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Designing jobs – motivating jobs

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Old 12-19-2008, 02:56 PM
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Default Designing jobs – motivating jobs

The concept of motivating jobs relates to Job design. Job design affects employee productivity, motivation and satisfaction. Job design is a conscious effort to organize tasks, duties and responsibilities into a unit of work to achieve certain objectives. :p>:p>
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How a job design creates a motivating job can be seen with the help of certain components of job design, namely, job rotation, job enlargement, job enrichment, work simplification etc. :p>:p>
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Work simplification simplifies the job by breaking down the job into small parts. Simplified jobs are easy to perform hence employees find it easy to do. Training requirements are reduced and it benefits the organizations in terms of cost. :p>:p>
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Job rotation means movement of employees of job to job across the organization. It improves the intrinsic reward potential of a job because of different s****s and abilities are needed to perform a job. Workers become more competent in several jobs rather than only one. It also improves workers self image, provides personal growth and makes workers more valuable to the organization. Periodic job change can improve inter-departmental cooperation. Employees become more understanding to each other’s problems. Consequently it provides a high level of motivation to employees because jobs itself become motivators. Hence job rotation helps the job become more motivating. :p>:p>
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Job enlargement involves expanding number of tasks or duties assigned to a given job. :p>:p>
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Job enrichment involves improving task efficiency and human satisfaction. Job enrichment provides greater scope for personal achievement and recognition, more challenging and responsible work and more opportunity for individual advancement and growth. An enriched job gives vertical enrichment in the form of more responsibility and autonomy and a horizontal enrichment in the form of variety of tasks and more growth opportunities. The employee does more planning and controlling with less supervision but more self-evaluation. All these factors lead to increased level of motivation and hence make the jobs more motivated. :p>:p>
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Considering above examples, we can say that designing jobs is actually using the relevant and right techniques of job design, like rotation, enrichment, simplifications and make the jobs more motivating to perform. :p>:p>
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So we can say that Designing Jobs is actually creating Motivated Jobs. :p>:p>
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