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2021-2022 Bengali TV Show - Dadagiri Season 9 Unlimited Latest Updates, All Episodes

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Default 2021-2022 Bengali TV Show - Dadagiri Season 9 Unlimited Latest Updates, All Episodes

Latest Update:
  • Today Episode:
  • The 9th season of ‘Dadagiri Unlimited’ came to an end after a gala finale. It was a star-studded affair, attended by many eminent personalities from Tollywood.
  • Dona Ganguly also graced the show as a special guest. With her charm, grace, and eloquence, she simply won the hearts of the Bengali audience just like the former Indian skipper does. The ace dancer also shook a leg with Prosenjit Chatterjee, Ditipriya Roy, and the host on a folk song and later, left the audience awestruck with her sizzling chemistry shared with Sourav to romantic Bollywood number ‘Aakhon Mein Teri’.
  • Sourav is equally eloquent on the cricket field and in front of the camera. His partnership with his fellow batsman on the crease is remembered by cricket lovers. And his ‘partnership’ with his better half on Dadagiri’s stage is also worth a mention. Mr. and Mrs. Ganguly’s chemistry, compatibility, and sweet conversation simply stole the show.
  • Here are a few moments from finale night.
    The viewers enjoyed how Sourav and Dona kept pulling each other's legs. When the host invited Dona to the stage to help the participants in a particular round and asked whether his performance was up to the mark, the latter replied ‘Fatafati’ and then added, “He purposefully asked me this question so that I heap praise and he enjoys it.” Sourav had a shy smile on his face.

    Later, during another question, which was based on food, an audio-visual capsule was shown to the contestant and he was asked to name that particular delicacy. After contestant Garga, a professor, who was representing Kolkata, answered the question, host Sourav said, “Dona prepares this dish quite often and it tastes really good.” To this, Mrs. Ganguly quickly replied, “There is no use cooking since you don’t eat meat these days.” Sourav, who is famous for his eloquence, hinted it is just another ‘excuse’ by Dona.

    In a question on ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’, Mampi, representing Bankura district, was asked to tell the names of the protagonists. With Dona’s help, the participant could answer Kajol’s screen name ‘Simran’ correctly. But initially, neither Dona nor Mampi could remember Shah Rukh Khan’s screen name in the Bollywood blockbuster. Seeing Dona, trying to remember the particular name, Sourav first asked whether she watched the movie. Dona said a yes. After a few moments, when she remembered the correct name and told Mampi to answer the question, Sourav said, “I thought, Dona is forgetting my name too.” He hinted at his nickname Maharaj. Dona was quick and witty enough to remind him that Shah Rukh’s name in the movie was ‘Raj’ and his name is ‘Maharaj’. Sourav replied, “There is Maha before Raj,” and smiled. Everyone enjoyed the moment as the couple pulled each other’s legs.

    Interestingly, Dona revealed how he used to iron Sourav’s jersey prior to his cricket match, pack his bags before tournaments and still does before his cricket commentary. She left the audience in splits when she thanked team ‘Dadagiri’ and the person from the costume department who does her job now.

    As a special tribute to Sourav and Dona, clippings from different news articles on them were shown. She was quite overwhelmed by the gesture and the effort made by the research team. In a particular article, Dona’s expectation from her prospective groom was mentioned. In the article, Dona had mentioned different qualities that she prefers to see in her dream man. A witty Sourav quickly opined that Dona can have such a man only in ‘Kumortuli’ (where artisans make clay idols). Striking an over-boundary, Dona replied, “You have all these qualities already.” The contestant and the audience couldn’t stop cheering. Another instance was when an audio visual capsule mentioned how Sourav gave a special gift to his better-half on their wedding day. While the question brought a smile on Dona’s face, Sourav was trying to remember the gift. It was later revealed that Sourav got a gold coin for his performance in a match and got it moulded as a locket in a gold chain. It was his special gift to his newlywed wife. Giving Sourav a stiff competition in terms of wittiness and eloquence, Dona promptly replied, “It’s obvious he won’t remember it. We have been married for 25 years and he doesn’t give anything these days.”

