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Mumbai boys are good looking but not the girls - Anmol and Shambhavi

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Old 12-28-2008, 05:32 AM
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Default Mumbai boys are good looking but not the girls - Anmol and Shambhavi

Remember Anmol and Shambhavi? The feisty girls of Roadies 5.0 who had stolen the limelight with their wicked and often controversial ways. The girls from Delhi are back on MTV with a brand new show Gtalk where they will chat about every thing. So, whether itís gossiping aunties, spurned suitors or wild cats, trust Anmol and Shambhavi to spice up such tales.

But before they get on with their act, the two VJs have a candid chat with .
How has life been post Roadies?
Shambhavi: We have shifted to Mumbai. It has been amazing. I got a lot from Roadies. Life has changed to a huge extent and not to forget, I have found a lovely friend in Anmol.

Anmol: Post Roadies, we have become famous. People recognize us when we walk on the road and they even ask for our autographs. I have been enjoying all the fame and glory.

What is it like to achieve fame at an early age?

Anmol: We were fortunate to have achieved fame at such a young age. Every teenager would love to be where we are. I wouldnít have asked for more. These are the best years of my life.

Shambhavi: I was only eighteen, when I participated in Roadies 5.0. I was the youngest Roadie. Now at the age of nineteen, I am staying away from home all on my own. Handling all this at a young age gives a sense of achievement.

The two of you were together in Roadies 5.0 and now in Gtalk. Donít you fear being labelled as a package?

Anmol: Yeah, this thought had come to my mind since we are always seen together. It is not just television, but weíre together in real life too. We live together, we party together and we shop together. We are always glued to each other. Some people call us twin sisters.

Shambhavi: I donít think that we will be considered as a package. We are two different individuals and we canít be labeled as a package.

Did you receive any training on anchoring before starting with Gtalk?

Shambhavi: I did not need any training as I am already camera friendly and we just had to be natural on the show.

Anmol: We donít really have to do anchoring. We just have to be ourselves, so there was no need for any kind of training.
Are you briefed about the topics that you discuss on Gtalk and is it really shot at one go?
Anmol: We choose a topic and discuss it among ourselves and the producer. If all of us find the topic to be interesting and nice, we go ahead to talk about it on the show. And it is shot at one go.

Shambhavi: We are not given any scripts. As the camera starts rolling, we start talking about the decided topic and just go with the flow.

Who is the boy in your life?

Anmol: I am dating a boy since past four years. We used to study in the same school. My parents are aware of my relationship with him and they just love him. But I do not want to reveal his name.

Shambhavi: I too am seeing someone. He is from Mumbai. I started dating him post Roadies and it has been eleven months. I have not yet told my parents about him but I guess they suspect it.

In the past, there has been a friction between the two of you in Roadies. Has that happened again?

Shambhavi: At that time we were friends but not good friends. Now we are good friends and we do not fight.

Anmol: We were a part of a reality show where such frictions are inevitable. But we have never fought post Roadies. We spend so much time together. We crack jokes, laugh and have fun but there is never any friction.

Who contributes more to the household chores?

Anmol: Shambhavi contributes more. She is more responsible when it comes to managing household chores. She is such a sweet girl.
What do you have to say about the boys in Mumbai?
Anmol: Mumbai boys are good looking but not the girls. We hardly find good looking girls in Mumbai.

Shambhavi: The boys in Mumbai are better looking than the Delhi boys. But when it comes to girls, I feel that Delhi has beautiful looking girls compared to Mumbai.

A VJ on MTV with whom you would like to work?

Anmol: Cyrus Barocha because he is so much fun. He is naturally funny. He has a positive energy in him and a great sense of humour.

Shambhavi: Cyrus Sahukar. Simply because he is tall and I like being next to a tall boy.

Is it true that you two donít gel with VJ Bani Jay?

Anmol: Earlier, I had a small misunderstanding with her which has got cleared now. I do not have any issues with her anymore.

Shambhavi: I donít know who this Bani Jay is.

Like Shambhavi, are you also planning to act in films?

Anmol: I never plan. At the moment, I am happy doing Gtalk and I do not want to think of the future. Letís see what life has in store for me. Anything can come your way. You never know.
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