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Bengali TV Show - Sreemoyee Latest update, New Star Cast, New Story, Today Episode, Yesterday Episode Videos, Written update

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Default Bengali TV Show - Sreemoyee Latest update, New Star Cast, New Story, Today Episode, Yesterday Episode Videos, Written update

Latest update:
  • Today Episode of Shreemoyee. Ad: BUY Home & Kitchen Items
  • Went off-air on 19 December 2021.: Sreemoyee was an Indian Bengali serial which aired on Star Jalsha and is also digitally available on Disney+ Hotstar. It was produced by Magic Moments Motion Pictures Pvt. Ltd of Saibal Banerjee and Leena Gangopadhyay, which premiered on 10 June 2019. The show starred Indrani Halda in the titular role. After a successful run of two-and-a-half years it went off-air on 19 December 2021.
  • Sreemoyee has been in the news since its launch in 2019. Right from the show being remade into Hindi (as Anupama), Tamil (Baakiyalakshmi) and 4 other languages, to June aunty’s constant conspiracy to its tragic end, ‘Sreemoyee’ was in news in 2021. The show earned praises from different quarters for featuring the re-marriage of protagonist Sreemoyee in her late 40s. Similarly, the tragic end of the show with Rohit Sen’s demise, caused a massive reaction among its fans. Tota Roychoudhury enjoyed immense popularity as Rohit and was flooded with emotional messages from fans after the show aired Rohit’s death.
  • Sreemoyee leaves home; embarks on a new journey, Rohit’s death leaves everyone shattered. Sreemoyee stops eating and stays aloof from most of the family matters. Her situation leaves Hemlata and Patralekha deeply worried.
  • Rohit’s tragic death leaves everyone in deep shock. Sreemoyee is devastated by the loss. She repents not being able to be there when Rohit needed her the most. Mithu tries to console her but fails. Sreemoyee’s condition tears everyone apart. Her former mother-in-law Patralekha feels bad seeing Sreemoyee’s tragic condition. Aditya requests her (Sreemoyee) to stay strong.
  • Rohit is a bit better now. Sreemoyee decides to visit a temple to pray for Rohit’s well being. The latter doesn’t feel prayer would bring a miraculous recovery but Sreemoyee keeps her hope alive.
    They keep speaking about the old days how Sreemoyee was unhappy in her first marriage. Nobody ever thought about her and deprivation was a part of her everyday life.
  • Actor Tota Roychoudhury, who has been giving Kolkata a miss because of his Bollywood project, is back in the city.
  • Sreemoyee and Mithu hold guns, learn how to shoot firearms: Mithu-Sreemoyee, accompanied by the private detective and his team, get prepared for Rohit’s rescue mission. Sreemoyee and Mithu learn how to handle a gun. Initially, Sreemoyee fails to perform but eventually improves. Mithu feels too nervous and keeps missing the target. After practicing a few rounds, they take rest and discuss about various things. An excited Mithu asks Sreemoyee about their mission but the latter doesn’t have a clear idea either. The private investigator gives them feedback about their performance. Sreemoyee promises him to learn fast. Mithu too, wants to learn shooting so that they can go on the rescue mission. The detective shares the plan with the duo. He asks them to reach Sonargram in disguise where Rohit might have been kept. He asks the duo to dress as poor women who are in search of work. Mithu and Sreemoyee agree to follow the idea. The detective suggests them to befriend the goons who are keeping Rohit captive and materialise the plan. Later, Sreemoyee and Mithu practice shooting and perform better. At Madhabpur, Chotu, Bulbuli, and their parents wait for lunch. Dithi is preparing a special dish while others eagerly wait for food. Chotu’s mother asks Kakoli to have lunch with them. Kakoli starts finding faults in trivial matters. She highlights the fact that Dithi is preparing fish while she, being a widow, doesn’t have non-veg any more. Chotu’s parents try to justify their side. Chotu denies having the non-veg dish when Dithi brings it. Kakoli expresses her sadness over the fact that Dithi has become more important to the family.
  • The mystery around Rohit’s disappearances is yet to be solved. His family is deeply worried about him. Sreemoyee-Hemlata visit a temple for puja and pray for Rohit’s wellbeing. Purohit Moshai blesses Sreemoyee. Hemlata asks her to sing a devotional song, Purohit Moshai too asks her to pray to the goddess.
    Sreemoyee sings a devotional song. Later, Anindya pays a visit to Sreemoyee’s place to enquire about Rohit. Sreemoyee welcomes him inside the house but behaves distantly. Anindya, who is worried about Rohit, wants to help Sreemoyee in her mission to find her husband. The latter, politely turns it down. Her behaviour makes Anindya upset.

