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21 Offline Marketing Ideas for Your Online Business

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Old 11-09-2009, 05:41 AM
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Default 21 Offline Marketing Ideas for Your Online Business

A lot of us work hard to promote our online business but one thing we might forget is that we can get a lot of traffic by promoting offline as well. Following is a list of ideas you can use to promote your online business, offline.
  • 1. Brochures – Brochures are a great marketing tool because you can provide a lot of information about you and your business. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce and other businesses to see of you can put out your brochures.
  • 2. Newspaper Ads – Run classified ads in some local or not so local newspapers. Remember these points when writing your ads:
  • You must get the reader’s attention.
  • Once you get their attention, you must keep them interested.
  • Turn their interest in desire for your products.
  • Give them a call to action!
  • 3. Radio Ads– Check with popular radio stations to see what they charge for a short ad and make the ad pop as much as possible.
  • 4. Promotional Items – Have your URL printed on caps, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. and give them to as many people as you can to wear. This can be very effective in getting your business known.
  • 5. Postcards – Postcards are very cost effective and versatile. You can announce new items, offer special deals, promote a special business event or announce your website and what types of products/services you offer.
  • 6. Offline Networking – Join your local Chamber of Commerce. Get involved in business clubs and groups and talk about your business whenever possible.
  • 7. Car Signs – These are great products because they allow you to advertise your business wherever you go – family outings, running errands, visiting family, etc!
  • 8. Business Cards – Design your business card wisely. They are no longer just for listing your name and address! Have your business card double as a coupon or gift certificate. Hand them out whenever the opportunity becomes available.
  • 9. Flyers– Distributing flyers is a very affordable way to market your online business. Be sure to specify what service/product you offer and use incentives to get people to ACT NOW.
  • You can also encourage people to pass the word if your products/services can help anyone they know. Parades and other public events are great opportunities for handing out your flyers.
  • 10. TV Ads – TV ads are a bit more expensive but if you have the budget it would definitely be worth looking into.
  • 11. Coupons – Print out coupons and hand them out wherever and whenever you can. Offer special deals, sales discounts, etc. This can lead to many sales and a larger customer base.
  • 12. Freebies and Samples – People love getting things for free. Offer small items as free samples. You have seen grocery stores do this many times. Give a free sample of a good product and you will get more sales!
  • 13. Letterheads – Have your business name and URL on everything that gets mailed out of your office/home. You never know who will be reading it and if they might take an interest in your products/services/opportunity.
  • 14. Catalogs – If possible, have catalogs made and distribute them as much as possible. Use direct mail as well, if you can. Offer x amount of dollars off their first order or a free gift with first order.
  • 15. The Yellow Pages– Get listed in the Yellow Pages so more people can find out who you are and what you offer!
  • 16. Billboards/Signs – We all notice billboards and signs and they can be very effective in increasing your business.
  • 17. Job Fairs – If you offer a good business opportunity, make it known by participating in job fairs and career days.
  • 18. Print Magazines– Purchase advertising or try submitting articles to various print magazines. Getting an article published can do a lot for your online business.
  • 19. Greeting Cards – Send personal greeting cards or even thank you notes to all your customers as well as people who expressed an interest in what you offer. This is guaranteed to make a lasting impression!

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Old 11-09-2009, 05:41 AM
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20. Gift Certificates – Print out gift certificates and distribute them as much as possible. Put them in mailings both personal and business. Work with other businesses to distribute each other’s certificates (complementary not competing businesses).

21. Community Involvement – Getting involved in your community events and activities can be one of the most effective ways to get your business noticed. Volunteer for school activities, work for charities, attend social functions, etc.
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