Ravi will take part in the upcoming season of the reality TV series in Telugu. However, an official confirmation on this is awaited. Ravi is currently seen co-hosting the show Happy Days with Ashu Reddy, who made her TV debut as a host with the show. He was also last seen hosting the special show Ashadamlo Atta Kodallu. Rumours are rife that Ravi isn't signing up new shows just to take part in season 5 of BB Telugu.
  4. BB Telugu 5 Logo, First teaser: Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 is finally announced. The channel airing the show has launched the logo of the upcoming season of the popular reality series with a teaser on Instagram.
  5. Bigg Boss Telugu 5 is most likely to premiere in the second week of September. But with much-anticipated reality TV shows like MasterChef Telugu and Evaru Meelo Koteeswarulu launching very soon, the makers of BB Telugu are also planning to launch the upcoming season at the earliest.
  6. Payal Rajput has cleared that I am not part of thie Bigg Boss Telugu 5 and cleared on such rumours.
  7. Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 to be postponed to August. The makers of Bigg Boss Telugu have announced the fifth edition on August 1 (Sunday)
  8. Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 is expected to return to the small screen but a little later, sources suggest. As per the latest reports, the launch of the upcoming fifth edition of the show is most likely to get postponed to August. Nonetheless to say, the COVID-19 second wave is one of the key reasons behind the postponement, according to industry sources.
Start Date of Bigg Boss Telugu 5:
  • The makers of the reality TV series in Telugu along with the channel have initially planned to launch season 5 in June. However, the surge in COVID-19 cases and lockdown in various parts of the country have apparently forced the makers to postpone the launch of the show.
  • Notably, TV shootings are already stalled in Maharashtra and Kerala and a lockdown with additional restrictions is also under effect in Tamil Nadu as well. Though Telugu TV shootings are in full swing, the fate of a few other new non-fiction shows is still unclear.
  • The grand premiere of Bigg Boss Telugu 5, however, failed to surpass its predecessor's record in the launch ratings, according to the TRP report. The show has put up some good numbers in the U+R category during the week as well but the change in time slot of the show did have its effect, the TRP report suggests. Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 is now being aired between 10PM-11PM on weekdays while the previous seasons aired at 9:30PM. There was a demand from fans on social media to change the time slot, too. Order of ratings of Bigg Boss Telugu premiere: Bigg Boss Telugu 4> Bigg Boss Telugu season 5>season 3> season 1> season 2
  • TRP of First Episode, Grand opening Day. The duration of the pilot episode was about three and half hours and the show makers managed to put interesting elements to ensure TRP ratings throughout the show. During the first 30 minutes, Nagarjuna’s introduction and Home Tour of Bigg boss house managed to keep the TV audience under his grip for over an hour. Later, the audience continued to watch the show for Shanmukh Jaswanth’s entry. Anchor Ravi was the last contestant to enter the house as it was the strategy of organizers to keep the best for the last to ensure people stayed on till the end.
  • Overall, the show was not at all boring because of the tasks that were given to the contestants. However, show observers reveal that the pilot episode ratings did not beat the TRPs of Samantha’s Episode that was aired during the Bigg Boss Telugu season 4. The TRP of the premiere episode of Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 ranked between 15 and 20, it is learned.
Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Vs Evaru Meelo Koteeswarulu
  • Jr NTR-hosted Evaru Meelo Koteeswarulu which was announced in April is also postponed to June. However, an official confirmation on this is awaited.
  • Winner Prize: 50 lacs (Before Tax)
Host of 2021 Bigg Boss Season 5:
  • Nagarjuna Akkineni is back to return as host for Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 as well.
  • He has had a successful stint as a host in the reality TV series with season 3 and season 4 registering some record breaking TVRs for the channel.
  • Host Nagarjuna has apparently hiked his fee for the upcoming season of Bigg Boss Telugu. As per close sources, Nagarjuna is apparently charging around Rs. 9 crore for season 5 which is set to launch this Sunday. He was reportedly paid Rs. 8 crores for the previous season.
Previous Seasons, All Season Winner:

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