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TOP 10 Biggest Remedies for Lyme disease

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Default TOP 10 Biggest Remedies for Lyme disease

Lyme disease is one of the common summer problems. It results in fever, joint pain, muscle pain and more. Treat the infection with the help of these natural remedies at home.

Lyme disease is a common summer health problem characterized by skin rashes. In this condition, the rashes develop in a bull’s eye pattern. which may develop in summer. Lyme disease is accompanied by fever, joint pain, muscle pain, fatigue, sore throat and vision issues. Caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi, this condition is transmitted to human beings by black-legged ticks like. In order to transmit the infection, a tick has to be present on your skin for as long as 24-48 hours. So, you won't get infected if you get rid of the tick on time. But if it stays and you aren’t aware of it, the symptoms will manifest and you may need treatment and they may not go easily. Before you pick up your phone for a doctor’s appointment, opt for these natural remedies which include slight changes in your diet and sleeping patterns. Follow these tips to you ward of lyme disease.

Go for for ashwagandha: It has anti-spirochete capacities, meaning, this herb can directly prevent the spread of specific types of bacteria. You can either use ashwagandha by applying it on the affected area of the bite or you can include it in your diet for natural healing of your body.

Opt for olive leaf: Olive leaf has antiviral and antibacterial properties which may prove to be very effective against this type of virus. It can ward off the bacteria before it can spread and worsen the condition.

Get proper sleep: Your snooze time may be affected if you are suffering with lyme disease. This may lead to disbalanced metabolism and circadian rhythms, weakening the immune system. Therefore, catch up on sleep by having foods like almonds, kiwi, fatty fish, walnuts, etc.

Eat mushrooms: Mushrooms are age-old foods which are being used to reduce inflammation. Include mushrooms in your diet to get rid of the lyme diease. Also protein-rich and lean foods like nuts, seeds, fish oils and fruits like kiwi, blackberry, g****fruit etc can help the body stay packed with nutrients to fight the health condition.

Load up on vitamin C-rich foods: Lyme disease attacks the body’s immunity. Therefore, consume plenty of vitamin C-rich foods like astragalus, olive leaf, probiotic foods, and elderberry for an immediate boost to your immune system so it can help eliminate the bacteria directly.

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