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TOP 10 Controversies & Bold Statements of Kaushal Manda on Bigg Boss Telugu 4

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Old 09-09-2020, 02:26 PM
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Default TOP 10 Controversies & Bold Statements of Kaushal Manda on Bigg Boss Telugu 4

BB Telugu 2 winner Kaushal Manda shares his unfiltered review

Exclusive - Bigg Boss Telugu 4 completes 50 days; BB Telugu 2 winner Kaushal Manda shares his unfiltered review

Kaushal Manda, who registered a phenomenal victory in the season 2 of Bigg Boss Telugu is a fan and follower of the show. In an exclusive chat with ETimes-TV, the sensational Bigg Boss winner shared his unfiltered review for the 50-day-old show. Excerpts...

About season 4

The only complaint I have over this season is the repetitive tasks. They have been the huge let down in this season so far. I would request the management to introduce new tasks in order to engage the audience.

My season was far better

My season 2 was far better than any other seasons so far. We had tasks of all kinds.

Selection of YouTube stars was a good move

Yes, many needed work due to the pandemic but fearing the situation, some might have backed off, too. As the celebrity line up for the season didn't have noted names, some might have been reluctant too. So, the makers have opted for YouTube stars as well. This is indeed a good sign because Bigg Boss needs to be an inclusive platform without just being confined to only celebrities.

About selecting Gangavva

I want to believe Gangavva's selection has in a way increased the rural vote bank of the show. Training someone like Gangavva is something impossible. They are just rumours.

On Akhil-Monal-Abhijeeth trio

I find the organisers have mixed the formats of a few seasons for this season. But not everything has worked for them and I feel Akhil-Monal-Abhijeeth's equation is one of them. Guess even the contestants have watched the previous seasons of Bigg Boss in other languages as well.

Most surprising and disappointing contestants

I feel most of them are still playing a safe game. Meha**** was the most surprising contestant of the season. The way he upped his ante is phenomenal. Sohel came across as a let down because aggressiveness is his natural game. He was told to go against it. We are seeing a new Sohel now.

1 Strength and 1 weakness of contestants

Strength: He is a cool cap and mind gamer
Weakness: He is not good at physical tasks

Strength: His looks, singing talent, looks, romantic nature
Weakness: He is very emotional

Strength: She can move closely with everyone
Weakness: Her low proficiency in Telugu and she is too emotional for a reality show like Bigg Boss

Strength: He is very entertaining and smart enough for this game
Weakness: His looks and fashion sense. Moreover, since he is a comedian, he may not be taken seriously.

Amma Rajasekhar
Strength: He is mingling with everyone and his comic timing is great
Weakness: His poor proficiency in Telugu and loose-tongued nature

Strength: Her powerful voice and articulation
Weakness: She has low patience levels which might affect her arguments

Strength: His aggressive nature
Weakness: His natural game was changed now; we are seeing a new Sohel now

Strength: His physique and moreover and the way he values friendship. He is getting lucky and surviving due to those friendships.
Weakness: Lack of articulation is affecting his arguments every time

Her bubbliness and entertaining nature
Weakness - She is innocent and emotional as well

His experience and social media following as well
Playing a safe game

Her smile and cooking as contestants tend to have a connect for someone who's feeding them
Lack of articulation again which leads to her argument backfiring at her.

About Divi's eviction

I can't comment on the voting pattern but I felt she was aggressive initially but that faded away lately. I'm not sure if she didn't perform or it is due to the lack of enough screen time.

My Top 5 finalists

Abhijeet, Noel, Lasya, Avinash and Akhil or Sohel.

No scope for Lady Bigg Boss winner

I so want to see a female Bigg Boss winner this season but I don't see a competent contestant. (Photo: Instagram)

It would help the contestants if Nagarjuna garu did this

I feel it would be encouraging for the contestants to get some feedback from the outside world, especially what the public is liking about them and their game. Host Nagarjuna garu is doing a great job but if he can also share something like this, it would be beneficial for the contestants.

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Old 10-27-2020, 01:51 AM
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Bigg Boss Telugu 2 winner Kaushal Manda on Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Selection is not upto the snuff but picking Gangavva was a smart move

Love or hate him but you can't ignore him. Bigg Boss Telugu Kaushal Manda was one of the most talked-about contestants of the reality TV series in Telugu. In a candid chat with Bigg Boss season 2 winner, Kaushal Manda shared his thoughts on Bigg Boss Telugu season 4, its contestants and more. Excerpts...(By SriRaam Chelluri) (Photo: Instagram)

The selection in this season is not as expected

Yes, the selection for this season is not up to the expectations. Due to the pandemic, everyone is looking for work and money but guess many might have dropped after seeing the line up this season. (Photo: Instagram)

I found Gangavva's selection interesting

It is too early to say anything but I found Gangavva and her selection interesting. While most of us think of a happy post-retirement life at her age, here she is breaking all the conventions and stereotypes coming from outside the entertainment industry, actually from a remote village without any powerful background. She is indeed an inspiration for everyone. I think it was a smart move by the makers of the show to increase their rural viewership and vote bank as well.
(Photo: Instagram)

If Geetha Madhuri can reach the finale, Gangavva will survive for a minimum of 10 weeks

I don't think performance in the physical tasks doesn't alone dictate anyone's chances of reaching the finale. In that case, if someone like Geetha Madhuri can reach the finale in our season without a great performance in the physical tasks, Gangavva will survive for more than 10 weeks in the house this season. (Photo: Instagram)

Playing 'aggressive' can be a move to grab screen time

I saw Surya Kiran trying to prove his point in every discussion. I think some contestants might be thinking that at least playing aggressive can get them screentime in the initial weeks. But it all depends on the situation and your reaction.
(Photo: Instagram)

I was an experiment in the TV segment

Targeting someone can also cost them and the previous season should prove it for them. In fact, in season 4, the rest of the contestants ganged up to kick me out as I was a TV actor, but it only backfired for them and helped me a lot in season 2. I was in fact told by a higher official that I was, in fact, a successful experiment that opened gates for TV actors into the reality show in Telugu. So, any contestants including TV celebs can be game-changers. (Photo: Instagram)

Fan clubs are fine but 'Kaushal Army' is a 'never before and never after' phenomenon

Fan clubs for a reality TV show or contestant are quite normal. I have noticed some fan pages for this season's contestants, too. But going to an extent of forming armies (Kaushal Army) and rallying for a contestant across the globe is a 'never before and never after phenomenon'. I don't think it is going to repeat again. (Photo: Instagram)

I haven't voted for anyone except Tamanna Simhadri

So far, I haven't voted for anyone except to send out Tamanna Simhadri in season 3. It is too early to root for anyone.
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