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2021-2022 Tamil TV Show - MasterChef Tamil Contestants, Participants, Winner, Elimination, Spoiler

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Default 2021-2022 Tamil TV Show - MasterChef Tamil Contestants, Participants, Winner, Elimination, Spoiler

Latest Update:
  • Today Episode Live Streaming.
  • Here’s some good news for all the fans of MasterChef Tamil. The popular cookery show is back with its season 2. The makers of the show have shared the updates regarding the auditions for MasterChef Tamil season 2 on their official pages. Starting from today (November 18), the auditions will start. Interestingly, cooking enthusiasts, homemakers across the world can participate in this upcoming season. Commenting on the occasion, Saravana Prasad, the producer of the show said, “We are elated to announce the second season of MasterChef Tamil. With the first season becoming an instant hit amongst Tamil diaspora across the globe, I am confident that the second season will definitely create more benchmarks further in the culinary reality show space. We are expecting a horde of talents to showcase their culinary s****s and take our show to newer heights as the auditions begin today.”
  • MasterChef Tamil judge Aarthi Sampath visit Mahabalipuram and Pondicherry
  • Vinayagar Chaturthi Special Episode: Host Vijay Sethupathi will celebrate Vinayagar Chathurthi with VJ Shali Nivekas as a special host this special show. For a change, contestants will not be facing any challenges or eliminations as the judges wouldn’t be present to judge their culinary s****s. This special episode will feature the contestants in a festive mood. They will be seen engaging in a number of fun acts and performances. They will also be seen making a giant Kolukattai (special sweet). The special episode of MasterChef Tamil for Vinayagar Chaturthi will be aired today at the noon slot.
  • Actress Nikki Galrani will grace Vijay Sethupathi hosted cookery show MasterChef Tamil as the first celebrity guest.
    MasterChef Tamil will have double elimination this weekend. The announcement made by the host and the judges came as a shocker to the contestants. G. Sasi’s elimination in the previous week left the fans emotional.
  • Contestant G. Sasi aka Sasi Ma got evicted in the latest episode of the cookery show. Contestants were given the challenge to present a delicacy using leftovers. 12 contestants were divided into pairs of two for the team challenge in the mystery box round.
    • The red team was asked to prepare a starter using ingredients like egg shells, fishbone, and chicken feet.
    • The yellow team was asked to prepare a dessert by making optimal use of banana peel, watermelon rind, and the seeds of Jackfruit.
    • The blue team had to cook a main course using peels of peas and corn cob along with the residue water of boiled chickpeas.
  • At the end, three duos impressed the judges and entered the balcony. Following this, in the Sunday’s episode, pairs Kritraj and Devaki, Nithya and Sunita and G. Sasi and Sumitra had to undergo the pressure test challenge for eventual elimination. In the pressure test challenge put forth by the chefs, the contestants had to hero their choice of ingredient. Unfortunately, the dish named Kokum Dhamaka made by Sasi Ma in this challenge failed to impress the judges. Hence, Sasi bid adieu to the show. In spite of the leftovers challenge not going as per her plans, she said that team challenges happened to be her favourite experiences on the show. G. Sasi, who hails from Coimbatore, was one of the most loved and promising contestants of MasterChef Tamil. She was among the first set of contestants to win the prestigious MasterChef apron and made it into the top 14 list. She often surprised the judges with her culinary s****s and innovative recipes like Kummayam. She is remembered for her aatukal dance and other interesting acts. She built her own fan base within six episodes of her presence in the show. At the age of 63, Sasi showcased her zeal to enter the MasterChef Kitchen and tried her best to fight it out and win the title. She runs a small catering business and her dream is to continue to grow big in the culinary field.
  • In the second episode, these contestants were honored with the apron with the MasterChef logo which also had their names on it. In the next 28 episodes, they will fight for the much-coveted title of MasterChef Tamil.
  • First Episode - Vijay Sethupathi hosted MasterChef Tamil show to premiere on August 7 and will air on weekends in the evening slot, The show initially welcomed 24 contestants, finally, 14 contestants impressed the judges with their culinary s****s.
  • MasterChef Tamil, the Tamil edition of the internationally renowned cookery show MasterChef, is all set to premiere on August 1 (Sunday). Vijay Sethupathi will be hosting the show. MasterChef Tamil will be aired for 3 months industry sources suggest.
  • MasterChef Tamil, a 30-episode series will premiere on August 7 and entertain the telly audiences on weekends in the prime time slot.
  • In spite of the promo video being released in May 2021, the new launch date of the show is still unclear. The show will highlight the grit and courage of home cooks who will battle it out in the kitchen for the coveted MasterChef of Tamil Nadu title.
  • Vijay Sethupathi set to host MasterChef Tamil.
  • Vijay Sethupathi set to host MasterChef Tamil, Actor Vijay Sethupathi is to host the Tamil version of the popular TV series MasterChef. "MasterChef Tamil isone of the most exciting projects in my career"