  • Mandira arranges everything for Dithi’s ‘Bhat Kapor’ ceremony. Chotu’s father highly praises their new bahu Dithi. It makes Mandira anxious anticipating that it might not go well with Kakoli, who is already upset. She asks her husband to stay quiet and let the ladies perform the rituals.
  • Sreemoyee, Dinka, Arna and Sreemoyee are worried about Rohit who is away from home. During Dithi’s wedding, he suddenly left the city without informing much other than that his (Rohit’s) business partner is in a problem. But ever since his departure, Sreemoyee is unable to speak with him over the phone. Rohit is in Mumbai and avoids a direct conversation with his wife and rather sends text messages. Sreemoyee keeps worrying about Rohit who is terminally ill. Arna and Dinka too try to figure out the reason behind Rohit’s sudden change in behaviour. When Dinka tries to connect to him via his hotel’s reception, he learns they don’t have any guest named Rohit Sen. It makes Sreemoyee and others more worried. Arna suspects someone else is using Rohit’s phone. Sreemoyee breaks down after listening to this. Dinka asks her to stay strong and concentrate on Dithi’s boubhat. He promises to enquire about Rohit as soon as he reaches Mumbai. Bride Dithi settles at his in-laws' place. Bulbuli gives her company. Mandira is ashamed of Kakoli’s behaviour during Bodhu Boron. She explains Kakoli’s mental condition. Kakoli lost her husband at a young age. Dithi seems to be still upset about the incident. Bulbuli talks about her late brother and how his death affected everyone, especially Kakoli. They have no clue that Kakoli is standing nearby listening to all this. Things take a drastic turn when Kakoli misunderstands the entire situation and feels Bulbuli was gossiping about her. Bulbuli tries to defend herself and says she was helping Dithi to settle down. An angry Kakoli emphasises the fact that Dithi, who has been in the house several times in the past, doesn’t need any assistance. Dithi hits back and reminds that she financially helped the family in Chotu’s absence.
  • Daily soap Sreemoyee’s story is revolving around Chotu-Dithi’s wedding. Patralekha and June interrupt in Dithi’s wedding rituals. They can’t digest the fact that Sreemoyee and Rohit are performing all the duties. When June and Patralekha highlight the fact that Dithi’s wedding should be performed according to the customs followed by Anindya’s family, Sreemoyee objects to it. She (Sreemoyee) asks Dithi about her opinion. Dithi’s reply doesn’t go in Patralekha-June’s favour. Moreover, Anindya asks Dithi to follow her beliefs and not listen to the outsiders. Later, the father and daughter duo clear out their differences. They both get emotional. Anindya gives her money as a token of love. Dithi shares a good news about Chotu’s job. Anindya feels extremely emotional and suggests Dithi not to repeat the mistake he had committed in his married life. Later, Anindya accidentally bumps into Sreemoyee who is in a hurry. Anindya and Sreemoyee share an awkward moment. June feels, Anindya deliberately collided with her. June and Patralekha again raise some objections when Rohit performs the duty of a father. Anindya, however, speaks in Rohit’s favour. Anindya feels like an outsider but keeps his feeling bottled up. Later, Rohit asks who would perform the ritual of ‘Kanya Sampradaan’. It is usually performed by the father of the bride. Dithi asks him to perform the ritual. Chotu and Dithi get married. Sreemoyee, Rohit, Antara, Arna and others enjoy the occasion. Anindya looks at it from a distance.

  • Dithi and Chotu are getting married. Sreemoyee and Rohit shoulder all the responsibilities. The pre-wedding rituals start. Rohit blesses soon-to-be-married Dithi and gifts an expensive jewellery, It makes Dithi all emotional. She misses her dad and gets emotional. She repents her ill-treatment towards him. Rohit is performing all the duties of a father while Dithi’s biological dad Anindya hasn’t attended the function. He explains that Dithi is his daughter, too. When Sreemoyee blesses Dithi, she starts crying recalling all her past behaviour. She misbehaved with Sreemoyee on several occasions. Hemlata explains how a mother can never stay away from her child no matter what he or she has done. A poor Hemlata can relate to this current situation. Family members arrange a Sangeet ceremony. Chotu and Dithi get all decked up. Arna and Chotu’s sister start the ceremony with a dance. Rohit and Sreemoyee engage in a romantic conversation which doesn’t go unnoticed by Antara. She, along with other friends, catches the couple. They all tease Sreemoyee and Rohit. Sreemoyee starts blushing. Antara and Dinka request Sreemoyee to sing a song just like she used to do in college. Sreemoyee sings a beautiful song. The guests enjoy the song.

