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TOP 10 Yoga Poses DO NOT DO if you have Heart Problems, BP

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Old 08-17-2020, 05:14 PM
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Default TOP 10 Yoga Poses DO NOT DO if you have Heart Problems, BP

Yoga is increasingly gaining popularity across the globe. Medical science has also supported many of its benefits living including the positive impact it can have on our heart health. Practicing yoga can increase your flexibility, strengthen your muscles, reduce stress, boost stamina, and improve immunity. Since all yoga poses are accompanied with breathing exercises, your respiratory system gets the most benefit out of it. Yoga improves blood circulation and helps in managing weight, which in turn helps in attaining optimum heart health.Research has also shown that yoga helps improve cardiovascular health by calming the nervous system, reducing disease-causing inflammation, controlling blood pressure, and boosting beneficial HDL cholesterol. It is claimed that yoga can work as effectively as brisk walking and cycling in reducing heart disease risk. However, it is always advisable to consult a yoga trainer before doing any yoga asana, especially if you suffer from some pathological conditions. If you have hypertension or any heart disease like arterial blockage, you should avoid yoga asanas that can increase blood flow to the heart or pressurize the heart to pump more. Below are some yoga poses which are not recommended for people with heart problems:

Chakrasana (Wheel pose): This pose requires a lot of strength and a synchronized breathing pattern, which can exert a lot of a pressure on your heart, causing the heart to pump blood faster.

Sirshasana (Head stand): This is an inverted pose, which makes the heart to pump blood against gravity to supply it to the lower body, thereby exerting more pressure.

Halasana (Plough pose): This yoga pose causes heart to circulate blood against gravity to supply it your lower body, which increases pressure on the organ. It can also increase blood volume towards the heart.

Sarvangasana (Shoulder stand): This asana requires standing on your shoulders, putting pressure completely on the upper body. While you’re in this pose, your heart will have to work harder against gravity for circulate blood.

Viparita Karani (Simple inverted pose): To practice this asana, you have to lie on your back and lift your legs and hips supported by your hands. Those who are at a risk of developing heart attack should avoid this pose completely as it can put a strain on your heart to circulate blood to lower body.

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