  • Vijay Sethupathi is not new to Tamil TV. He has hosted the reality show ‘Namma Ooru Hero’, which aired between January, 2019, and May, 2019. In the show, Vijay Sethupathi interacted with many unsung heroes who worked hard for the betterment of the society. Several years ago, he also appeared in the TV show Penn as Bharani.
  • Currently, Vijay Sethupathi is one of the most sought-after Tamil actors. He has acted in over 40 movies. Besides being a successful actor, Vijay Sethupathi is also a playback singer, producer, dubbing artist and writer, too.
About the Show:
  • MasterChef is a three-decade old cooking reality show which has been adopted in many languages over the years.
  • MasterChef India was first launched in the year 2010. Since then, six seasons of MasterChef India have been held so far.
  • Expert cooks from various walks of life take part in this grand cookery show. The contestants flaunt their culinary s****s to win the prestigious title of MasterChef.
  • MasterChef Tamil will air on weekends in the evening slot.
Contestants, Participants, Master Chefs:
  • The show initially welcomed 24 contestants (home cooks) from various walks of life.
  • From Pongal cheesecake to deconstructed chocolate pan on a platter, the contestants tried their best to surprise the judges. Finally, 14 contestants impressed the judges with their culinary s****s.
  • As the rounds progress, the contestants would be eliminated one by one every week.
  • The top 14 contestants who have entered the next phase are:
    1. Vinny Shukla
    2. Tara Rhine
    3. T.C. Selva Sunitha
    4. Sumithra Rajesh
    5. Sasi G
    6. Sashi Anand Sridharan
    7. Nausheen Yusuf
    8. Mariam Shazia Shah
    9. Krithika Sivanesan
    10. Kritaj Ashok Kumar
    11. K. Manikandan
    12. Dr.Nithya Franklin
    13. Devaki
    14. Aarthi Satheesh
  • The channel airing the show has introduced the celebrity chefs who will judge the debut season of the reality TV series in Tamil. Aarthi Sampath, Harish Rao and Koushik S to judge Vijay Sethupathi's MasterChef Tamil.
  • Popular celebrity chef Aarthi Sampath is delighted to be the judge of the cookery show MasterChef Tamil “So this happened...Can’t describe how exciting and fulfilling this journey has been. The team work of a few hundred people has made this dream come true. Truly grateful"
  • About her : Chef Aarthi Sampath has worked in a number of hotels in India and abroad. She also ran a healthy food truck in Seattle, US, and witnessed a massive success. Her curiosity to learn and explore global cuisine helped her to succeed in many countries. Aarthi took part in a leading channel’s culinary competition ‘Chopped’ and emerged as the winner of the show. Later, she participated in the show ‘Chopped Masters’. She emerged as the winner leaving Iron Chef Bobby Flay behind in the game show, ‘Beat Bobby Flay’. Her winning recipe biryani was highly appreciated.
  • Koushik can be seen saying that he will focus on the thought process involved in preparing any dish. Aarthi, on the other hand, is keen upon the preparation while Harish Rao says he looks at the taste of the recipe prepared by the contestants.
  • Aarthi said, “We are amazed by the kind of talent that has been unraveled in the show until now. The kind of perfection and precision exhibited by the contestants have been on par with professional standards. I cannot wait to see what more they have in store for us!”
  • Harish said, “Every detail such as time management, choice of dishes, and plating s****s are being taken into account. These aspects add to the theatrics of the show.”
  • Koushik S said “It has proven to be a perfect platform for amateur chefs to showcase their talent. The presence of a charming host such as Vijay Sethupathi and the support that IFA lends to the project just helps tie the show together in an even more seamless way.”
  • Mr. Saravana Prasad, producer of the show said “We are happy to present an internationally renowned culinary show in the regional formats. Each and every aspect of the show has been tailor made to suit the preferences of regional audiences without compromising on the grandeur of the international format of MasterChef. As the host of the show, Vijay Sethupathi has further elevated the entertainment quotient. His style of presenting the show beautifully is sure to enthrall the audience. We are very much excited to be launching the show in August and are confident that it will be an instant hit with Tamil audiences from across the globe.”
  • Vijay Sethupathi, actor-Host of MasterChef Tamil said “Hosting MasterChef cookery show is one of the most exciting projects in my career. The grandeur of the show is unparalleled and I’m sure that this will set a new benchmark for culinary shows in Tamil GEC space. The makers have really brought to life many aspects from our kitchens and have added a spark to it in the MasterChef kitchen. We have poured all our heart into this show and I am thrilled for it to hit the screens soon in August.”
South other MasterChef versions:
Interesting Facts:
  • The timer in the show is given a special name, ‘Vetri Mani’, which means victory bell
  • The interiors of the grand set of the show have many interesting elements like sculptures of ancient monuments and horses, to name a few. The interiors have been designed using recyclable materials. A model of a tree made of palm plates, the logo with the letter ‘M’ is made of bottles and a horse’s neck made with simple utensils are some of the major highlights
  • The makers claim that MasterChef Tamil will be in line with the international format. The contestants are given opportunities to showcase their cooking talent, get good exposure and hone their s****s even further.
  • The MasterChef Tamil is expected to air for over 20 episodes. Reports suggest that the show which premieres on August 1 will be aired until the second week of October 2021

