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Bengali TV Show - Krishnakoli Latest update, New Star Cast, New Story, Today Episode, Yesterday Episode Videos, Written updates

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Default Bengali TV Show - Krishnakoli Latest update, New Star Cast, New Story, Today Episode, Yesterday Episode Videos, Written updates

Latest Update of 'Krishnakoli'
  • Today Episode:
  • Last Episode:
  • Its Over: After almost 4 years of journey, popular TV show ‘Krishnakoli’ concluded its journey. It was an emotional moment for the entire cast and crew as they shot for ‘Krishnakoli’ for one last time. Recalling old memories, cherishing the last few moments on the set, congratulating each other on success, and tears of joy made the moment memorable for Team Krishnakoli. Here’s a glimpse.
  • Good Bye: It was a tough moment for the crew to bid goodbye. Over the last four years, they had become a big happy family. The show had many popular artists and welcomed many new characters after featuring a time leap. Artists, crew members, and the director happily posed for a group photo after the shoot was over
    Neel Bhattacharya and Tiyasha Roy played the lead pair in the show. Nikhil and Shyama’s jodi became one of the most popular pairs on Bengali TV. Although Neel was busy with Uma and giving ‘Krishnakoli’ a miss, he attended the last day’s shoot. Just like his co-stars the audience also rejoiced seeing their favourite couple getting reunited on-screen.
  • Big Success: Krishnakoli tasted success within a few weeks of its launch. It was one of those few shows which dominated the TRP charts for a long time, outshining all other daily soaps. Terming the success as a team effort, Neel said, “We will always cherish this journey. We have aired more than 1200 episodes and dominated the TRP charts for a long time. We will miss the show.” Tiyasha too felt emotional and said, “There are mixed feelings as we shot for the last time. I will always cherish this journey. I was a girl next door and Krishnakoli made me a household name.”
  • Happy Movements: During the shoot, Ananya Guha, Adhiraj Ganguly, Tiyasha, Neel, Soume, Nibedita Mukherjee and 'damaad' Ani aka Rounak Dey Bhowmik all became a part of the Chowdhury family. They bonded during the shoot and continued their friendship outside the floor too. Here is a happy moment. Most of the cast and crew were present on the last day. Rimjhim Mitra aka Disha, Sarbori Mukherjee, Kaushik Bhattacharya along with others had a good time together on the shooting sets. The smile on their faces narrates the rest of the story.
  • Overnight Stars: It was Tiyasha’s very first show and it made her an overnight star. Shyama’s innocence managed to woo the audience soon after its launch. Tiyasha shared this throwback photo from the initial days of her career.
  • Bengali daily show Krishnakoli ends; cast and crew wrap up on an emotional note: Bengali daily soap ‘Krishnakoli’, starring Tiyasha Roy and Neel Bhattacharya as the lead pair, finally came to an end yesterday (January 9). It was an emotional moment for the entire team. Launched in June 2018, ‘Krishnakoli’ enjoyed huge popularity among the audience.
  • Tiyasha, who played the lead role in the show, said, “I had a mixed feeling while shooting for the last time. I don’t know how to react… whether I should smile or cry. I feel overwhelmed.”
  • Neel aka Nikhil Chowdhury was equally emotional while bidding adieu to the show. “We all have spent almost years together like a family. Krishnakoli aired more than 1200 episodes which is commendable. The show also dominated the TRP charts for a long time. It has been an amazing journey. We have tolerated each other (laughs). But we have never fought and rather had a lot of fun together,” he said. Tiyasha seconded Neel and said, “May be, that’s why we have received the award of best on-screen couple so many times.”
  • Neel has been giving ‘Krishnakoli’ a miss after he started shooting for yet another show. But the actor featured in the climax episode of ‘Krishnakoli’.
  • The entire team had an emotional moment. They took a stroll down the memory lane. “We were looking at the old photos. In the last four years, I have literally grown up. I was quite young then and while playing Krishnakoli, there was also a change in the way I look now (laughs),” Tiyasha said. The actress made her debut with ‘Krishnakoli’ which turned out to be an instant hit and made Tiyasha a household name almost overnight.
  • Speaking about his co-star, Neel said, “Tiyasha literally grew up in the last four years. From a teenager, she became a mother and now a grandmother in the show. In real life too, she actually grew up.”
  • Terming the success a collective effort, the reel couple who entertained Bengali audience with their sizzling on-screen chemistry, Neel and Tiyasha lauded their entire team and their hard work. “Teamwork made our show a success. Viewers watch us in front of the camera but there are a lot of people working tirelessly behind the camera,” Neel said.