    Well, Dona proved that, just like Maharaj, she, too, knows how to charm her way into audiences’ hearts.
  • After a successful run, Bengali TV’s one of the most favourite shows ‘Dadagiri Unlimited Season 9’, is ready for its grand finale. The ninth season of the show, hosted by none other than the former captain of Indian Cricket Team Sourav Ganguly, had a spectacular journey.
  • The grand finale will also be a gala affair. It will be a star-studded affair. Prosenjit Chatterjee, Rupam Islam, Biswanath Basu, Ditipriya Roy, and many other celebrities graced the finale episode which was shot at Biswa Bangla Convention hall recently and will have its telecast on June 5. Dona Ganguly was also a part of the special episode. Adding magic to the atmosphere, Dona will be seen shaking a leg with Dada. Here’s a glimpse…
    Non-fiction show ‘Dadagiri Season 9’ has some special episodes in store for the audience this week. The TV show will welcome very special guests including Chaitali Dasgupta, Saswati Guhathakurta, Swagata Basu, Madhumanti Maitra and musician Soumitra Mitra in its episode on Sunday. It will be a power-packed episode filled with song, adda, fun, and Dada’s famous one-liners. The guests will open up in a candid conversation with the host and the latter will also reveal his witty side. The upcoming episode will be more like a nostalgic trip to the audience, especially those who grew up watching popular newscasters and TV show hosts Chaitali, Saswati, Madhumanti, and others on DD Bangla. They will engage in a candid chat with Dada Sourav Ganguly. Music personality Soumitra will perform one of the hit songs of his band 'Bhoomi' and take the audience on a musical journey. Besides this, Saturday’s episode will also feature a very special guest. Sarmistha Mitra, who is an avid admirer of Sourav Ganguly, never misses the show. She will appear as the contestant. During the shoot, Sarmistha, who is visually challenged, said, “I am overwhelmed to participate in the show as a contestant. But my only regret is, I can’t see you.” Host Sourav, who was shocked to know about Sarmistha, came forward to greet her on the podium. He held her hands, and said, “Watch me through your eyes. It is more beautiful.” When Sarmistha enquired whether he would remember her, Dada promised her with a smile. Meanwhile, the show is inching towards its season. Host Sourav shot for the grand finale yesterday which will be aired soon.
  • It’s a wrap-up for the popular non-fiction show ‘Dadagiri Unlimited Season 9’. Host Sourav Ganguly, along with his team ‘Dadagiri Unlimited’, shot for the season finale episode yesterday (May 20), which will be aired later on TV. It was an overwhelming moment for the host as well as the cast and crew members, who worked hard to make season 9 a success. Host Sourav shared a glimpse right from the season finale’s shooting location. The host, who is proud owner of yet another luxury property in Kolkata, hinted at 'taking rest' in his social media post after show's wrap up. Prosenjit Chatterjee was among the special guests of the season finale. Making the occasion more special, Dona Ganguly was also present at the event. Singers Rupam Islam, Jojo, Raghab Chatterjee, Iman Chakraborty, Somlata Acharya were also part of the season finale which was shot at Biswa Bangla Convention Centre. The season finale welcomed celebrities Biswanath Basu, Kanchan Mullick, Ditipriya Roy, Rubel Das, Soumitrisha Kundoo, Annwesha Hazra, and Sweta Bhattacharya as guests, too. The ninth season has been a smash hit. Bengali viewers saw many stars making a special appearance on the show. Bollywood star Janhvi Kapoor to Tollywood’s Dev, Rukmini Moitra, Nusrat Jahan, Yash Dasgupta, the season featured many celebrities. Dada also welcomed real-life heroes like Mahashweta Chakraborty, the female pilot who safely brought back Indian students home from war-struck Ukraine. The non-fiction show hosted by Dada scored consistently well on TRP charts. Despite being aired on the weekend, ‘Dadagiri Unlimited Season 9’ gave a tough competition to the daily soaps which are being aired 7 days a week in terms of TRP.
