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The Art of Winning heart in LPB – Brides!!!!!

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Old 12-01-2009, 06:59 PM
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Default The Art of Winning heart in LPB – Brides!!!!!

Every one of us likes to be a favorite of those around us and are very happy when we know that we have won other people’s hearts. Here are a few ways (or rather ideas) which the contestants of Perfect Bride have taught us to win people’s heart!!!!

Winner of Perfect Bride

Disclaimer: These are just viewpoints from the show and hold no guarantee of 100% effectiveness.

Priyanka: Bharathiya Bahu

This girl has won not only the heart of her beloved but the mentors of the show, organizers of the show and the whole India as she has been made the Bride of the week the most number of times. She has accomplished this task by well being Emotional girl! yup that s word for her she gets easily attached to people is a motherless girl looking for the love of a mother in her in-laws at same time is protective of her family (sister and brother). She has captured the most prized groom in the show with her innocent and vulnerable looks (No complaints…) and he is totally smitten with her except for the hitch of his parents (read father) agreeing (???? whole hearted acceptance!!!!).

She is so emotional that she seems to be crying for almost each and everything and some of her critics have named her as a cry baby. There have been moments when her tears just poured forth when most of the others wonder why???? Remember when she was standing on the verge of elimination along with Nandita and Sudesh Rani eliminated Nandita (shouldn't she be relieved????) and well crying when Pooja and Silkina were eliminated when she never seemed really close to either of them.

But on the other side her fans feel she has her heart on the right place and is not too demanding or goading kind of girl, she likes Rajbeer wants to marry him and is the typical docile bahu that we see in the television soaps and actually want our wife/bahu too be. She is ready to keep Karva Chauth for Rajbeer and during troubled times takes the pain to go to the temple with him wants the elders permission to marry and has vowed to marry only when they agree.

So she has won hearts of the audience and been the favorite of many most importantly she has won Rajbeer’s and his Mom’s heart…which seemed to be the aim of the show. But the fact remains that she is trying to do all that just by shedding loads and loads of tears. She started her aloofness after she eliminated Gaurav and picked the first fight with Rumpa. After that we see her crying for most of the issues and repeatedly talking about leaving the show and feeling lonely to Rajbeer (Except for a couple of weeks when focus was totally on Pooja Hitesh and Rumpa and the week when Rajbeer came back).

With or without tears she seems to be the audience favorite at least because she has the heart throb of the show as her beau and her emotional self, respect for family values and traditional bahu that seems to be, she has fair chances of wining.

Rumpa Roy: Smart bahu

One girl who is a wonder to all of us and was everybody’s favorite but well she seems to have won hearts by doing things on impulse (or grabbing opportunity as it comes). When Rumpa came she was liked by most of the guys and audience, she seemed to be very innocent and all the Kunwars favorite, when asked about the second option for date Vivek , Gaurav and Hitesh (of course now his first and only choice) seemed to like her. Then suddenly bang came the change her heart throb Gaurav was eliminated.

We all can remember her famous Om Shanti OM dialogue and her declaration of love to Gaurav on the dais. Nor can we forget the way she picked fight with Priyanka and the earlier episode where she declared she has nothing left on the show if Gaurav is eliminated. The weeks that followed had just glimpses of her mainly when she was with Sudesh ji (the mother/owner of the house!!!!) we could see her ****ering Sudesh ji which we thought was just a way of survival but then bang Pooja is out of the Hitesh – Sudesh family and Rumpa walks in fully eqipped.

We realize these days of hibernation have been her real preparation for war when the strong contestants of the show, were being eliminated. She became the most strong and dominating mother’s pet bahu and her son’s beau. Suddenly we see a totally different side of her, She becomes bride of the week is very confident and now very vocal about her feelings, she seems ready to marry and asks her mom and dad to agree to it but feels insecure when feels insecure when Raj returns. She also seems more vocal about her love to Hitesh than she has been ever to Gaurav.

She is taken as the second option when Pooja ditches Hitesh and they are totally committed and to the extent of talking about kids. She along with Hitesh seems very comfortable and can no longer be called innocent she knows what she wants and goes for it. She doesn’t seem pretentious in her relation ship and their romance is very fresh and has won the Romantic Jodi a couple of times now. Not only that she has now became a totally dominating girl who speaks to elders (read Vivek’s mom) without respect and spends most of her time backstabbing and *****ing about those whom she feels stand between her and her title (Priyanka and Pooja).

Her drama of insecurity and *****ing of Pooja worked very well as Pooja was eliminated out of the show. Now we need to see if her if she can maintain the same way to remove Priyanka. Anyways we already see her openly cornering Priyanka and Priyanka wants to leave…so probably she is hoping for an easier way out by driving Priyanka out as probably Priyanka may win the title as she is the audience favorite.

Innocent or smart, docile daughter in law but dominating bride of the week…*****ing on others or being totally committed to Hitesh she seems to be on the winning party’s side with almost all set for the marriage…She could very well be taking the crown and marrying on the show.

Gurpreet Kaur: The beautiful bride without groom.

If beauty and talent means being liked by one and all Gurpreet would no doubt have been the owner of this title. But sadly it isn’t so. The initial weeks were glorious weeks for her with her winning the tasks (Rangoli, Cooking, Fashion…) and the time she spent with Yash captured our heart and they were one of the best suited couple in the show they looked perfect for each other but then came the downfalls one by one…Yash’s mom cannot accept her as a bahu (for reasons only god knows) and the was drama built to a peak and brought both the couple’s relationship and Gurpreet down by her emotional outburst in the show with repeated shouting which broke Yash’s mom to tears.

The damage remained irreparable both with Yash and the audience even after her repeated apologies and confession that she is a bit immature (????). Now with nearly three months into the show she is now a strong contestant without a partner…she herself is confused on what she wants and why she is staying in the show. She is eliminated and wishes Yash luck when she leaves comes back the same week and wants him to reconsider when he has clearly called it quits and she herself has talked about better option. She breaks down to tears if someone else meets Yash or shows interest in him.

She names Vivek’s as a prospective husband and the next day she changes her mind and says he is just a good person and cannot see him as a husband thus confusing everybody and hurting many. She thinks that she can very well shout and insult anybody on the show and make amends by apologizing and saying that she is immature and she didn’t meant it. Being on the strong side (with Sudesh Rani) she knows she is safe from the elimination at least until the choice is left between Rumpa and her so she is doing all she can let her frustration out right from *****ing and backstabbing (Pooja to Priyanka).

Gurpreet the beautiful and talented girl who had all the qualities of a prefect bride now seems totally lost about the direction she is heading in the show. She is the strongest contender and is not for unfortunate episode of Ysah’s mom rejecting her and the drama that followed taken place she could easily have beat both her “friend” and “fiend” and taken the title with ease.

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