  • Tiyasha, too, heaped praises on the entire team. She said, “ Entire team worked really hard. We will cherish this journey our entire life.”
  • Nikhil saves Shyama; Chowdhury family enjoys their reunion:
  • Rukmini arrives at Chowdhury household; pretends to be unwell: Chowdhury family gets a huge shock when their arch-enemy Rukmini turns up at home accompanied by Shyama and Shiva. She pretends to be unwell and sheds tears in front of the family members. Papiya is shocked to see her, so are other family members who haven’t forgotten her wrong deeds. They still remember how Radha and Rukmini kept causing them sleepless nights several times. Papiya asks Shyama where she found Rukmini. Shyama reveals that she had some doubt that Alok might be in trouble and asked Shiva to follow him. Although, Shiva lost Alok midway, Shyama and he managed to find out the place Alok paid a visit, earlier. They found, Alok came to meet Rukmini. When Shyama and Shiva reached the place, Rukmini was in trouble and the landlord asked her to leave because of dues.
  • Disha abducts Krishna, who is expecting a baby soon. She forces Shyama to dance to her tune. While Shyama isn’t ready to lose her daughter at any cost, Disha uses this opportunity to humiliate her (Shyama). First, she asks Shyama to talk to the media and lie that she stole the songs written by another girl. A helpless Shyama does the same and also agrees to transfer the credit to the said girl.
  • Shyama is determined to prove Dodo’s real identity. For that, she tries to bring Dodo’s transcripts and educational certificate from abroad where he has been living for last few years. Munni offers to help Shyama in every possible way. The later praises Munni who is ready to go against her mom Disha.
    Meanwhile, Shiva is produced to the court and Aneek fight to prove his innocence.
  • Papiya has an emotional breakdown after Dodo gets abducted by some goons. Arun, on the other hand, wonders who the goons might be. Shyama promises them to bring Dodo back at any cost. She also talks about exposing the real culprit behind this. It leaves Shinjini and Tatan nervous.
  • Goons try to abduct Dodo: In the latest episode of Krishnakoli, Tatan wants to take his twin brother for shopping. Initially, the family members feel apprehensive about letting Dodo go alone, as he has lost his memory. Dodo (whom family members think as Tatan) has lost his memory and can’t recognize anyone.
  • Shiva wakes up to a nightmare and rushes to the hospital. He fears Shyama and Tatan’s life might be in danger. Shiva’s family doesn’t support his decision of visiting the hospital at night.
  • Shiva’s bail hearing is scheduled. Shyama lands in deep trouble when she learns that the lawyer has backed off. She wonders who will represent Shiva in court. Ani and Shiva try to figure out why the lawyer backed out all of a sudden. Shinjini, who bribed the lawyer, arrives there. She pretends to be worried about Shiva. Shinjini even suggests a lawyer of her choice, with the intension to manipulate Shyama. But her plan doesn’t work and Shyama politely turns down the offer. Meanwhile,
  • Ani and Krishna are expecting their first baby. Krishna underwent some medical tests. Ani spoke with the doctor and is in a worried state of mind because of something. Krishna notices this and asks whether there is any abnormality in the reports. Ani tries to calm her down but she keeps worrying. Shyama, who is also present in the room, asks her daughter to stay relaxed. Munni takes Krishna with her.
  • Krishnakoli’s story is taking an interesting turn with Shiva’s arrest and Dodo hiding a secret: Chowdhury family is missing Tatan who lives out of the country. Only Dodo knows his whereabouts but keeps it a secret.
  • Shyama assures Shiva: Shyama’s family will soon be facing double trouble as their current enemies Shinjini and Ashok are working on their separate plans. While Shinjini notices Munni’s feelings for Ani and decides to exploit it, Ashok has a different plan in mind.
  • Krishnakoli’s latest episode witnessed an interesting turn in the story with Nikhil’s revelation. He claims Amarendra’s daughter Roshni is alive. He asks Amarendra to let Krishna go. Amarendra starts believing Nikhil’s words. It makes Kanchan realise that the game is going out of his hands. He asks Amarendra not to fall for Nikhil’s words and allow him (Kanchan) to take Krishna with him (Kanchan). Amarendra doesn’t listen to Kanchan. Instead, he asks Nikhil to prove his claims.
  • Nikhil’s claim leaves Amarendra surprised: Shinjini is eager to get married. She has realised that without stepping into the household as a bahu, she won’t be able to make things work in her favour. Sujata doesn’t want to hurry and asks her to wait. She explains that the wedding will take place once Shyama and Nikhil comeback. Shinjini fears that Shyama might not agree to their relationship.