  • Dadagiri Unlimited Season 9’s finale to welcome Prosenjit Chatterjee as the special guest: Sourav Ganguly-hosted ‘Dadagiri Unlimited Season 9’ , which recently welcomed Bollywood actress Janvhi Kapoor as the special guest, is slowly inching towards its season finale.
  • Almost the entire season, Dadagiri’s stage welcomed guests from different walks of life. From movie stars like Dev, Rukmini Moitra, Nusrat Jahan, Yash Dasgupta to real-life heroes like Mahashweta Chakraborty, the female pilot, who safely brought back Indian students home, Dada welcomed many personalities to the stage. Keeping the tradition alive, the show will have some special guests in the season finale episode. Bumba Da, aka actor Prosenjit Chatterjee, has been invited to the season finale as the special guest. Singers Rupam Islam, Jojo, Raghab Chatterjee, Iman Chakraborty, Somlata Acharya will also be a part of the season finale. Although the finale episode is scheduled to shoot today at Biswa Bangla Convention Centre, it is likely to be aired in June.
  • The season finale will also witness actors Biswanath Basu, Kanchan Mullick, Ditipriya Roy, Rubel Das, Soumitrisha Kundoo, Annwesha Hazra and Sweta Bhattacharya as guests.
  • ‘Dadagiri Unlimited Season 9’ was well-received by the audience just like the previous ones. The non-fiction show hosted by Dada scored consistently well on TRP charts. Despite being aired on the weekend, ‘Dadagiri Unlimited Season 9’ gave a tough competition to the daily soaps which are being aired 7 days a week in terms of TRP.
  • Meanwhile, the singing reality show ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ is gearing up for its launch. Tolly heartthrob Abir Chatterjee is going to host the new season too. ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ will replace Dadagiri Unlimited Season9’s time slot.
  • ‘Dadagiri Unlimited Season 9’ to air special episode on January 23: Non-fiction television show, ‘Dadagiri Unlimited Season 9’ is set to air a special episode on Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s 125th birth anniversary. The Sourav Ganguly-hosted show will welcome kids as participants on this occasion. Kids between the age group of 6 to 9 will represent different districts and play the game with Dada. The young participants donned different avatars as they appeared on the quiz show. A toddler, dressed as Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, will also be seen making an appearance to hand over the gifts to the participants. Team ‘Dadagiri Unlimited Season 9’ and host Sourav had a gala time during the shoot. The young participants had fun-time while playing with Sourav and the latter too, enjoyed every bit of it. From asking math questions to enquiring about their hobbies, Sourav engaged in a fun-filled conversation with the special guests on his show.
    Besides this, ‘Dadagiri Unlimited Season 9’ will also welcome some celebrity participants in its episode today (January 22). While Sourav asked different questions to the celebrity participants as a part of the game show, he too, faced some interesting googlies from the participants. Interestingly, Dada was asked by singer Sidhu about the special gift he had given to Dona on their wedding. A witty Sourav revealed what the gift was in his signature style. When another participant asked him about his female fan following, Sourav’s reply left everyone rolled. With such fun-filled episodes in store, ‘Dadagiri Unlimited Season 9’ will certainly spice up the entertainment quotient.
  • Dada is back! Former Captain of Indian Cricket Team Sourav Ganguly, who had tested positive for COVID earlier last month, is back to the shooting floor. Today (January 12), Sourav attended the shooting of his popular show ‘Dadagiri Unlimited Season 9’. He has recovered and is back to action.
  • Dadagiri Unlimited Season 9's shoot comes to a halt after host Sourav Ganguly tests positive for COVID-19