  • Rohit and Sreemoyee speak about their dreams. Their scheduled trip gets delayed because of back-to-back incidents. First Aditya felt unwell, now, Dithi is getting married. Sreemoyee wants to spend more quality time with Rohit who has been diagnosed with a critical disease. They have suffered a lot in their respective lives. Most of their lives, they both had different responsibilities. While Sreemoyee blames her ill luck, Rohit asks her not to be gloomy. He assures, they will get a chance to spend quality time in the future. Deep down, Sreemoyee is worried about Rohit, who might not survive long. She sheds tears stating her helplessness. Rohit asks her not to lose hope but stay strong. Sreemoyee regrets the time they have lost and talks about those days. She could have been happy with Rohit rather than having an unhappy married life with Anindya. Rohit tries his best to boost Sreemoyee’s confidence. He asks her not to regret anything and rather look forward. Sreemoyee had a struggling life in the past. The bitter experience makes her sad. Rohit requests her to forget it and look forward. He emphasises the fact that they have bright days ahead. The couple spends some emotional moments. Rohit hugs Sreemoyee and tries to console her. A helpless Sreemoyee finds solace in Rohit.

  • Dithi gets robbed; Chotu rescues her: Dithi is in her clinic at Madhabpur when some goons attack her. They tie her up and rob the money she had kept for their wedding. Chotu is on his way to meet Dithi at the clinic. Sreemoyee and Rohit become restless as Dithi hasn't come back home. Dinka blames Dithi for her irresponsible nature. Hemlata gets an opportunity to humiliate Sreemoyee and claims she couldn’t give her child proper values. Hemlata also talks about the fact that Dithi sometimes stays back at Madhabpur at her would-be husband’s place. Rohit defends her. Chotu reaches the clinic and gets shocked seeing Dithi tied to a chair. Before he could rescue her, the goons attack him. But Chotu bravely faces them. He catches one of the dacoits and finds out he is a local guy. When Chotu and Dithi threaten to call police, the guy promises her to give the money back. As Hemlata raises questions on Sreemoyee’s guidance as a parent, Rohit gives some apt reply to Hemlata, whose children didn’t take care of her. Hemlata finally realizes her fault. She talks about her married life and how she was abused by her mother-in-law. She also confesses that she repeated the same treatment with Sreemoyee. Dithi, who runs a clinic in the village, recalls how she is being paid for all her good deeds. The goon realises his fault and promises to give Dithi’s hard-earned money back. On the other hand, Hemlata too realises Sreemoyee’s worth.
  • Rohit and Sreemoyee reach Anandaniketan to meet Aditya: Mithu pays a visit to Anandaniketan mostly to meet Aditya who isn’t keeping well. She doesn’t get a warm welcome from Patralekha and June. They start hurling abuses at her the moment she steps in. June and Patralekha remind that she doesn’t work here anymore. But Mithu, with her devil-may-care attitude, handles them. Anindya informs that Aditya is not well. He also requests her to take care of Aditya if possible. While Mithu happily agrees to this, June gets irked. Mithu talks about the old days, how Sreemoyee used to take care of everyone single handedly. June fumes with anger. Seeing Anindya’s reaction, June deliberately asks Mithu about Sreemoyee-Rohit’s trip. Anindya becomes curious and asks Mithu about the trip. Mithu shares, the couple planned a trip but Aditya’s condition forced Sreemoyee reconsider the decision. In fact, she sent Mithu to Anandaniketan to enquire about Aditya. June and Patralekha keep speaking against Sreemoyee but Mithu gives them a befitting reply. Later, Mithu meets Aditya and enquires about his health. Aditya expected Sreemoyee would come. Mithu explains to him how Sreemoyee fears that she won’t be welcomed to this household. That’s why she requested Mithu to meet Aditya. She requests Aditya to live with Sreemoyee. Patralekha readily objects to this. Aditya announces, Sreemoyee can visit Anandaniketan anytime she wants. Sreemoyee, along with Rohit, rushes to meet Aditya as soon as she learns about his condition. They don’t get a warm welcome. Patralekha and June humiliate them.
  • Sreemoyee shares her journey with the audience. She shares how humiliation was a part of her everyday life when Sreemoyee was married to Anindya. Continuous abuse badly affected her confidence. She found solace only in Dinka while her two other children never realised her worth. Sreemoyee then talks about June who had publicly humiliated her on several occasions earlier. She reveals June was her former husband’s colleague. Sreemoyee never realised they (June and Anindya) were having an affair until she (Sreemoyee) along with her friends went to a nearby holiday spot. They accidentally found out June and Anindya were staying there as a couple. The incident drastically changed Sreemoyee’s life. June, who is also in the auditorium, wasn’t expecting Sreemoyee would speak about her. She tries to hide herself. Sreemoyee, informs the audience that she wanted to divorce Anindya. But she had nowhere else to go. So she adjusted until June kept forcing Anindya to marry her. In her speech, Sreemoyee also reveals Anindya had changed his mind prior to his wedding with June. Sreemoyee forced Anindya to marry him. She talks about Rohit who encouraged her to start afresh. Antara, too, boosted her confidence. Chotu, too, comes to the stage. He sheds light on June’s criminal activities. Chotu shares how June wanted to kil Sreemoyee. The audiences turn against June and intend to bash beat her up. Dinka pleads the audience to let June go and saves her from further humiliation. Later, June finds a moment to sneak out. Rohit has a good laugh, seeing her situation.