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Default Masterchef Tamil Audition 2021 Sun TV, Start Date, Miscall Phone Number

Vijay Sethupathi hosted MasterChef Tamil show to premiere on August 7 (Screenshot)

Masterchef Tamil Audition 2021 Sun TV, Start Date, Miscall Phone Number
  • Masterchef Tamil Audition 2021 Sun TV, Masterchef Tamil Nadu Start Date, Helpline Missed call Phone Number, Registration Date, MasterChef Tamil 2021, Miss Call Number, Online Registration Form, Audition Details Tamil
  • There are many people who have a great hobby of cooking. The cooking lover people always create some new recipes.
  • Today in this article, we are going to inform you regarding “MasterChef Tamil Audition 2021. There are many reality shows where people come from different places and show their talent for cooking.
  • You can see Masterchef in different languages. This year, master Chef is going to start in the Tamil language. People who are interested to participate in the master chef Tamil audition 2021, can register themselves.
Online registration under Masterchef_Tamil has been started. So, if you want to take part in master Chef Tamil 2021, apply online for registration. We will explain the eligibility criteria, required documents, online registration in this article. So, read this post completely.

Master Chef Tamil Registration 2021
  • To be part of MasterChef Tamil 2021, online registration is a must. This is a reality show and based on cooking. MasterChef_Tamil audition 2021, you can watch it on Sun TV and it will be hosted by Vijay Sethupathi.
  • People from all over India can take part in ” MasterChef Tamil 2021″. You all know that it has been observed that, there are many people who cook well but due to a good platform. They can’t show their ability to cook for people.
  • For cooking lovers, it is a good platform where take and show their talent to the country. The contestant Who will win the show will get a good amount of money as the prize. So, it is a very good opportunity for cooking lovers.
Details of Master Chef Tamil 2021 Audition
Name of the Show: MasterChef Tamil
In Language: Tamil
TV Channel: Sun TV
Show: Reality
Based on: Cooking
Registration: Will be Online
MasterChef Tamil Miscall Number Audition and Registration
  • If you want to try your luck in MasterChef _Tamil 2021. For this, You have to make online registration. For online registration, there is a very simple process. There will be some contacts number, on which you have to give a missed call. After giving a missed call on these numbers, your registration process will be completed. For registration, the Numbers are:
Missed Call Number Line 1:044-3505-6509
Line 2:044-7117-0009
When you will give missed call on the given number, registration information will be sent to your registered mobile number through SMS. So, hurry up, the registration process has been already started. Register yourself before the last date.

Online Registration for MasterChef Tamil 2021
  1. For online registration to participate in Master Chef Tamil 2021. Firstly visit the official portal of the show.
  2. On the homepage, click on the link “Masterchef Tamil registration form 2021”
  3. After that, the registration form will be open on your screen. Enter all the details that are required online registration form.
  4. Upload all the documents that are required.
  5. Now, upload your recipe of a dish and you can also upload a short video of cooking in which you have explained the recipe.
  6. After that click on the submit ****on.

Who is going to host MasterChef Tamil 2021?
This year, Masterchef_Tamil 2021 will be hosted by Mr. Vijay Sethupathi.

In which TV channel MasterChef _Tamil will be telecast?

MasterChef Tamil 2021, is going to telecast on Sun TV.

Who are eligible to participate in the MasterChef Tamil show?

All the cooking lover people can participate in MasterChef_Tamil 2021.

What is the registration process for Masterchef
_Tamil 2021?
It is a very simple way to register. You have just given a miss call on the given number and a message will be sent to your mobile number regarding registration.

What is the missed call number for registration Masterchef Tamil?

The number are:- 044-35056509 and 044-7117-0009

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