    Former captain of Indian Cricket Team Sourav Ganguly, who is currently hosting non-fiction show ‘Dadagiri Unlimited Season 9’, has been hospitalised after testing positive for COVID-19. Sourav, who has been travelling extensively due to his professional commitments, was rushed to a city hospital as a precautionary measure after his test results came positive. Meanwhile, shooting of his show ‘Dadagiri Unlimited Season 9’ has been stalled temporarily. All those who came in close contact with the host in the recent days, have been informed about Sourav being infected by COVID-19. The cast and crew, who work for the show, as well as the participants will need to undergo the necessary tests following the protocols. The shooting set will need to be sanitised and necessary steps will be followed to ensure the safety.
  • Dev, Paran Bandyopadhyay, Shakuntala Barua and others to feature in special episodes this weekend. Dada Sourav Ganguly will welcome some celebrity participants. Superstar Dev, along with veteran actors Paran Bandyopadhyay, Sujan Mukherjee, Tulika Basu and Shakuntala Barua will be seen on the show. They had a gala time during the shooting. Paran, who is known for his acting brilliance and wittiness, engaged in a candid chat with the host. While he heaped praises on Sourav, the latter spoke highly about the veteran actor whose enthusiasm and passion is infectious. He also shared how Paran looked handsome in cool shades. Actor and MP Dev also had a fun-filled conversation with Sourav. When he asked Dada what works as a tonic for him, Dada quickly shared that ‘Cricket’ makes him really happy. And now, he has three special persons in his life. He said, “I have three tonics in my life. One is my mother, my wife and daughter. Jodio amar meye amay patta deyna (although my daughter doesn’t give me much importance).” Sourav, who is known for his wit left everyone rolled with his eloquence. Dev and his co-stars who appeared in the show to promote their new film shared their experiences during the shooting. There is no doubt that the upcoming episode will be high on entertainment quotient. Last week, ‘Dadagiri Unlimited Season 9’ welcomed some special participants along with their foreigner spouses. The fun-filled episode entertained the audience and the foreigners won hearts with their ‘Bangaliyana’.
  • The show will pay a tribute to Mahanayak Uttam Kumar in the special episode Sourav Ganguly welcome some of the most popular actors of Bengali television. Rishi Kaushik is back on Bengali TV after a long while. Besides him, a few other very popular actors including Sonali Chowdhury, Sourav Das, Bhaskar Banerjee, and others will also feature in today’s episode. The participants will be seen enjoying a fun-filled conversation with host Sourav Ganguly. Interestingly, the topic ranges from film, cricket, ghosts and what not!
  • Weekend Episode will welcome some very popular faces of this entertainment industry. Actors Jeetu Kamal, Ushasi Ray, Rudrajit Mukherjee, Srabani Bhunia, Sayan Karmakar, and Diya Basu will feature in the show as contestants. Interestingly, Jeetu, Rudrajit, and Sayan are passionate about cricket, too. They will be seen speaking about their love for the sport. During the shoot, Jeetu, who will soon be seen essaying Satyajit Ray’s role in an upcoming movie, shared how much he loves sports, especially cricket. In fact, Jeetu confessed that he would have been happy to choose cricket as a career. Rudrajit, who is currently busy with the shooting of ‘Jibon Saathi’, also shared that he wanted to be a cricketer when he was young. Sayan, on the other hand, shared some of his memories of playing cricket and how he suffered an injury during a match. Sourav enjoyed speaking about his passion. Dada enjoyed fun banter with the contestants too. He pulled Ushasi’s leg and his sense of humour left other contests floored during the shoot. Ushasi, who is currently giving the small screen a miss and focusing on OTT projects, had a good laugh during the shoot.
  • It was a dream come true moment for newbie Shinjinee Chakraborty, who is playing an aspiring cricketer in the daily soap ‘Uma’. She got the opportunity to play cricket with none other than the former captain of the Indian Cricket Team and Dadagiri host Sourav Ganguly. Not only that, Dada shared some expert tips, too.
    This week, popular artists from the television show ‘Uma’ will be seen participating in ‘Dadagiri Unlimited Season 9’ as the contestants. Shinjinee, along with actor Neel Bhattacharya, Manosi Sengupta, Vivaan Ghosh, Reshmi Sen, and other co-stars had a good time during the shooting.

