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TOP 10 Controversies of Namitha Marimuthu (Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Contestant)

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Old 10-03-2021, 01:33 PM
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Default TOP 10 Controversies of Namitha Marimuthu (Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Contestant)

Latest Update:
  • Today Episode:
  • Namitha Marimuthu walks out of the show: It’s official. Bigg Boss Tamil 5 contestant Namitha Marimuthu has walked out of the show. This was confirmed by the announcement made by Bigg Boss himself. The first weekend episode of this season aired on October 9. Earlier, there was buzz that Namitha is quitting the show. The episode began with the official announcement. Bigg Boss said that Namitha Marimuthu has quit the show due to some unavoidable reasons. The housemates and the audience in the hall were shocked on hearing this announcement. Actor and the BB Tamil host welcomed everyone into the show. Kamal said that Namitha Marimuthu narrated a touching story of her life’s history. The housemates alone didn’t give hearts to Namitha. Even the audience and he also were touched by the heart-rending story of Namitha and gave their hearts. Kamal added, “I was thinking that the representation of such a talented person from the transgender community was an important one. But, I learnt from Bigg Boss that she has quit the show due to unavoidable reasons. Namitha has broken all the barriers in her path and has succeeded in her life. I would like to wish her to continue to achieve similar successes in the future also”. Namitha made her entry into the house on the premiere day (October 3) as one of the 18 contestants. By doing so, Namitha made history by becoming the first transgender to feature as a contestant in the Bigg Boss Tamil show’s history. Namitha narrated the horrifying troubles faced by her and the members of the LGBTQ+ community during the ‘Oru Kadhai Sollatuma’ task. She urged everyone to change their mindset towards transgenders. The revelations made by her have definitely touched the souls of almost everyone who watched it.
  • The captain of the vessel washing team, Namitha gets angry at housemates who kept the dirty dishes everywhere. She urges her team members to clean only those utensils, which are kept in the sink.
  • Transgender Namitha Marimuthu is enters the Bigg Boss Tamil 5, It is an honour to welcome this contestant to the stage, says Kamal Haasan welcoming the first transgender contestant of the show, Namitha.
  • Kamal Haasan as he welcomes the first transgender contestant Namitha to the show and he it is an honour to welcome this contestant to the stage. Namitha presents a gift to Kamal, Contestant Namitha gifts a book to the host, written by a transgender IPS office.This opportunity is an honour for my community. I will make sure, I make everyone proud - Namitha.
About Namitha Marimuthu:
  • Transgender Namitha Marimuthu is a popular model and actress who won the Miss Trans Star International 2020 pageant.
  • Nadodigal 2 marked her singing and acting debut.
  • My parents couldn't accept my physical change as a transgender, they thrashed me a lot: The Bigg Boss Tamil 5 housemates are performing the task ‘Oru Kadhai Sollattuma’. During her turn, Namitha Marimuthu urges everyone to change their mindset about the transgender community.
  • From childhood, my mother raised me with the advice that we should accept people how they are, in spite of their problems and inabilities. But, my parents didn’t accept me during my physical changes as a transgender. I was thrashed a lot by my parents for the same and I felt sick due to the punishments. Public assumed that all transgenders indulge in thefts and prostitution. Parents are the major reason for all these issues. Everyone advises transgender to rectify their mistakes. But, the duty is upon the society to change their ideas towards transgenders”.
  • She said in the BB “I took part in Miss Koovagam, a beauty pageant for transgenders and won prizes from Radikaa and Sarathkumar. I have acted in more than 25 films, but no one could identify me that I am a transgender. I reduced my weight and took part in many competitions like Miss Chennai and Miss Bengaluru to name a few. Until now, I have over 30 sashes and 15 crowns. I visited over 35 countries and participated in many beauty pageants held in Spain and won the Miss Trans Star International 2020. I spoke in Tamil and spread Tamil and Indian culture in different countries. I was honored for my contribution. I was made the founder of Miss Trans Star India. I am asked to spot new talents among the transgender community in India and bring them to limelight.”
Unknown Facts:
  • “I am from Royapettah and the only child of my parents Marimuthu and Vennila Devi. Slowly, after the age of 10, I got the desire to keep myself beautiful. I was good at academics and got 900 odd marks in 10th class. During my 10th class, I had some physical changes in me. My breasts started growing bigger. As my uncle was a doctor, my parents asked him to surgically removed my breasts. Within 3 months, my breasts started growing again.” “To know more about my problems, I started speaking with people like me and learned about my problems.
  • During a family function, I dressed up as a girl. Though my parents didn’t hit me directly, I was thrashed by my relatives. Meanwhile, I fled from my house 4 times on various occasions but came back fearing for safety. I was tracked by detectives hired by my parents.
  • Once, I wore my mom’s saree and danced at a function in the transgender community. After I returned home, I was beaten black and blue. My parents threatened to **** me if I don't change my mannerism."
  • Namitha spoke in detail about witnessing the horrific incidents faced by transgenders in unknown cities like Mumbai and Pune. Hence, she decided to stay in Chennai close to her home.
  • “One of my friends tricked me, thrashed and kidnapped me. I was beaten mercilessly. To save my life, I jumped from the running vehicle. Even the complaint, which I filed at the police station for my safety, was manipulated that. As if I have gone mad.
  • I was kept in a dark room of a rehab centre for over 3 months. After many troubles, I escaped from rehab. With the help of the Suji mam and Inspector, I was produced before the court. With the help of news articles about me regarding taking part in a beauty competition, I proved my age legally. Finally, I got the rights to lead my life, as I want.”
  • My father understood my issues. He met other transgenders and learned more about their sufferings. Later, I have started having a better life. She visited my dad ahead of surgery due to an accident. 'During this meeting, I removed my dress and showed my mother that I underwent surgery recently and transformed into a woman completely. From now, even you can’t do anything.
  • Eventually, I got the follow-up surgery in a month again. In order to avoid further shifting of houses, I got a new house with the money from the sale of my ancestral property. I decided to take care of a few transgenders by supporting them with food and shelter.”Namitha shared how people have the wrong notions about transgender community. She shared, people often misunderstand that most of the transgender community either beg or work as a **********. But, none of them understand the reasons behind it.
  • Speaking about the importance of education, Namitha said, “Many of the transgenders undergo a physical transformation during their teenage phase. This also happens to be the most important stage of education for them. That is when they need the maximum support from everyone. Hence, I want all parents to understand the troubles of LGBTQ+ children. If there are such children in your family, kindly help them in completing their education. Later, we will take care of our lives on our own. People try to pinpoint only the mistakes of transgenders. But, it is now time for a change.”
  • Namitha concluded her long but inspiring story by singing a song, which narrated the sufferings of transgenders to the fullest. The housemates turned emotional on hearing her story. They lauded the achievements of Namitha by sharing hearts and gave a standing ovation.

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