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Manav and Archana to rescue Laali

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Default Manav and Archana to rescue Laali

Manav (Sushant Singh Rajput) and Archana (Ankita Lokhande) of Pavitra Rishta will appear in Agle Janam Mohe Betiya Hi Kijo’s special episode. Sushant gave us details about it.

The couple will play Lord Ram and Goddess Sita in the show.” The sequence is like this, that Laali is in trouble and Ranvijay’s track is like Ravan ,so both of us will come in the show to help Laali.It was fun shooting for these scenes as they will show these track simultaneously. I got this chance to play Ram after a long time.”

Sushant and Ankita shot for the show in this week itself,” It was kind of deja vu for me because in Delhi I was doing this three years back. I would often take a part in Ramleela. It was nice to remember all those days, this track will have relevance in Laali’s life.”

The special episode will be telecast on Saturday at 8.30pm where it will be shown that Siddheshwari will be fooled by Ranvijay who will ask her to get Laali out of her room.Shekhar has already warned her not to leave her room.

But Siddheshwari will manage to bring her out and then Ranvijay will try to **** her by taking her away from the house and then everyone will start blaming Siddheshwari for this.Shekhar will be furious to
know all this and he too will be angry with Siddheshwari.

About the show:
  • Pavitra Rishta is an Indian daily soap opera that airs on Zee TV. The series premiered on 1 June 2009 – 25 October 2014 and is produced by Indian television's soap queen Ekta Kapoor of Balaji Telefilms. The series is a remake of a very popular Tamil television serial, "Thirumathi Selvam" and has received the "Special Jury Award" at Seoul International Drama Awards 2010.