  • Rohit arranges for a function. He forces June to apologise to Sreemoyee. Sreemoyee and Dinka perform a song together. The audience enjoys her song while June can’t stand it. The viewers laud Sreemoyee and her performance. Sreemoyee to share her journey.
  • Aditya falls unwell; misses Sreemoyee: Ankita gets a warm welcome from Rohit and Sreemoyee. Arna and Dinka are happy to meet her. Hemlata doesn’t like being treated and she keeps mocking Sreemoyee. Hemlata curious whether Ankita is a real doctor. She keeps making comments on Aditya’s dependency on Sreemoyee. Ankita, Dinka, discuss their travel plan with Rohit and Sreemoyee.
  • Rohit finds a way to teach June a lesson: Antara, Rohit, Arna, Chotu and Dinka speak in favour of Sreemoyee who was humiliated by June. Rohit shares that he will organise a similar function for Sreemoyee. Rohit threatens to take legal action. Anindya doesn’t show any sympathy towards June. But he replies to Sreemoyee’s statement regarding her unfortunate memories. As he makes some sarcastic comments to hurt Sreemoyee, who is now married to Rohit, she (Sreemoyee) gives him a reality check. Sreemoyee mentions how Anindya never left a chance to humiliate her. But she also mentions her beautiful memories revolving around Aditya and her children. Anindya doesn’t want to help June. Instead, he reminds her of Rohit’s power. When June tries to instigate him against Sreemoyee, Anindya claims he is truly happy for Sreemoyee. He repents not being able to make Sreemoyee happy when they were married. Anindya confesses taking the drastic step because of frustration. He doesn’t want to be with June.
  • Antara and her friends arrange a college reunion. Rohit was also a student of the same college. Sreemoyee and Dinka to perform a duet song on the stage on Rohit's request. Mithu, Chotu’s dad and his sister-in-law Kakali are also present. Interestingly, June can also be spotted among the viewers. Chotu had no idea Dinka is such a good singer. Dithi, who was mostly against her mom, proudly shares how he (Dinka) learned singing from Sreemoyee.
  • Hemlata is mad at Sreemoyee. The latter has locked herself inside the room after having an argument with Antara. Mithu talks about Sreemoyee’s ill luck. In her previous marriage, Patralekha never let her be happy, and now, Hemalat is doing the same. Mithu also mentions the difference that Rohit is in Sreemoyee’s favour while Anindya never showed any respect to her. She asks Sreemoyee to inform Rohit about today’s incident but Sreemoyee doesn’t want any more issues. Seeing her still missing from the dining table, Sreemoyee decides to speak with Hemlata. She asks Mithu di to accompany her as well. On the other hand, Hemlata is utterly upset with Sreemoyee and Antara. When Sreemoyee tries to convince her and have food, Hemlata verbally attacks her. She doesn’t spare Mithu either. An angry Hemlata announces to go on a hunger strike until she complains to Rohit. She turns moral police as well and suggests Dithi shouldn’t stay at Chotu’s place before getting married to him. Hemlata misjudges Sreemoyee effort. At Anandaniketan, June makes some rules for Dithi which makes the latter angry. Patralekha keeps bringing Sreemoyee’s instances to criticise Dithi. Anindya doesn’t like Dithi’s relationship with Chotu. But he doesn’t support June’s behaviour towards Dithi either.
  • Hemlata can’t stand Sreemoyee. She believes, Sreemoyee is taking undue advantage of Rohit’s kind nature. Meanwhile, June speaks ill about Sreemoyee and instigates Anindya-Patralekha against her. She can’t digest the fact that Sreemoyee got married again and has a happy life. Patralkeha also mocks Sreemoyee’s decision to get married. Anindya, however, doesn’t fall prey to June’s words. He still has some feelings for Sreemoyee. He speaks about the sacrifices made by her and how she took care of everyone. Dithi speaks with Chotu’s parents about wedding. They are worried about the expenses but Dithi is ready to bear.
  • Hemlata's arrival. Hemlata’s sons don’t want to take care of her. They want to send her to an old-age home. Rohit doesn’t support it and wants to take care of the elderly lady. Hemlata had certain expectations for Rohit’s wife but Sreemoyee doesn’t fit those parameters. Hemlata doesn’t leave a chance to humiliate Sreemoyee. Rohit gives a befitting reply to her when Hemlata insults Sreemoyee. Hemlata gets shocked when Rohit introduces them as his son and daughter-in-law. Not only that, Sreemoyee wanted Hemlata to stay here with them after learning her sons’ attitude towards her. When Hemlata asks Sreemoyee why she got married at this, the latter informs she took the decision after Rohit was diagnosed with a critical disease. She questions about Sreemoyee’s ex-husband. Rohit politely asks Hemlata to leave if she doesn’t like Sreemoyee.