    Interestingly, Uma’s story revolves around a girl, who wants to be a cricketer. According to the story, she faces several hurdles on her way to achieve the dream.

    During Dadagiri's shoot, Neel asked Sourav a few interesting questions. Shinjinee confessed that Sourav has been an inspiration to her. She closely followed the cricket matches and underwent a net practice prior to playing Uma’s role in the show. Little did Shinjinee know that she would face googlies (other than the questions in the quiz) from none other than the Dada.

    Dadagiri’s stage turned out as a temporary ground as Sourav bowled while Shinjinee held the bat. The actress was a bit nervous while batting. Neel and Vivaan were the fielders and the rest of the team cheered. Sourav shared a few expert tips with her. The viewers will be able to see a role reversal as Dada took the bat and Shinjinee bowled. He showed Shinjinee how to play cricket. After missing a few times, Uma finally managed to hit a sixer, too.

    Needless to say, the upcoming episode featuring team ‘Uma’ will be high on the entertainment quotient.
  • Non-fiction show ‘Dadagiri Unlimited Season 9’, hosted by Sourav Ganguly, is ready with some power-packed episodes this weekend. The upcoming episode will feature the cast and crew of TV show ‘Amader Ei Poth Jodi Na Sesh Hoy’ who will face googlies from none other than Dada. Annwesha Hazra, Writwik Mukherjee, Arkojyoti Paul Chowdhury, along with veteran actor Phalguni Chatterjee, will feature in the show as the contestants. The upcoming episode will have some most entertaining moments starting from Urmi and Satyaki’s ramp walk with none other than Dada, facing googlies, Sourav’s famous witty one-liners.
  • ‘Dadagiri Unlimited’, has started showing its magic on the TRP charts. Dada simply ruled the TRP charts and clean bowled all other shows with his googlies. The show is in the second position as far as TRP goes.
  • Musical extravaganza filled with some fun-moments: Bollywood singer Akriti Kakar along with Srikanta Acharjee, Rupankar Bagchi, Manomoy Bhattacharya, Iman Chakraborty and Raghab Chatterjee will participate in the show. While Iman and Akriti will be seen teaching Srikanta some dance steps, The team had a gala time during the shooting of this special episode. Akriti, Srikanta, Iman, Manomoy and Raghab who were a part of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’s last season. While Akriti and Srikanta were the judges along with singers Mika Singh and Joy Sarkar, the season had Iman, Manomoy and Raghab as the mentors. They all bonded during the shooting of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’s previous season.
  • On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, Dadagiri Season 9, welcomed some young participants. They all dressed as the National Heroes of India. Host Sourav’s conversation with the young participants left the audience rolling.
  • Host Sourav Ganguly grooves to 'Bachpan Ka Pyar' with actress Mithai aka Soumitrisha Kundoo and others: Show had a good start. Actors from Bengali TV show ‘Mithai’ featured in the show. Actors Adrit Roy, Soumitrisha Kundoo, Tonni Laha Roy, Sourav Chatterjee, Dhrubo Sarkar and Koushambi Chakraborty appeared on the show and played the game with host Sourav. Sourav was caught in a candid mood, shaking legs with stars. Mithai confessed her admiration for Dada and then, they all grooved to the song 'Bachpan Ka Pyar'. Dada joined them too. Adrit showcased his singing s**** and left everyone on the shooting floor impressed with his melodious voice.The celebrities represented different districts in the show. At the end of the episode, Tonni was declared as the winner.
  • Sourav Ganguly hosted Dadagiri Unlimited Season 9’s first episode: Former Captain of Indian Cricket Team and BCCI President Sourav Ganguly hosted non-fiction show ‘Dadagiri Season 9’ is launched on September 25. Gala opening, Dada’s googly, a brand new theme, interesting games, and surprises are waiting for the audience. Here’s a sneak peek into the first day’s episode, Grand premiere, Dada is ready for the brand new inning as a host in ‘Dadagiri Unlimited Season 9’. The show will have a grand premiere tomorrow. A number of surprises are waiting for the audience. With this year’s motto ‘Haat Baralei Bondhu Hoi’, ‘Dadagiri’ is set for a new journey. Special performance, The premiering episode will have spectacular performances. ​‘Ultimate Dadagiri, It is indeed host Sourav's Dadagiri who never stops amazing his fans with his charisma! With such a huge fan following and successful seasons, Dada is ready to mesmerise the audience once again. This time, he will be seen in a brand new avatar. Sources suggest, the quirky specs Dada is wearing this season are from London! ​Participants, The show will welcome participants from different walks of life who will play the game. The participants will represent different districts just like the previous seasons. ​A special moment, The very first episode will witness a special moment where an artist would present a portrait of Sourav Ganguly. The host was all overwhelmed by the gesture of the talented artist. ​When Dada got a witty reply!, The audience will see Suneel Chakraborty, a priest, as the participant. Dada, who is known for his wittiness and eloquence, asked to predict when we will get rid of the pandemic. And the reply of this contestant literally left host Sourav floored.
  • The show will be a starry affair. Bollywood singer Akriti Kakar specially flew down to Kolkata to shoot for the special episode. Along with her, popular singers Srikanta Acharjee, Manomoy Bhattacharya, Iman Chakraborty, Rupankar Bagchi and Raghab Chatterjee also shot with Dada for the soon-to-be aired episode. Akriti gave us a sneak peek into the same.

