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TOP 10 Biggest Foods DO NOT EAT during Exams

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Default TOP 10 Biggest Foods DO NOT EAT during Exams

Tips To Get Better Exam Result: 5 Foods To Avoid During Exams

Exam days can be stressful and to reduce down the pressure on your kids, your must follow some diet tricks. Today, we have listed some of the foods that one should avoid during exams.

Avoid Following Foods To Stand Chance Of Getting Through The Exams

Exam days are nearing and thus it is also becoming extremely important for the students to take proper care of their physical and mental health. What comes to your mind when we say taking care of physical and mental health? food isnít it? So far we have discussed what all foods you should eat during your examination days, but did you know that most of the diet that the students follow are unhealthy for brain health? Yes, certain foods from the traditional student diet can actually affect your brainís function and thus your performance. Here, are some foods that you must ignore during your exam days.

Avoid Sugary Foods
Foods that are rich in sugar content can do more harm to your brain than to your blood sugar level. Yes, you heard that right. Sugary foods hit the brain pretty hard and that too not a good way. So it is best for the students who are preparing for any exams in the upcoming days to not eat foods that are rich in sugar content. According to the studies, eating foods that are high in sugar content can lead to cognitive problems. Also, it can lead to long-term and short-term memory loss issues ó which can further reduce the ability to solve problems among the students.

Drinking Coffee To Stay Up Please Stop
Coffee ó you all know most of the students prefer drinking this beverage just to stay up. This energy-producing caffeine is a staple among all the students but did you know it has some serious negative effects on your brain and it can actually be harmful to drink it during your exam days? Well, coffee contains caffeine which helps in the production of energy by blocking the sleeping chemicals the body produces. According to health experts, the lack of sleep caused by caffeine may cause the body to undergo some of the severe symptoms of chronic health complications such as anxiety, increased heartbeat, and insomnia.

Avoid Fried Foods Here s Why
Be it fried chicken or crisps ó fried foods are always in the dies of students but they can actually cause some serious health effects. According to health experts, fried foods can have some serious negative effects on the brain and thatís why it is important for the students to not have them during their exam days. How do fried foods affect your brain? Studies have shown that saturated fats and cholesterol can block blood from entering the brain, reducing its power. And to add more the this ó when there is a build-up of these compounds for a long long time, it can lead to chronic diseases such as dementia.

Foods Rich In Trans Fat Can Be Harmful Too
One of the first food that you need to avoid to ensure good brain health is foods that are high in trans fats. According to the studies, these foods can lead to brain shrinkage and also reduce the processing power of the brain. Also, experts say that such a diet can increase the risk of depression which can affect the function of the studentís brain.

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