  • Rohit wants to boost Sreemoyee’s confidence and help her learn English. June pretends to be an 'adarsh' housewife and prepares food for Anindya who isn’t keeping well.
  • June is back, provokes Patralekha against Sreemoyee: June is back in Anandaniketan. Patralekha, who was going against her, takes a U-turn and shows concern towards June. The latter enjoys the drama around Sreemoyee’s second marriage as Patralekha mercilessly criticises her (Sreemoyee).
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  • Rohit is unwell - Rohit has been diagnosed with a terminal disease, starts feeling unwell, feels not survive long. Rohit shares that he wanted to have some more days with Sreemoyee and enjoy life. Sreemoyee feels helpless and breaks down into tears. Dinka and Arna assure that they will take care of the treatment. Rohit wants to Sreemoyee his equal partner in business/ financial matters. Sreemoyee, who is afraid of losing Rohit, doesn’t want to get involved. She is rather worried about Rohit’s treatment.
  • It’s a new phase of life for newly married Sreemoyee and Rohit. The couple spends some romantic moments. Rohit is rejoicing every moment of his new journey with Sreemoyee.
  • On the other hand, out of rage and fury, Anindya takes a drastic step. He leaves a letter and blames Sreemoyee for embarrassing him. He consumes sleeping pills.
  • Actor Ambarish Bhattacharya has made his comeback in Sreemoyee after almost one and a half years. He was first seen on the show during its initial phase, but could not continue doing the role for a number of reasons. However, Ambarish has been working in Leena Gongopadhyay’s Khorkuto for a long time now.
  • Sreemoyee leaves home, decides to stay with Rohit. Rohit’s romantic gesture leaves Sreemoyee emotional.
  • Bengali daily soap ‘Sreemoyee’, narrating the story of a simple housewife, who decides to start afresh after several years of deprivation, successfully crossed 700 episodes.
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  • Chotu congratulates Sreemoyee and Rohit: Sreemoyee meets Rohit and talks about the wedding. She also informs him about Dithi’s decision to leave the home. Rohit feels bad and said that’s why he didn’t want to get married.
  • Dithi feels, Sreemoyee’s decision to marry at this age will make them a laughing stock. Chotu wonders why Dithi is only thinking about herself and not her mom Sreemoyee who did every possible thing for the family. Dithi has an outburst and Chotu’s parents try to comfort her.
  • Indrani Halder and Tota Roychoudhury starrer to finally feature the much-awaited reunion: While there is no denial that Bengali audience enjoys June Guha’s (played by Ushasie Chakraborty) presence and her frequent face-off with Sreemoyee, they are eagerly waiting for Rohit (Tota Roychoudhury) and Sreemoyee’s (Indrani Halder) reunion as well. Telly viewers patiently waited for the sequence of Sreemoyee finally confessing her love for her college senior Rohit. Writer Leena Ganguly was flooded with the request of showing Rohit-Sreemoyee getting married in the story. Leena shared that she keeps receiving requests from the viewers who ‘urged’ her not to show Sreemoyee going back to her estranged husband.
  • Sreemoyee promises to take care of ailing Rohit - Rohit is critically unwell. Though he keeps it under the wrap, Sreemoyee finds out the medical reports and feels worried. She goes back home and speaks with her son and daughter-in-law. Now that Sreemoyee’s children are busy in their lives, she wants to follow her heart and go abroad with Rohit.
  • Rohit pays a visit to Sreemoyee's family - Dithi and Chotu share some romantic moments. They discuss their future. Dithi encourages him to study hard and get a job.
  • Dithi pays a visit to Madhabpur. Boudi and Bulbuli inform her about Chotu’s gloominess. They ask Dithi to have a word with her. Boudi deliberately talks about Chotu’s wedding. To make Dithi jealous, Mandira wonders why she is speaking about Sonali. Mandira shares her discontent about Sonali and Chotu’s wedding. She wants Dithi as her daughter-in-law.
  • Sreemoyee, Dithi is shocked to learn the truth. She regrets not having faith in Chotu and suspecting him for her mom’s abduction. Dithi apologises to Chotu.
  • Dinka and Arna try to comfort Sreemoyee. The latter is still under trauma and tries to figure out why Chotu helped her reach home safely.
  • Anindya, Dinka strongly feel, Chotu abducted Sreemoyee.
  • Sreemoyee, Chotu gets detained after Sreemoyee’s family lodges a complaint against him. Chotu’s family shares they have no issue if she runs the clinic in the village, Boudi and Chotu’s dad don’t want to work at the clinic anymore.