  • The wait is over! Dada Sourav Ganguly is back to the small screen. The team started shooting in Dadagiri’s set following COVID-19 protocols. The shooting set is beautifully decorated and will have a vibrant feel this season. They are eagerly waiting for the show’s launch. Dada is looking forward to welcome new participants to the show. ‘Dadagiri’will feature both commoners and celebrity participants.
  • ‘Dadagiri Unlimited’. The popular quiz show, hosted by none other than Sourav Ganguly, is set to launch its newest season. ‘Dadagiri Unlimited’ are keen on launching the show and the auditions will start soon. Keeping the pandemic situation in mind, online auditions will be held. Season 8 concluded its journey last year in September declaring Darjeeling district as the winner. ‘Dadagiri Unlimited’ is undoubtedly one of the most popular non-fiction shows on Bengali television and enjoys a huge viewership. Despite being aired only on weekends, the show gives a stiff competition to all other daily soaps that are being aired the entire week. Sourav’s eloquence, charm, witty one-liners are the added bonanza. His intelligent and humorous replies made the quiz show interesting.
  • ‘Dadagiri’, which has interesting rounds, welcomes commoners as participants as well as celebrity guests. Every season, the show welcomes some of the eminent celebrities as its special guests. It will be interesting to see who would be the special guests this season. Meanwhile, yet another rival channel is gearing up to launch a quiz show hosted by a popular celebrity.
  • Rival TV channels at loggerheads to cast Sourav Ganguly as host?
Contestants, Celebs, Participants:
  • Bollywood singer Akriti Kakar specially flew down to Kolkata to shoot for the special episode.
  • Along with her, popular singers Srikanta Acharjee, Manomoy Bhattacharya, Iman Chakraborty, Raghab Chatterjee, Rupankar Bagchi also shot with Dada for the soon-to-be aired episode. It was quite a starry moment as all the renowned singers graced the stage together.