  • Shyama is in deep double. She manages to rescue Lakshmi Chachi but the latter isn’t well. Shiva and Ani bring her to a safe place. A doctor examines her and suspects Lakshmi Chachi has been drugged.
  • Krishnakoli’s Chowdhury family is in deep trouble. Not only Amarendra, but Ashok and Shinjini are also after Nikhil-Shyama. Shinjini and Dodo join the family business. They have been helping Arun running business. None of them has any idea what Shinjini is up to. Arun and Papiya discuss about Shyama, who is in Varanasi. Papiya shares that Shyama, Ani, Shiva and Munni have reached safely. Arun enquires about Shyama’s twin son. Ashok is confident that Shyama will never be able to find her son and mistakenly mentions it too.
  • Arun tries to end his life; family members save him: Arun is devastated by the recent financial loss at the company. Amarendra successfully implemented his plan and duped Arun who is a good human being. The latter fell prey to his conspiracy and lost a huge amount. Shyama tried to alert him but Arun didn’t pay any attention to her. Now, he blames himself for the loss. Arun falls unwell eventually.
  • Team ‘Krishnakoli’ enjoys outdoor shoot in Varanasi: The show is inching towards an interesting turn and the cast and crew went outside the state to shoot for the sequences. The team is currently in Varanasi. Tiyasha, Rounak, Ananya Guha, Soume Chatterjee and all other actors reached Varanasi and already started shooting. Neel too reached the location. The team chose some breathtakingly beautiful locations for shooting.
  • Goons fool Shiva and Alok - Alok somehow meets Nikhil but Amarendra’s men follow him. When Shyama learns about it, she contacts the local police station. Ashok eavesdrops on the telephonic conversation.
  • Shyama confronts Ashok, Shyama wonders why Sujata is behaving in a particular way. She suspects Ashok’s involvement in this matter. Shyama confronts him in front of others and asks whether he spoke to Sujata. Ashok wasn’t expecting Shyama to grill him and tries to figure out whether Shiva told her anything. He questions Shyama about Shiva. Shyama denies knowing where Shiva is.
  • Shyama gets shocked after learning about Nikhil’s abduction. She vows to save Nikhil and rushes to the hospital along with Shiva and Arun. When Ashok volunteers to join them, Shyama asks him to stay at home. It irks Ashok who has been secretly conspiring against the family.
  • Nikhil is awaiting a critical surgery. Krishna is worried about his health. Nikhil is taken to the operation theatre. Arun, Ashok, Shiva and others are also present in the hospital. As Dr. Roy and his colleague share an awkward glance, Shiva notices it.
  • Shiva realises how much Chowdhury family loves him. He feels bad for playing with their emotions.
  • Team ‘Krishnakoli’ is in a celebratory mood as the show has completed 1000 episodes.
  • Disha overhears Ashok’s telephonic conversation, when Disha questions him, Ashok cooks up a new story and says he was speaking with Mr. Mukherjee and there is nothing more.
  • Is Shiva Shyama-Nikhil’s son? She notices the tattoo in his hand and starts feeling restless.
  • Nikhil vows to find the truth about his twin son: Nikhil and Arun bring Ashok home. Nikhil has no idea that he will soon have to face a shocking truth.
  • Nikhil and others happily arrive at Dutta household to attend Krishna-Ani’s reception. Radha asks them to leave, which makes Nikhil-Shyama wonder whether she is responsible for Ani’s abduction, shows latter as a proof.
    Krishnakoli, Nikhil asks Shyama to calm down. Munni is still upset by the sudden turn of events. Shyama talks to Munni as she realises her pain.
  • Rukmini is proud of Radha who is seeking revenge on Shyama and her family. Rukmini reveals Radha’s plan to ruin Krishna’s career.
    Radha shows fake affection and takes the newlywed couple to Kanika. The latter is aware of Radha’s true colour and tries to hint that she (Radha) is behind the conspiracy. As she tries to speak up, Radha gets terrified and fears about getting caught. Before she could tell anything, Rukmini handles the matter. She starts criticising Krishna for her skin tone. Rukmini says Krishna doesn’t deserve a good looking guy like Ani.
  • Krishna’s family is yet to decide Krishna-Ani’s future course. While Ani suggests Krishna to concentrate on her future and forget about the unfortunate episode, Shyama has a different opinion. She is old school and opines Krishna is married to Ani no matter what the circumstances was. Nikhil doesn’t support the idea. Shyama reminds how they were married against Nikhil’s will yet he accepted their relationship.
  • Krishna breaks down into tears while narrating the incident when the goons attacked them. Nikhil wonders who might want to abduct both Ani and Krishna. Radha shows fake concern and sheds tears.