  • Sreemoyee missing: Upal, Dinka, Anindya and all others are worried. Starts having doubts over Chotu is responsible for Sreemoyee’s sudden disappearance.
  • June hatches a new plan to harm Sreemoyee: Sreemoyee, June intends to abduct her and also thinks about kil*ing her. June seeks support from Kia.
  • Completed 2 years of its journey. The first episode was aired on June 10, 2019 and has had quite a successful run ever since. Dinka wants to go abroad for their honeymoon. The soon-to-be-married couple talks about their wedding and life too. Dithi joins them. Arna asks her about future. She asks Dithi about her practice. The latter talks about her job and the clinic at Madhabpur.
  • Sreemoyee, Anindya confronts June and asks why she went to Jadavpur.
  • June manipulates Kia to revolt against Sreemoyee and Dinka. Ask for her rights and make sure that Dinka doesn’t get married so easily.
  • Sreemoyee, Dithi feels insulted by the way Chotu treated her. He not only misbehaved with her but also asked Dithi not to spend the night at their household. Chotu misinterprets Dithi’s decision to run a clinic for the poor villagers where she not only treats them but also bears the costs of the medicines if the patients are unable to bear it.
  • June released from jail; Sreemoyee brings June to home, Dinka gets a shock and no happy. Anindya and Ankita discuss Dinka and Arna’s future life. They wait for Sreemoyee who is out of home. when he notices June at Anandaniketan.
  • Sengupta family eager to meet Dinka: Sreemoyee starts with Dinka’s telephonic conversation with Arna. Two years have passed and Dinka, who went to Mumbai to pursue his music career, is coming back home. Arna thinks Dithi isn’t interested about Chotu who is serving his time in jail.
  • Chotu sentenced to jail - Sarbajit’s dad Prosenjit makes some serious allegations against Dithi and her mom. Rohit loses his temper and asks him to consider the consequences of the crime committed by Sarbajit.
  • The recent track revolving around Chotu and Dithi left a section of viewers ‘disappointed’. They wanted to see more of Sreemoyee and June.
  • Chotu is cross questioned by the opposing counsel. He accepts working for Majid Chacha. The lawyer grills him and asks whether he knew what’s inside the packages. Chotu claims he never asked what was inside those packages and only followed the orders. This shocks Chotu as well as his family members who are present in the court.
  • June aunty is back! The notorious vamp, who took away protagonist Sreemoyee’s peace, dragged her into the mud with baseless allegations and wreaked havoc in her life is back to spice up the storyline, the makers are bring June back. Actress Ushasie Chakraborty is excited about the new track. She will be seen making an entry into Anandaniketan.
  • Dithi Case: Dithi arranged a home for Chotu’s family. Chotu’s dad urges Dithi to go back home.
  • Dithi declares she will help Chotu and his family in every possible way. She also intends to attend the hearing at the court. Sreemoyee initially tries to convince Dithi to drop the idea but fails. Dinka too tries to talk to her but Dithi is determined to help Chotu. An angry Sreemoyee schools.
  • Chotu’s family gets humiliated at Anandaniketan - Chotu’s parents and boudi arrive at Dithi’s place seeking help. Dithi’s family isn’t happy at all. When they urge Dithi to reveal what she thinks about their son’s innocence, Sreemoyee gets angry.