Story, Plot:
  • The story is based on the life of a middle-class Maharashtrian girl Archana, who makes every attempt to win over her estranged husband and the love of her in-laws. She has hard times in her life.
Unknown Facts:
  • The show's time slot was changed from 21:00 to 18:30 in April 2014 and the 21:00 slot was taken by Kumkum Bhagya, also produced by Ekta Kapoor.
  • Sushant Singh Rajput who was playing parallel lead in Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil of StarPlus was cast as Manav. Zee TV did not accept him for casting as Manav as he was a parallel lead of the show in their rival channel. But Producer Ekta Kapoor convinced the channel to accept him. In November 2011 Rajput quit the series and was replaced by Hiten Tejwani. However, during the final of the series on 25 October 2014, Tejwani paved way for Rajput who appeared in the final episode as Manav.
  • Around the late 2008, producer Ekta Kapoor and her production house Balaji Telefilms declined when the ratings and popularity of all her hit soaps of 2000s decreased and were axed and also when newly launched ones performed poorly. Since then most channels did not accept her to work. It was due to the chance given by Zee TV for this series, the career of Kapoor and her production house was revived when it became one of the top-rated Hindi television programs
  • Pavitra Rishta received several awards and nominations. Lokhande and Rajput received multiple awards for their roles Archana and Manav in the Best Actress and Best Actor categories, as has Nadkarni in the Best Negative Actress category and Ekta Kapoor in the Best Serial category.
Star Cast
  • Archana Karanjkar Deshmukh (Ankita Lokhande) - is the main character of Pavitra Rishta, whose age is 27 years. She is an uneducated girl, a bane barrier in her marriage. She handles all the chores of her house and makes her mother comfortable. She was married to Manav but due to unfavourable circumstances got divorced. She leaves for Bangalore and comes back after 1 year, completing her education. She worked as supervisor in Satish & Dharmesh's company and was engaged to co-worker Jaywant due to her family's wish that she move on. satish finds out the truth about jaywant being a bad guy and tells archana.She has now got remarried to Manav who she loves. For a while, she was hated by her sisters for re-marrying Manav.
  • Manav Deshmukh (Sushant Singh Rajput) - is the leading male character. He is about 29 years old. He works as a mechanic in a garage whole day to earn a living for his family. He too is not a much educated guy. He has no dreams of his own. He only dreams of earning & supporting his family financially. He loves Archana, but had to divorce her. He later gets a job in Satish & Dharmesh's company with Archana as his supervisor. He finds out the truth about jaywant and later reunites with archana.
  • Sulochana Karanjkar (Savita Prabhune) - is a central character of the show, whose age is about 55 years. She is Archana's mother and being that loves and cares for her including her other two daughters.
  • Manohar Karanjkar (Kishor Govind Mahabole) - is 56 year old father of Archana. He too loves his daughters and can go to any limit to protect their happiness. He undoubtedly is an ideal dad.
  • Varsha Joshi (Priya Marathe)- is 25 year old sister of Archana. She is married to Satish. At first her married life seemed threatened when her ex-beau Ashwin started blackmailing her but everything now is at peace. She is a career woman, but took off work for 2 years after her marriage and is now adamant on returning which is why she doesn't want to have a baby, much to her mother-in-law's dismay. However after receiving an interview, she discovers she is pregnant. Later she has an abortion which creates problems with her sasural but satish forgives her at Archana's house. Varsha has had problems after her abortion and doctor has told Satish that Varsha can never be pregnant again. Varsha is shattered after hearing this, she overhears this in a conversation between Vaishali and Archana.
  • Vaishali Jaipurwala (Prarthana Behere) - is the youngest sister of Archana whose age is 23 years. She always supports Archana and her mother just like Varsha. She is now married to Dharmesh Jaipurwala, Satish's business partner. Vaishali finds out of Dharmesh's secret marriage and is shattered.
  • Vinod Karanjkar (Parag Tyagi) - is Archana's brother, who is about 32 years old. He is married to Manjusha. He earns very low in his house. He has two daughters. Because of Manjusha's desire who can't seem to fit in a joint family, he shifted out in a separate flat. He has returned back to his parents' home now. He is often influenced by his wife and participates in humiliating Manav. Archana severes ties with him after knowing that Manjusha accused Manav of stealing money. He is naive and stupid and always supports Manjusha not knowing of her hidden motives.
  • Manjusha Karanjkar (Swati Anand) - is about 31 year old sister-in-law of Archana. She has very unoptimistic approach towards mother-in-law and Vinod’s sisters. She always gets into fights with Sulochana because she refuses to believe the wrongs said against her mother and brother. She also believes that everyone in the house blames her for their deeds. She always cooks some devious plans to hurt Vinod's family and has been exposed so many times. Her in-laws always forgive her and hope that she will improve. She particularly despises Manav and Archana. Manjusha is a greedy woman and ultimately wants her in-laws assets to herself alone. She tried to frame Manav for stealing 100,000 rupees from Vinod. Later she is exposed by Archana and told to leave the house. She then comes back but everyone is still mad.