About the show:
  • Dadagiri Season 9 Unlimited is a Bengali language quiz show telecast by the Bengali TV channel Zee Bangla. The show is hosted by former Indian cricket team captain Sourav Ganguly.
  • The contestants are chosen by a preliminary selection round held in different parts of the state West Bengal; every contestant represents their respective districts of West Bengal. The show premiered in 2009. The title track has been penned by Srijit Mukherji. and sung by Arijit Singh.
All Seasons Winners:
  • Season 1 – Kolkata
  • Season 2 – North 24 Parganas
  • Season 3 – Bardhaman
  • Season 4 – North 24 Parganas
  • Season 5 – Bardhaman
  • Season 6 – East Midnapore
  • Season 7 – North 24 Parganas
  • Season 8 – Darjeeling
  • Season 1: In 2009, Kolkata won the finale (Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan was the celebrity guest in the finale episode of the first season);
  • Season 2: North 24 Parganas won. Dadagiri season 3 was organized in 2012 and was hosted by Mithun Chakraborty.
  • Season 3: The then undivided Bardhaman secured the trophy of Season 3.
  • Season 4: Started on 26 August 2013, and ended on 23 February 2014. This season, the main host, Sourav Ganguly hosted the show. In this season, North 24 Parganas secured the win for the second time (Bollywood personalities Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan were celebrity guests in the finale of season 4, who came to promote their film Shaadi Ke Side Effects).
  • Season 5: Started on 17 November 2014.
  • Season 6: Began on 11 January 2016, and ended on 3 July 2016.
  • Season 7: Began on 10 June 2017 and ended on 25 February 2018.
  • Season 8: Started airing from 3 August 2019 and temporarily halted in March 2020 due to the lockdown measures taken to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. After the lockdown, it started airing in late August 2020, ending with the Grand Finale which was aired on 13th September, 2020.
2021 Season:
Sometimes, a number of Bengali celebrities or renowned personalities come to play the game for the bottom six districts on the list.

Former captain of Indian Cricket team and BCCI President Sourav Ganguly is having a successful inning on Bengali television as a host. Popularity of his show ‘Dadagiri Unlimited’ is unparalleled and TRP reports are proof of it. Now, rumour mill has it that a leading Bengali television channel is keen on casting Sourav as a host for one of its non-fiction shows. Industry sources suggest that Sourav was approached by the channel too. Sourav, who is busy with his other commitments, hasn’t replied yet. Meanwhile, the channel airing 'Dadagiri Unlimited', is keen on launching a new season, too. Launched in 2009, ‘Dadagiri Unlimited’, successfully concluded its 8th season declaring team ‘Darjeeling’ as the winner. Sourav’s natural hosting s****s, sense of humour, and undeniable charm made the show a huge success.

Sourav’s eloquence made the quiz show quite entertaining. His off-field googlies never missed a chance to entertain the audience. Though the show is only being aired on the weekend, in terms of TRPs, it gives a tough competition to all other daily soaps aired 7 days a week. The show has welcomed Bollywood stars and eminent cricket personalities. Sachin Tendulkar, Shah Rukh Khan, Farhan Akhtar, Vidya Balan, Bipasha Basu, and many others have graced the show.
It will be worth a wait to see what Sourav has to say about the news shows that he was approached for.

Earlier, Jisshu U Sengupta, who was mostly seen hosting singing reality show ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’, gave a green signal to the rival channel and hosted two TV shows ‘Super Singer’ and ‘Hasiwala and Company’. Actor Abir Chatterjee stepped into his shoes and hosted the recently concluded season of ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’.

Srabanti, who shared the panel of judges with Jisshu in reality show ‘Dance Bangla Dance’, signed a contract with the same channel and hosted ‘Superstar Parivaar’. She was the judge of ‘Dance Dance Junior’ as well.