  • Nikhil asks Gopal whether he saw those guys earlier. Gopal shares he couldn’t see the face of those goons although Krishna emphasises she can identify the guys. Nikhil decides to inform the police. Meanwhile Alok comes and learns about the incident.
  • Krishna decides to talk to Ani on behalf of her sister. They go to a nearby place to discuss the matter. She requests him to accept Munni in his life adding that Munni is a perfect match for him. Krishna’s request leaves Ani surprised. He was expecting Krishna would reciprocate her feelings. He finally opens up and says he likes Krishna and not Munni. Meanwhile, Radha gets a call and she claims the caller is her old friend. Shyama notices Radha’s facial expression and realises she is lying. Montu informs Radha about the latest update. She asks him to abduct Ani and get him married to Krishna.
  • The current storyline is centered on antagonist Radha’s (played by Sreemoyee Chattoraj) conspiracy to get Shyama’s daughter Krishna and Ani married at any cost. While the promo featuring Krishna and Ani as the newly-married couple is already on air, the viewers are yet to see whether things go according to Radha’s plan. Meanwhile, the wedding sequence was recently shot and actress Soume Chatterjee shared a witty post about her reel wedding. Sharing a picture which features her and co-star Rounak Dey Bhowmik as bride and groom, Soume shared, this is her ‘third wedding’ while it’s ‘sixth’ for her reel hubby. Prior to ‘Kroshnakoli’, Soume was a part of TV shows ‘Deepabolir Saatkahon’ and ‘Kopalkundala’ and in both shows, she shot for reel weddings. Rounak, who has been a part of other projects, has acted in 5 wedding sequences earlier. Soume’s witty post caught the attention of her fans.
About the show:
  • Krishnakoli is a popular Bengali television soap opera that premiered on 18 June 2018 and airs from Monday to Sunday at 7 pm on Bengali entertainment channel Zee Bangla.
  • It is also available on the digital platform ZEE5. It is produced by Susanta Das of Tent Cinema and stars Tiyasha Roy and Neel Bhattacharya in the lead roles.
  • This series has being top positions in TRP charts with record TRP.
  • This series was the original version and it was remade into Telugu language.

Star Cast:
  • Tiyasha Roy as Shyama Nikhil Chowdhury (Nikhil's wife, Krishna's mother) / Amropali Nikhil Chowdhury aka Maam (Antagonist) (Dead) – dual roles
  • Neel Bhattacharya as Nikhil Chowdhury (Shyama's husband, Krishna's father)
  • Soume Chatterjee as Krishna Aniruddha Dutta (Shyama and Nikhil's daughter, Anirudhha's wife)(2nd generation female protagonist)
  • Raunak Dey Bhowmick as Aniruddha Dutta aka Ani (Kanika's son, Krishna's husband)(2nd generation male protagonist)
  • Adhiraj Ganguly as Shiba (Shyama and Nikhil's twin son, Krishna's twin elder brother
TRP, Reviews:
  • The series is been first ranked for the most watched television series since the day it had premiered.
  • It garnered 4.39 million impressions by occupying fifth place and dominating all Star Jalsha series in TRP charts.
1000 Episodes Special:
  • Team ‘Krishnakoli’ is in a celebratory mood as the show has completed 1000 episodes.
  • A special cake was brought to make the moment even more special. The cast and crew attended a shoot this weekend, and had a gala time celebrating the milestone.

  • 'Krishnakoli’, which has also been remade in ‘Telugu’ as ‘Krishna Tulasi’, started its journey on Bengali television in 2018. It was an instant hit.
  • The story revolves around village belle Shyama, who has to face a lot of humiliation because of her skin colour. She is a devotee of Lord Krishna and sings beautiful Keertan. Nikhil, on the other hand, is the son of a successful businessman. They get married following a major twist in the story. Nikhil’s mom fails to accept her as a daughter-in-law but his dad Basanta helps Shyama in every possible way. He encourages her to follow her passion and start singing in a radio show as ‘Krishnakoli’. The morning show becomes a hit and helps Shyama earn huge fame as Krishnakoli. The show made debutante Tiyasha a star almost overnight. Neel and Tiyasha's jodi is quite popular too.
  • Shankar Chakraborty plays Neel’s reel dad, while Nibedita Mukherjee is essaying his mom’s role. The show also features Priyanka Halder, Sreemoyee Chattoraj, Rimjhim Mitra, Soume Chatterjee, Rounak Dey Bhowmik, Adhiraj Ganguly, Sanjib Sarkar, Vivaan Ghosh, Mou Bhattacharya and other popular actors. ‘Krishnakoli’ dominated the top most spot on the TRP charts for a long time.

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