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TOP 10 DO NOT DO with your EYES

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Old 10-21-2020, 03:00 AM
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Default TOP 10 DO NOT DO with your EYES

Our eyes are among the most precious possessions but are often neglected. We tend to realize its importance only when we notice something wrong with our vision. You won’t forget to wear sunscreen to protect your skin from the harsh sun rays, but you may not think about safeguarding your eyes from its damaging rays.We are also spending more time in front of the digital screen now due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This is another reason that is hurting your vision and causing eyestrain. You blink less when you’re staring at a screen (TV, laptop, or phone) and this makes your eyes become dry and irritated. Staring at screens close to bedtime can interfere with your sleep, which could result in twitchy, red, puffy, or itchy eyes. Below are some other everyday bad habits that could be hurting your vision:

Rubbing Your Eyes: What do you do when your eyes are itchy? You will most likely rub your eyes. Stop doing this next time. Putting unnecessary pressure on your eyes can actually make the problem worse. Instead, try a cold compress to get rid of itchy eyes. If something gets inside your eye, flush your eyes gently with water.

Smoking: Not just smoking harms your eyes, but it is bad for your overall health. Smoking can increase your risk of developing eye diseases that could result in permanent vision loss.

Not drinking enough water: When your body is dehydrated, your eyes won’t be able to produce tears that keep them moist. This can cause dry, red, and itchy eyes. Make sure you drink about 8 glasses of water every day to protect your eyes and your overall health.

Misusing makeup: You should be very careful when applying makeup near your eyes. Do not apply eyeliner or mascara too close to your lash line. It could block oil glands and lead to a buildup of bacteria. Also, experts recommend replacing your mascara and other makeup every 3 months to prevent the buildup of dangerous bacteria that could cause infections. And remember to remove your makeup at the end of the day.

Avoiding eye checkup: Early detection can prevent a lot of vision problems. You should have your eyes checked regularly. If you’re experiencing pain or a problem isn’t going away, visit an optometrist immediately.

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