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Telugu TV Show - Amrutham Latest Updates, New Star Cast, New Story, All Seasons, All Episodes

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Default Telugu TV Show - Amrutham Latest Updates, New Star Cast, New Story, All Seasons, All Episodes

Story, TV Shows is about
Amrutham is a 2001 Telugu TV sitcom starring Sivaji Raja, Naresh, Harsha Vardhan, and Gundu Hanumatha Rao. Two friends, Amrutham and Anji, come up with creative ideas to improve their restaurant business and get rich but fail with hilarious consequences every single time.

Two friends, Amrutham and Anjaneyulu, come up with different plans to boost their hotel business. In the process, they make silly mistakes and fail hysterically.

Telecast/Repeat Telecast:
Amrutham/ is a sitcom in Telugu produced by Just Yellow Media. Its sequel Amrutham Dhvitheeyam is being aired on ZEE5 from March 25,2020.
The serial was popular since it first aired in 2001. It was telecast on Gemini TV on Sundays at 8:30 pm IST. After the series ended in 2007 with its 313th episode "Tata Bye Bye Veedukolu", its re-runs were aired on Zee Telugu at 9:00 pm and on Maa TV at 7:00 pm on weekdays. It was re-telecast on Gemini TV on weekdays at 10:30 pm. This serial is being re-telecast on Maa TV's associate Channel, Maa Gold, at 10:00 pm from Monday to Friday. The show's reruns continue to garner high TRPs. The Serial aired on ETV Plus channel Monday through Friday at 09:30 pm IST. After the rerun ended in ETV Plus, the show began airing again from the following week, in the same channel at 6:00 pm IST.

Zee Telugu is the one of the Telugu-language television channel based in Hyderabad, India. Zee Telugu and its subsidiary channels are part of Zee India network. Zee Telugu TV channel network known for its humdrum programming with advertisements.

Unknown Interesting Facts

The series was first telecasted in Gemini TV. Later, the three most popular Telugu channels Zee, Maa and ETV bought it's rights within 6 years for re-telecasting it after completion of its full run in each channel.

In a recent interview, Gundu Hanumanth Rao (Anjaneyulu) has confirmed that Amrutham will have a new season albeit the script is not ready yet.

Amrutham Telugu Serial Cast
  • Gundu Hanumantha Rao
  • Jhansi
  • Ragini
  • Sivaji Raja
  • Inturi Vasu
  • Sivannarayana

Icchapurapu Ksheera Sagara Panchamrutha Rao (a.k.a. Amrutham, played by Sivaji Raja (Episodes 1-55), Naresh (Episodes 63-105) and Harsha Vardhan (Episodes 110-313)) is the main character of the series. He is a naive, gullible middle-aged man. He owns a restaurant called Amrutha Vilas (renamed to New Amrutha Vilas, New Amrutha Terrace Vilas, Pizza Dhaba and New Amrutha New Vilas at later points in the serial) in Hyderabad. He dreams of making it big with his restaurant business but each "innovative" step he takes towards that only ends up in losses or at best, breaking even.

Aamudaala Anjaneyulu (a.k.a. Anji, played by Gundu Hanumantha Rao) is Amrutham's friend, business partner & chef in their hotel. He is a sharp yet gullible middle-aged man. He stays next to Amrutham's residence and is a family friend. He gives a lot of out-of-the-box ideas to improve the business. Often, they end up in a disaster.

Sanjeevini (a.k.a. Sanju, played by Jhansi, Uma Mahanti, Supraja, Anita Chowdary in different episodes) is Amrutham's wife. She is a house-wife and occasionally helps Amrutham run the business. She is ambitious and smart. She mostly stays in her native village to take care of their son.

Aamudaala Santha (a.k.a. Santha, played by Ragini) is Anji's wife. Their son, Maruthi, studies in another town. She is an employee in the AG office and occasionally helps Anji & Amrutham to run the business. She is ambitious and smart.