Format, Rounds:
  • Selection Round,Six contestants are selected in this round. This round was dropped in later seasons.
  • Toss Round, Six selected contestants from 23 districts of West Bengal and a contestant representing Team India participate in this round. Six clues are given for a single answer, from which the participants have to guess the answer. From season 4, a seventh clue had been included, which was presented after the participants finalized their guess in the sixth clue. The participants' 'runs' are deducted if their guess is wrong, while they are awarded points if their guess is correct. The number of runs awarded or deducted depends on the number of clues the contestant used to finalize his/her guess. In the later seasons, this round has got tougher with the clue being vague and the answers unexpected. In season 8, participants need to write their guesses from the first clue but without telling anyone, which is revealed at the end before announcing the seventh clue i.e., the answer.
  • Powerplay Round,All six contestants play this round. Random questions of nine people are selected to ask the contestants. If they are able to answer without taking options, they get 12 runs. They can also select from questions valued two, four or six runs if they wish. A two-run question includes two options, a four-run question has three options, while a six-run question has four options.
  • If any other contestant thinks that the contestant's answer is wrong, he/she can challenge that particular contestant, receiving double runs if the answer is correct, but losing double runs if the answer is wrong. One contestant is eliminated at the end of this round.This round was renamed as Bouncer Round in season 7.
  • Cover Drive Round,Here, the contestants are given some audio-visual questions to answer. Questions range from one to four runs (score). The contestants are questioned, without options, on either a video or an audio clip, depending on their choice. The help and challenge options are also available here. This round is quite similar to the Power Play round; only the question pattern is different.
  • Googly/Doosra Round, The Googly and Doosra round is quite similar to the type of bowling in cricket it is named after. As the bowler surprises the batsman with such a delivery, the contestants are also baffled by riddles or rebus puzzles. This is perhaps the hardest round in the game, but certainly the most enjoyable. Each contestant can choose from googly and doosra. As a doosra question is more difficult, a contestant gets 12 points for the right answer and minus 12 points for the wrong answer. A googly question has six points. A contestant gets six points for the right answer and minus six points for the wrong answer. Others cannot challenge the contestant (who is asked the question) in this tricky round.
  • Slog Over Round,This round was called Full Toss Round in season 7. The remaining three contestants are asked 12 questions. Previously (before season 5) the number of questions was 18. The fastest one to press the buzzer after the question is asked gets to answer the particular question. One who manages to answer consecutive three questions correctly gets a 'free hit' which means that there will be no negative marking for him in the question. Questions that all the contestants have failed to answer are asked to the Runners' Bench at random. One contestant is eliminated.
  • Bapi Bari Jaa,The remaining duo is head-to-head in this final obstacle to victory. The contestants are told to choose from six subjects alternatively, from which they will be asked questions. Similar to the Bouncer round, one can challenge the other. If they decide to challenge in this round, their answers are kept unknown to each other until they have finalized them.
The contestant who has scored more runs wins the game.
In season 3 'Bapi Bari Jaa' round was renamed as 'Check Mate' round, in season 4 it was again named as 'Bapi Bari Jaa'.

Chief Guests

  • Season 1 – Shah Rukh Khan
  • Season 2 – Prosenjit Chatterjee, Jeet & Mithun Chakraborty
  • Season 3 – Alka Yagnik & Udit Narayan
  • Season 4 – Farhan Akhtar, Vidya Balan, Prosenjit Chatterjee & Rachana Banerjee
  • Season 5 – Bipasha Basu, Monali Thakur & Palash Sen
  • Season 6 – Ankush, Mimi Chakraborty, Nusrat Jahan & Sayantika Banerjee, Jeet
  • Season 7 – Sachin Tendulkar
  • Season 8 – Raghab Chattopadhyay, Manomoy Bhattacharya, Upal Sengupta, Anindya Chatterjee, Anupam Roy, Mir Afsar Ali, Rupankar Bagchi, Somlata Acharya
TRP, Reviews:
  • The ninth season of non-fiction show ‘Dadagiri Unlimited’, hosted by none other than Dada Sourav Ganguly, has started showing its magic on the TRP charts. ‘Dadagiri Unlimited Season 9’, which is aired on the weekends, has outshined the daily soaps that are being aired 7 days a week in terms of TRP. Dada simply ruled the TRP charts and clean bowled all other shows with his googlies. The show is in the second position as far as TRP goes.
  • It enjoys a huge fanbase despite running all these years. Thanks to Sourav’s witty comments, eloquence and his charm, Dadagiri truly rules Bengali television and keeps scoring well on the TRP charts. Despite being aired in the weekends, the show outshines all other popular daily soaps in terms of TRPs.

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