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How to Roll Up Shirt Sleeves

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Default How to Roll Up Shirt Sleeves

Rolling up your shirt sleeves is a great way to give your outfit a casual, effortless vibe or cool off when itís hot outside. Whether youíre going for something classic or trendy, rolling up cuffed shirt sleeves is easy once you know what to do. You can even roll up t-shirt and sweater sleeves and secure them with rubber bands or safety pins so theyíre not sliding down your arms all day.


EditClassic Cuffed Shirt Roll

  1. Un****on all of the ****ons on the cuff of your shirt. Depending on the ****on-up shirt or blouse youíre wearing, there may be 2 or 3 ****ons. If thereís a ****on higher up on the sleeve, un****on it too.[1]
    • Un****oning the cuff ****ons will prevent your sleeves from being too tight when you roll them up.
  2. Fold the cuff over once. Fold along the line that separates the cuff from the rest of your sleeve. If youíre folding a stiff dress shirt, avoid folding the cuff in half before folding it over since youíll crease the cuff and have a hard time getting it out later.[2]
    • If your shirtís made of a softer fabric, you can fold the cuff in half before folding it over onto the sleeve to make your roll thinner, depending on your preference.
  3. Fold the cuff over again to start the roll. The cuff should stay in place now, and you should see the beginning of your sleeve roll. Fold carefully to prevent any lumps and wrinkles.[3]
  4. Repeat the process until you reach your mid or upper forearm. Avoid stopping before you reach the middle of your forearm or else your roll might be too loose. On the other hand, donít roll your sleeve up above your elbow or it may look too bulky.[4]
  5. Roll up your other sleeve in the same way. Make sure you roll both sleeves up to the same point so they look symmetrical. Also, if you folded the cuff in half before rolling up your first sleeve, do the same on your other sleeve so they match.[5]
EditExposed Cuff Roll

  1. Un****on each ****on on your sleeve cuff. Avoid leaving them ****oned since it will make your sleeve roll too tight. Make sure you get all of the ****ons, including any that are higher up on the sleeve.[6]
  2. Fold the cuff all the way up until itís about above your elbow. It doesnít need to be precise, but make sure the cuff itself is completely above your elbow and resting on your bicep. Your shirt sleeve should be inside out at this point.[7]
    • Your elbow should still be covered by some of the fabric below the cuff. If it isnít, you may have folded the cuff too high up your arm.
  3. Roll the bottom edge of your sleeve up over the cuff. Donít cover the cuff completely. You want about of it peeking out of the top of the roll. The bottom of the roll should fall just below your elbow.[8]
    • You can leave more or less of the cuff exposed, depending on your preference.
  4. Repeat the process with your other shirt sleeve. Bring the cuff up to the same point as you did on your other sleeve so your sleeves match. Also, make sure the same amount of cuff is poking out of the roll on each side.[9]
    • Look at your sleeves in a mirror when you're finished and make adjustments if necessary.
EditT-Shirt Sleeve Roll

  1. Fold up the hem of your t-shirt sleeve. Make the fold along the line that separates the hem from the rest of your sleeve. Depending on how thick your t-shirt is, you may need to hold the hem in place after you fold it up.[10]
    • If youíre wearing a t-shirt that doesnít have hemmed sleeves, just fold the edge of the sleeve up about .
  2. Continue to roll up your sleeve until itís as long as you want it. Try to make each roll the same width as the hem of your sleeve so the roll lays as flat and evenly as possible.
    • The length you make your sleeves is a matter of preference. For big, boxy t-shirts, you may need to roll up the sleeves more than you would for a small, fitted t-shirt.
    • If youíre wearing a t-shirt made out of a thick, stiff fabric, your sleeves might stay up on their own. Otherwise, you may need to secure them in place.
  3. Use a safety pin to hold your sleeve in place if it doesnít stay rolled up. Start by taking a small safety pin and inserting it through one of the inner layers of the roll. Then, pass the safety pin through your sleeve and close it to hold the roll in place.[11]
    • Attach the safety pin to the part of your sleeve that rests over your armpit so itís hidden.
  4. Try securing the roll with a rubber band if you donít have a safety pin. To use a rubber band, start by unrolling your t-shirt sleeve to expose the hem. Then, wrap a rubber band over your sleeve and bicep so itís lined up with the top edge of the hem. Finally, roll your sleeve up as normal. The rubber band will hold your sleeve in place so it doesnít unroll.[12]
    • You can also use a hair tie in place of a rubber band.
    • Make sure the band you use is big enough to not cut off your circulation when youíre wearing it. If it feels uncomfortably tight, look for something bigger.
  5. Do the same thing with your other sleeve. Roll it up to the same point on your arm so your sleeves match. If you used a safety pin or rubber band to secure the roll on your other sleeve, do the same thing on this sleeve.
EditSweater Sleeve Roll

  1. Get 2 rubber bands or hair ties. Look for ones that can fit comfortably around your forearm without cutting off your circulation. Just make sure theyíre tight enough to stay in place.[13]
    • If youíre trying to roll up the sleeves on a tight sweater, you may not need rubber bands or hair ties to hold them in place.
  2. Wrap one of the bands over your sweater sleeve and forearm. Position it so itís slightly lower than the middle of your forearm. Donít worry if your sweater bunches around the bandóit will be hidden.[14]
    • If the band feels too tight, look for something bigger so your arm doesn't end up hurting later on.
  3. Roll the end of your sleeve up over the band. Bring the end of the sleeve up far enough so that the fold lines up with the rubber band underneath it.[15]
    • If the roll is too big, try moving the band closer to your wrist. If itís too small, move the band higher up on your forearm.
  4. Continue to roll your sleeve up until youíre satisfied with the length. Try to avoid going above your elbow, especially if your sweater is large and thick, or the roll might look too bulky. When youíre finished, the band should hold your sleeve in place so it doesnít slide down your arm throughout the day.[16]
  5. Repeat the steps with your other sweater sleeve. Position the band at the same point on your forearm so your sleeves are symmetrical. Then, roll up your sleeve to the same point on your arm as you did with the other one so theyíre the same length.
    • It might be helpful to look in a mirror to see if both of your sweater sleeves look the same.
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