  • Sachin Deshmukh (Raj Singh) - Manav's younger brother. He loved Shravani, but he died in an accident. He has a son with Shravani, named Sachin. Sachin junior is staying with Savita Deshmukh after Shravani left to USA.
  • Damodar Deshmukh (Ajay Wadavkar) - Manav's father. He loves his wife Savita but quarrels with her all the time. He is happy now that Archana and Manav have reunited.
  • Savita Deshmukh (Usha Nadkarni) - Manav's mother. She loves her family quite a bit. She initially hated Archana and desperately wanted Manav to divorce her and marry Shravani, but later she started loving Archana like her own daughter. She is the one affected much by their divorce. Now that Manav got re-married to Archana, she hates Archana again, and drives them out of the house. She has gotten more greedy as shown when she takes Sachin(baby) from Shravani. She only seems bad on the exterior which is mainly due to her greediness for money, but otherwise she loves her family and acts the way she does for no apparent reason.
  • Vandita Lokhande (Yamini Thakur) - Manav's sister. Ajit molests her and then in public tells everyone that he ****d her. She gets married to him because he and his mother blackmailed her into it. Ajit even beat her at times. But after the year skipped we saw that Ajit respects her a lot and tries to be nice with her. Vandita has also been instrumental in managing their family when they suffered poor times. Ajit is now supportive of Vandita, and also making her complete her studies.
  • Shravani Mahadik(Pooja Pihal) - She loved Sachin. After his accident she learns that she's pregnant. With Savita's suggestion, she decides to marry Manav after his divorce. She falls in love with Manav and tries to separate him whole-heartedly from Archana. Because of the death of Manav's uncle at their wedding day, they didn't get married. After realizing that Manav, Archana and herself won't be happy if she married Manav, she broke off the marriage and sacrificed her love. She has a son named Sachin who was taken away from her by Savita. She has now moved to live in the US.
  • Satish Joshi (Anurag Sharma) - Loves Varsha and married her. He tries to help everyone in his family who has problems. He still supports Varsha after finding out about her affair with his brother-in-law. Ashwin.After Ashwin said a lie about Varsha that she still loves him despite him being married, Varsha's whole family went against her. Only Satish defended her, thinking she is innocent. Satish then meets one of Varsha's former friend and accomplice of Ashwin, Rashmi, and gathered evidence against his brother-in-law. He then shows the evidence to his older sister Urmilla, Ashwin's wife,and Urmilla severe ties with Ashwin. He was originally supposed to marry Varsha's older sister, Archana. He is also one of the few characters who supports and understands Manav.
  • Dharmesh Jaipurwala (Sumit Arora) - Dharmesh is the husband of Archana's youngest sister, Vaishaili. He is Satish's business partner. He fell in love with Vaishaili and proposed to her in front of her parents. He is very strict in his business principles and refuses to let his relationships or feelings get in the way of his business. He wants his sister-in-law, Archana to forget Manav and move on with her life and suggests her marriage to Jaywant. He wears glasses, has a paunch and is kind of a jerk. He also has another secret relationship (second wife and child) out of this marriage, who live in Pune. He can drop to any level to protect his skin.
  • Madhuri Dharmesh Jaipurwala (Divjot Sabarwal) - Madhuri is Dharmesh's first wife. They have been married secretly long before Dharmesh got married to Vaishali. Dharmesh's parents as well as Vaishali and her family are oblivious of this prior relationship. However Madhuri is all aware of Dharmesh's second marriage and life in Mumbai. Madhuri lives in Pune with her son Varun. She is a simple woman, who has accepted this way of life, that she has to live alone despite having a husband. She only wants her ill child to become healthy, after which she intends to walk out of Dharmesh's life forever.
  • Varun Dharmesh Jaipurwala - Varun is Dharmesh and Madhuri's son. Varun is often hospitalized due to his health problems. The doctors have said that they can do bone marrow transplant from Varun's sibling, which can save Varun's life. Madhuri hence comes to Mumbai to meet Dharmesh to ask for a second child, in order to save Varun's life.
  • Rasika Lokhande (Smita Oak) - Manjusha's and Ajit's mother. Hates everyone apart from her children. She is a very vengeful person and wants to ruin the lives of Achana, Manav and their families. In one episode,Savita yelled at her for burning Vandita's hand.
  • Ajit Lokhande (Pankaj Vishnu) - was an evil soul. He was the main reason for the divorce between Manav and Archana. Later he molested Vandita and tricked her into marrying him. Thus getting closer to Manav and Archana's famiy and ruining them for personal reasons. That was a year ago. Now he has transformed into a good being and is very supportive of Manav. He and Vandita try to help Manav for getting back with Archana.
  • Jaywant Rane (Mahesh Shetty) - portrays the villain. He is Archana's second fiance. He plans to marry Archana only to win his court case and later kick archana out of his house 1 year later after he gets all his advantages. But Satish finds out the truth on the wedding day by accident and tells Archana to marry Manav instead. At the wedding time Archana is nowhere to be found as she flees to marry Manav. He is very insulted by this incident and wants to separate Manav and Archana. He is copiously making plans with Manjusha to help him implement them