  • Human trafficking racket - Dithi finally meets her parents, Chotu asks Dithi to get ready. He will take Dithi to the middleman who is a part of the human trafficking racket.
About the show:
  • Sreemoyee is an Indian Bengali serial airing on Star Jalsha and is also available on the digital platform Hotstar.
  • It is produced by Magic Moments Motion Pictures Pvt. Ltd of Saibal Banerjee and Leena Gangopadhyay, which premiered on 10 June 2019.
  • Bengali television serial ‘Sreemoyee’, which has been remade in six other languages.
Major Incidents, Events:
  • Sreemoyee-Anindya’s divorce.
  • His sudden weakness for ex-wife
  • Rohit Sen’s entry
  • Patralekha revolting against her beloved June to the latter being sent to jail and then back.
  • Newly married Sreemoyee and Rohit. It’s a new phase of life for newly married Sreemoyee and Rohit.
  • Rohit has been diagnosed with a terminal disease.
Star Cast:
  • Indrani Halder - Sreemoyee Sengupta (Main Female Protagonist)
  • Sudip Mukherjee - Anindya Sengupta (Parallel Lead)
  • Ushasie Chakraborty - June Guha (Main Antagonist)
  • Saptarshi Maulik - Pratyush Sengupta (Supporting Male Protagonist)
  • Tota Roy Chowdhury - Rohit Sen (Parallel Male Lead)
Story, Plot:
  • As a doting, caring mother, wife and daughter in law, Sreemoyee, a middle-aged housewife, takes care of her family without any expectations.
  • However, on knowing that her husband Anindya cheated her, having an affair with his colleague June, initially she becomes heart broken but soon she realises and sets out to create a new identity for herself while June starts creating troubles for her.
  • She divorces with Anindya while he marries June. She also gets support from her college love Rohit Sen. The story follows how she tackles the problems caused by June and becomes a successful business women in ethnic fabric and handicrafts.
  • Sreemoyee’s story will feature a time leap as well. Following the leap in time, Dinka will be seen as an established singer, wanting to start a fresh life with Arna. Dithi will be shown as a doctor and awaiting Chotu’s release. Anindya will be more concerned about his family.
  • Sreemoyee wants to live life to the fullest, lets see how he starts a new with Rohit just like how most of the viewers want. In fact, Leena keeps getting letters from the audience who want Sreemoyee to marry Rohit.
  • It will be interesting to see whether the latest twist of time leap helps the show score well on the TRP charts.
Remade: Daily soap Sreemoyee’s journey has been quite successful since its launch. It enjoys a good viewership and has been remade in six different languages so far. 700 Episodes:
  • Bengali daily soap ‘Sreemoyee’, narrating the story of a simple housewife, who decides to start afresh after several years of deprivation, successfully crossed 700 episodes. It’s indeed a celebratory moment for the cast and crew who worked hard to make the show a success.
  • As Team ‘Sreemoyee’ is cherishing their new milestone, actor Tota Roy Choudhury took to his social media handle to share an emotional post. Tota shared that many people were ''sceptical' about Sreemoyee’s success in the beginning. While most of the TV shows star 20 something actors as the protagonist, ‘Sreemoyee’ features senior artists above the age of 40 as the lead.
  • Tota, in his post, also mentioned how Sreemoyee’s success prompted the makers to launch the show in Hindi. And interestingly, ‘Anupamaa’ turns out to be a major hit and is currently ruling the TRP charts.

