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Shruti Haasan daughter of Kamal Haasan coming

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Default Shruti Haasan daughter of Kamal Haasan coming

She is a rock star with her own band, Extramentals. She composes, writes and sings her own songs. She is also the daughter of Kamal Haasan.

And like her famous father, it doesn't take long for Shruti Haasan to succumb to the arc lights.
The singer is making her entry into the world of films with Soham's film, Luck, opposite Imran Khan.
In the first part of this exclusive interview taken before she started shooting for Luck, Shruti tells Shobha Warrier how it feels to grow up as Kamal Haasan's daughter.
Being the daughter of Kamal Haasan and Sarika, was it inevitable for you to be in the film industry?
I would say even if I had tried, it would have been impossible for me to escape [being a part of the film industry]. The truth is, I did not want to escape. I always pictured myself as a part of this world.
When did the realisation come to you? Was it when you were very small?
Yes. It was not like saying I wanted to be a singer, dancer or an actor. I found that my dad was very happy with the few things I did. I think all kids feel that way. And I was genuinely interested in being on stage singing and stuff like that when I was in school. I can't really pinpoint when it all began.

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'It was fascinating to see dad act'

What fascinated you about the film industry?
The amount of planning, tension and hard work that go into a project has always fascinated me.
Does the fact that films could make you famous interested you?
I never really thought about that as a kid because even though my parents were friends with people who are well known, they are just friends of my parents. But I always thought being on location was exciting. I also felt the food served there was great! They always took care of me. The locations seemed like a great, great place to be in.
You would go to the sets often?

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Any special visits you can tell us about?
I still carry with me the sound of the generator vans, the smell of make up... All those sights and smells remind me of my childhood. I remember the location of Apoorva Sahodarangal. As a kid, it was an exciting location to be in.
But I cannot remember any particular location. Everything happened so fast and my father would don one character after another. As a kid, it was very hard to tell the difference. But after I grew up, it was fascinating to see dad act. It was a learning experience.
Which is your favourite performance of his?
I like Mahanadi a lot. Then there is Guna, Nayakan, Virumaandi, to name a few.

'I understand the repercussions of following in my father's footsteps'

Do you feel that being Kamal Haasan's daughter has made it easier for you to get into the industry?
Yes, I am not denying that. I do not have to go through the struggles other actors have to go through.
But the truth is, once the ball is set rolling, it doesn't matter who you are. Nobody really cares. And I understand that. Somebody with no connection to the film industry may succeed and somebody with all connections to the industry may not. At the end of the day, nobody will do any favour to my dad by watching his daughter's film. They can very well go watch his movie!
But I am very grateful to be born into this family. I don't take it for granted.

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People also expect a lot from Kamal Haasan's daughter. Does it worry you?
Yes, I realise that people are going to have expectations. Maybe if I had become a doctor, things would have been different. I understand the repercussions of following in my father's footsteps.
Honestly, I don't know how to say this without sounding rude, but I don't care. I have my own expectations. I don't have to agree with the expectations and opinions of others. I have to agree with myself. I feel that is the most important thing.
I understand the implications of me joining cinema. But it doesn't bother me because the implications, to me, are for myself to be a good artiste.
How was it growing up as Kamal Haasan's daughter in Tamil Nadu, where he is revered?
People were really nice to me. On the whole, it was a fantastic experience. Though I did my schooling here, I studied college in Mumbai.

'LA changed me from an unnecessarily cautious person to a responsible, free human being'

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Was it different studying in Mumbai? Were you anonymous?
No, it was not an anonymous existence because dad is known all over the country. Yes, it was different. Here, they love dad like crazy. And there, they admire him for his contribution. Both are good in their own ways. The anonymity came only when I went to America.
Did you enjoy that experience?
I really enjoyed it. I loved it. That was the first time in my life nobody knew who my parents were. I was criticised and appreciated for what I did and that helped me build my own character.
Why did you go to the US to study?
I went there because they have a brilliant musical education. I had a lot of fun in Los Angeles and I learnt a lot about myself.
Was it about discovering yourself?
Definitely. I think for a lot of kids who leave home, it's about that. I never had any problem with freedom even though it comes with a lot of responsibilities. This is what growing up is all about. It is not about coming home past midnight. It is about so many other things like paying bills and sorting out your life. It was really exciting.
How did life as an anonymous student change you as a person?
I was 19 when I went there. So, I was already on the brink of adulthood. I was really anticipating change. The first thing I told myself was not to have any preconceived notion about things.
The thing I learnt the most was that you have one life to live in the way you want to live it. Also, try to avoid hurting people as much as you can. If you miss the shot, you will be on your death bed disappointed about what you missed.
You mean the stay changed your perspective of life?
Yes, absolutely. I changed from an unnecessarily cautious person to a responsible, free human being.
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