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How to write a proper essay in Polish universities?

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Old 08-31-2021, 11:31 AM
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Default How to write a proper essay in Polish universities?

In this article, we will share with you the basic rules when writing an essay, as well as, consider the signs that distinguish this essay from other genre.

While studying their chosen specialty in Poland, Ukrainian students may come across such a notion as "essay". Today, at Polish universities, quite often teachers offer to write an essay as an assignment. Also, it is not uncommon that this kind of essay is required when applying to a university or when applying for a job. Is write my essay legit?The term came to us from France and literally means experience, an essay, a sample. An essay is a small prose essay with a free composition, expressing personal considerations/impressions, supported by arguments of the author on various issues and topics. A person's literacy level, worldview, creative thinking, and degree of ability to correctly state a thought/position can be determined by the written essay. In this article, we will share with you the basic rules when writing an essay, and we will consider the signs that distinguish this essay from other genre.

The main features of an essay
An essay has a number of distinctive features, so in order not to confuse this work with other essays, UP-STUDY experts advise you to pay attention to such a basic characteristic:

The size of the essay is 2-7 sheets of A4 printed text. Times New Roman font of the fourteenth size and 1.5 line spacing are preferred in the work;
free form of writing. Colloquial speech is used in the essay, but slang, abbreviated words, formulaic phrases, light-heartedness of tone are forbidden;
individual approach. Presenting someone else's opinion is not welcome here. The main thing in the text, based on existing facts/arguments, describe your personal judgment about it;
specificity of the topic. The essay reveals and develops only one topic/idea;
the desire for paradoxes. According to teachers, this is one of the main qualities of an essay. For a good paper, it is desirable to bring in a contradictory opinion/statement that would interest the reader or make the reader think;
variety of styles. Essays can be written in the scientific-publicistic, literary-critical, philosophical, business, historical genre.

Principles of essay writing
This type of prose has a simple circular structure of statement of thoughts. It consists of:

the thesis and one, maximum two, arguments to it;
thesis - arguments;
Thesis - arguments;
Also, it is necessary to take into account such nuances in the formation of the text:

The presence of a title is a prerequisite for an essay.
The introduction and conclusion should be not prolonged, focused on the problem or topic at hand.
To achieve the integrity of the work, it is necessary to highlight paragraphs.
Lack of detail can worsen the quality of your paper.
Long sentences are not welcome in an essay.
After the essay is composed, it is very important to analyze what you have written and check the text for verbosity, mistakes. Make sure that there are no ambiguous phrases, incomprehensible turns, spelling errors in the text.

Summing up, we can conclude that by the manner, style and nature of writing an essay, you can determine how well a student can write competently, his ability to introspection and how s****fully he can express his point of view. Also, when writing a spectacular essay, you need to emphasize the proper construction of the essay based on individual judgment, clarity of thought, and internal semantic unity. Initially, it may seem that composing a good essay is an impossible task, but practice tells us that the main thing is to follow the rules of writing an essay, balance its structure, determine the topic, the purpose of each paragraph.

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