Gongali Appaji (a.k.a. Appaji, played by Sivannarayana) is the owner of all the houses that Amrutham runs the restaurant in. He is an annoying miser who imposes unreasonable and unlawful penalties on his tenants. He does not let his wife cook at his home and takes parcels from Amrutha Vilas for free by virtue of being the owner of the house. He wears colorful clothes and a gold coated wide belt. The belt is unique and passed on as an heirloom in his family. It is often a point of fun in the serial. In the 282nd episode titled "Belt Bhagavatam", it is revealed that anyone who touches the belt becomes cruel, selfish and sadistic.

Sarveswaran (a.k.a. Sarvam, played by Vasu Inturi) is an all-rounder at the restaurant. He cooks, serves, cleans and occasionally handles the cash register. He comes from Tamil Nadu and has a distinct Tamil accent of Telugu. He is a huge fan of Rajinikanth and is very loyal to Amrutham. He is very innocent and gullible too. He falls in love with Appaji's daughter, Umadevi.

Parandhamayya (played by Devadas Kanakala) is Amrutham's father-in-law. He is a noted political figure in his town and an agriculturist. He dislikes his son-in-law for his inability to properly perform any task assigned to him. He keeps his daughter and grandson with him to protect them from the problems that Amrutham invites.

Padmini (a.k.a. Paddu, played by Swati), is the younger daughter of Parandhamayya. She is very smart and unmarried. For a while, she stays with her sister and brother-in-law while studying in a university.

Sundaram is a server who joins Amrutha Vilas when Sarvam dreams of going to Canada. Although Sarvam does not go to Canada, Sundaram continues to stay there until the last episode. Sundaram is from

Srikakulam and has a strong Srikakulam accent. He is gullible like Sarvam and is devoted to him.

Ambhujanabham (a.k.a. Avvula Ambhujanabham, played by Shivasri Kanchi) is Amrutham's boss from his old company, he is rude, and very fond of food. He stays in Amrutha Vilas for some episodes because he loses his job because of Amrutham and Anji.

Umadevi (played by Bhargavi) is the only daughter of Appaji and lover of Sarvam. Appaji, who doesn't approve of her love for Sarvam, always tries to separate Sarvam and Umadevi.

Rubber Balaji is a cousin of Amrutham and a TV serial director. Direction is his passion and his "Veyipudakalu" TV serial becomes a big hit.

Amrutham Serial Crew
As many as 11 directors debuted with this serial. Chandra Sekhar Yeleti, who debuted with this serial, became a noted director with critically acclaimed movies like Aithe, Sahasam, Anukokunda Oka Roju and Manamantha. Vasu Inturi, who acted as Sarvam in the serial, directed many of the episodes in the serial.

TV Serial Name : Amrutham
TV Channel Name : Zee Telugu
Launching Date : 18 November 2001 (India)
Days : Mon-Sat
Show Timing : 08.00pm
Genre : Comedy
Available on: Zee Telugu

Negative Reviews:

Positive Reviews:

  • The word Amrutham means holy water which can make us immortal. This comedy show can't make but will give enough entertainment. This is the only comedy show I have ever seen, without any worst double meaning jokes which are common in other shows, So we can give Universal certificate to this show and anybody can see and enjoy. Although some episode concepts are copies from Mr.Bean, but they used them very well.
  • The story is based on two middle class families and their owner. The two families have a common Hotel business. To get profits and to earn money those guys will try new thing and finally they will end up in opposite. In between they will get punishments and penalties from their owner. The two families will have a worker with them, who will add extra flavor to the show. But this show is in Telugu language. It will be great if somebody will dub this into English, so people on planet will have a great comedy show like Mr.Bean.
  • I remember seeing the tv serial throw my bedsheet peephole while my parents were watching as my parents forced me to sleep early. If i remember the things i used to watch in my childhood Amrutham comes into my mind first. What an amazing those were. I am very glad that the makers have kept each and every episode in youtube. You will.never get bored of seeing such a great actors with great comic timing. I badly want someone to dub this into other languages from telugu .
  • The best ever sitcom I have seen. It is not just a serial it is part our life. Gundu hanumantha Rao is a legend from the serial. Writings play key role in the entire series. Thanks Gunnam gangaraju garu for an epic. Respect to Gundu hanumantha Rao garu for rejecting other movies and purely dedicated to the serial.

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