  • Ashwin Sagar (Amit Sareen) - Varsha's old boss & ex-beau who blackmails her and sinfully loves her even though she is married & he himself too. Both Ashwin and Varsha used to love each other. When Manav find the truth that Ashwin is married, he confronted him and threatened him that he'll the truth to Varsha. Ashwin then threatened Manav that he'll face his wrath if he pokes into his business. When Manav told everything to Varsha about Ashwin, Varsha didn't believe him but she started worrying. Rashmi, one of Ashwin's associates, tells Ashwin what Manav told Varsha and is ordered to take control of the situation. When Varsha finds a letter which contain the flight ticket of Urmila Sagar, she is suspicious and then went to the airport, finding out Ashwin is already married. He then was caught by Varsha with his wife and tries to pacify her after knowing the truth. Varsha breaks off all ties with him but he comes back as her brother-in-law. Ashwin claims that he still loves Varsha even though Ashwin and Varsha are married. He then badmouths Varsha and turned the whole family against her. Satish only supported her and exposed his true intentions to his sister, Urmila, who divorced Ashwin. Ashwin isn't seen again.
  • Urmila Sagar (Ashlesha Sawant) - Ashwin's wife and Satish's older sister. She divorced Ashwin and apologized to Varsha and others for his behaviour.
Summary, Leaps:
  • Archana's mother Sulochana fixes her marriage with Manav Deshmukh as Manjusha(Archana's sister-in-law) creates a misunderstanding that Manav is a mechanical engineer who owns a garage. Finally, Archana and Manav marry and her family learns that Manav is a mere mechanic.Gradually, Archana and Manav fall in love with each other.Manav's younger brother Sachin dies in a car accident and his fiancée Shravani is pregnant with his child. Archana and Manav divorce each other so that Sachin and Shravani's to-be-born baby has a bright future. Manav and Shravani's marriage is fixed and Archana leaves Mumbai and completes her higher studies.
  • Two years later: Archana is now educated and returns to Mumbai. Shravani has delivered a boy, too named as Sachin. Sulochana decides to get Archana married to Jaiwant. Coincidentally, Manav and Shravani's marriage falls on the same date of Jaiwant and Archana's wedding. At the last moment, Manav and Archana marry each other and hence unite again. Shravani leaves for abroad gives Junior Sachin to Archana and Manav.
  • Four years later: Manav is now a rich business tycoon. Manav and Archana have a son named Soham. Archana delivers two twin daughters, Ovi and Tejaswini. Archana's childless sister Varsha soon abducts Soham and runs away with him, and they are presumed dead. Manav with his entire family shifts to Canada without Archana, presuming that she does not want to continue their relationship due to savita's conspiracy. Archana adopts an infant girl and names her Purvi.
  • Eighteen years later: Manav has to return to India to finalise their divorce and they are ordered a six-month courtship together before it is passed. The show switches its focus to their children. Ovi is in love with Arjun Kirloskar, while he is in love with Purvi.Soham is found to be alive, and a goon in Bihar. Ovi blackmails Purvi for Archana's acceptance into the family and Purvi sacrifices her love for Arjun, begging him to marry Ovi, and then leaving the city. Meanwhile, Tejaswini finds out about Savita's conspiracy against Archana and Manav and exposes her and they reunite.
  • Six months later: Purvi married Dr. Onir, a famous gynaecologist. Ovi is also pregnant but is having a lot of complications. Onir and Purvi come back to Mumbai to treat Ovi. Unfortunately, Ovi loses her child and Purvi secretly gets her baby switched with Ovi's baby with Onir. But soon her truth is found out and Ovi divorces Arjun. Onir and Purvi also get divorced. Finally, Manav and Archana decide to get Arjun and Purvi married so that their daughter, Pari gets her full family. Soham falls in love with Gauri, his cousin Sachin's fiancée, and on rejection, kidnaps her and runs away. Ovi finds that she's pregnant with Arjun's child, conceived during her marriage with him in a drunken state. Purvi finds out about Ovi's newly born baby, Pia in such a way that she assumes that Arjun has cheated on her. She leaves with her daughter Pari and the family.
  • Twenty years later: Purvi visits Mumbai after 20 years. She comes across Arjun in a business party. After much struggling, she realises the truth of Pia and Ovi but suddenly Arjun realises that he has brain tumor. Arjun- Purvi re-unite.They go to Australia for Arjun's treatment and Pia helps Ovi unite with her parents and her family. (They do not reappear in the show until the ending). The show changes its focus to Ankita and her four younger siblings (Prashant, Maansi, Sonu) who are Soham's children. Ankita marries the mentally challenged Naren Karmarkar. Naren is traumatized after his lover "Ahaana"'s death and he assumes that Ankita is Ahaana. Naren gets much better and they consummate their marriage. On Pari's wedding day, Naren discovers that Pari is Ahaana and he went again in trauma. Now Naren who regains his memory, and expels Ankita from his life and house. Ankita gives birth to their daughter Ashi, but his mother steals the infant to give to Naren and Pari and tells Ankita she was a stillborn.
  • Again Five years later: Pari realises Ankita and Naren still love each other and Ashi is their daughter, and leaves them. Ankita and Naren unite. Purvi and Arjun return to Pari, who accepts both her parents after some time, and they live as a family. Ovi also returns with her daughter Pia and lives with her as a single mother. Manav-Archana, Arjun-Purvi and Ankita-Naren together commemorate their "Pavitra Rishta". However, Manav meets with a fatal accident, and Archana dies of grief. Their souls are shown to be in heaven together expressing their undying love for each other.

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