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Default Sreemoyee: Dithi receives a warm welcome from Choto’s family

Sreemoyee: Dithi receives a warm welcome from Choto’s family

Rohit is about to leave the country. Dinka will also go abroad for his treatment. Sreemoyee is unable to hold her tears while bidding goodbye to Rohit. Tears roll down her cheek as she is unable to fully express her feelings. Rohit gently wipes her tears and leaves.

On the other hand, Choto’s family is eagerly waiting for him to come back. His mom worries about Choto who went to the city for work. His family isn’t financially strong. Choto’s dad works at a shop. His mom shares her ordeal how she lost her eldest son who was ****ed by some goons.

Choto’s boudi sheds tears remembering her late husband. His sister Bulbuli tries to comfort them. Soon, Bachchu comes and enthusiastically informs Choto’s mom about the arrival of a guest. Choto’s family wonders who might be the guest and they are dumbstruck to see a young girl (Dithi) entering their place.

Dithi is still under trauma. Choto’s mom, boudi and Bulbuli shower several questions. Before Dithi could answer anything, Choto enters. He lies that Dithi’s brother is his friend and she is here to visit a village.
Choto’s parents realise he is lying. Dithi isn’t here for a trip. They think Dithi and Choto are in love. Dithi left home to be with him. Bulbuli asks Dithi whether her family was fixing her marriage with any other guy and that’s why she left home. Dithi is still in fear and keeps quiet. Choto’s mom asks Bulbuli to help Dithi feel comfortable. As soon as they leave, his parents discuss Choto and Dithi.
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Default Prity Biswas joins the cast of ‘Sreemoyee’

Prity Biswas joins the cast of ‘Sreemoyee’

Actress Prity Biswas has a new television project in her kitty. The chirpy actress has joined the cast of popular daily soap ‘Sreemoyee’, starring Indrani Halder in the titular role. Prity is all excited to be a part of the show. The actress who entertained the audience playing ‘Annakali’ in the recently concluded show ‘Soudaminir Sansar’, will be seen in a completely different avatar. The actress is excited to be a part of the popular show which introduced a new track recently. Sreemoyee’s storyline revolves around Dithi’s (Aishi Bhattacharya) abduction. She falls prey to Sarbajit’s (played by Sohail Dutta) plan.

Following this, a few new characters are being introduced in the story. Actor Arnab Banerjee also joined the cast recently. He is playing Choto’s character in the show. The character has interesting sheds. Choto has been assigned to take Dithi to a middle man who is associated with a human trafficking racket. But Choto, who works for the antisocial group for money, wasn’t aware of the entire incident. Prity will play Choto’s relative in the show.

The actress recently started shooting for the show. Her entry will play a pivotal role in Dithi-Choto’s story. Prity isn’t a new face to the audience. She has been a part of several TV shows as well as Bhojpuri films. Prity, who is married to actor Rahul Mazumdar, has been a participant of ‘Bigg Boss Bangla’ too.
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Default Sreemoyee: Bulbuli and Boudi show affection towards Dithi

Sreemoyee: Bulbuli and Boudi show affection towards Dithi

The police officer informs Dithi’s family about Sarbajit’s involvement in her (Dithi’s) disappearance. Sreemoyee feels helpless and wants to speak with Sarbajit. The officer requests her to keep the information under the wrap. He also promises that Dithi will be found soon since police is keeping a close watch on Sarbajit. Anindya wonders how a medical student could be involved in an antisocial activity like this.

Meanwhile, at Chotu’s place, his sister and Boudi try to convince Dithi to reveal the truth. Dithi fears for her life and doesn’t reveal much. Bulbuli and boudi fail to accept the fact that Chotu could be involved in a criminal activity. They show the paintings done by chotu. Dithi realises he (Chotu) isn’t a bad person otherwise. Boudi feels that the death of her husband (Chotu’s elder brother) left a profound effect on Chotu.

They also try to make Dithi realise that she is in a safe place. Chotu’s father will help her reach home. When Boudi asks Dithi to speak with her parents over the phone, the latter denies. Dithi states, Chotu won’t allow it. She also hints that Chotu has been assigned to deliver her to a particular place although she doesn’t want to go anywhere. Boudi assures that none can take Dithi anywhere against her will. She also assures, if Chotu is involved in any sort of criminal activity, his family will never support him. Boudi and Bulbuli also learn, Dithi is a medical student.

Suddenly, Chotu appears and scolds her for speaking with his family. Boudi doesn’t support his behaviour and asks Chotu to make sure, Dithi safely reaches home. She also threatens to leave if anything happens to Dithi. As soon as she leaves, Chotu blames Dithi for putting him in a tough spot.
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Default Sreemoyee: Sarbajit finally reveals the truth about Dithi

Sreemoyee: Sarbajit finally reveals the truth about Dithi

Sarbajit continuously denies all the charges and pretends to be innocent. Sreemoyee’s desperate plea to Sarbajit also goes unanswered. Ankita too pleads him. When he doesn’t reply, the police officer threatens him of dire consequences. Finally, Sarbajit shares Dithi has been taken to a place named Madhabpore by Chotu. The police officer stops Sarbajit from leaving and keeps him in police custody.

Later, the officer decides to rush to the place mentioned by Sarbajit to rescue Dithi. Sremoyee offers to accompany them. She feels helpless. Sarbajit’s dad thought, police officer would let his son go. To his surprise, his son gets arrested.

Meanwhile, Dithi is upset. Chotu’s mom and Boudi try to speak with her. His mom asks Dithi to have food but she doesn’t speak. After being forced by Chotu, Dithi lies to his parents and says she will have to visit her relative.

This makes Chotu’s dad surprised. He makes it clear that Dithi won’t leave without revealing the address of the relative. Chotu tries to discourage his dad and gives some lame excuses. But his dad is firm in his decision. Chotu’s mom and his boudi ask her to stay but the former asks her to hurry up and leave. Chotu’s mom shares that they will miss her. She also wonders why Dithi agreed to visit her relative although she was dead against it earlier.
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