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Full Story - Bengali Version of Hindi TV Show Anupamaa

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Old 05-03-2021, 08:27 AM
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Default Full Story - Bengali Version of Hindi TV Show Anupamaa

Hindi version may progress differently but here is what has happened in Bengali Version,

  1. No tumour track coz this is just to explain not shooting in original set but in the resort.
  2. Post Bapuji handing over the house to Anupamaa and setting conditions that she cannot transfer it to Vanraj,
  3. AnuRaj get divorced and Anuj enters
  4. Vanraj gets cold feet and runs off on the day of his marriage to Kavya
  5. Anupamaa gets him back after some emotional gyaan
  6. Baa and Paritosh like Kavya and hate Anupamaa, while Kinjal, Pakhi, Bapuji, Samar and Sanjay support Anupamaa and Dolly is neutral.
  7. Samar and his love interest break up and she marries her ex boyfriend who patches up with her under parental pressure. (Note, she is not related to Kavya here, nor are her parents divorced, so they hate the fact that Samar has unstable singing career and his parents are divorced)
  8. Anupamaa quits teaching but continues her singing career while also opening a handicraft business by employing women from an NGO which Anuj and the school principal are partners in.
  9. Kavya frames Anupamaa in a prostitution scandal by bribing some women in her business to falsely testify against her but Anuj saves her.
  10. He tries to jail Kavya, but Anupamaa forgives her.
  11. Pakhi gets really close to Anuj as a father figure and hates Vanraj. Vanraj now hates Anuj and supports all of Kavya's conspiracies.
  12. Samar has a new love interest who supports his singing career and their marriage is fixed. Her parents have a problem with Anuj's presence in the family
  13. During their marriage, there is a huge scandal because Samar's wife's in-laws create objection to Anuj's presence and his wife supports her parents. But Anupamaa asks Samar to marry anyway and try to adjust.
  14. Anuj tries to leave back for London but Anupamaa has a stomach tumour and has to get operated so her returns.
  15. Eventually Samar's wife joins hands with Kavya and turns negative.
  16. Kinjal seperates (not divorces) Paritosh and moves with her parents due to his attitude towards Anupamaa. She says she will return only when he fixes his behaviour.
  17. Anupamaa is fed up of all the drama and wants to move out. Since she cannot handover the house to Vanraj, she signs it to Leela.
  18. Kavya fools Leela and gets the house on her name and then sells it
  19. Anuj gives a loan to Anupamaa to re-purchase the house. Leela now supports Anupamaa and Vanraj decides to divorce Kavya but she mentions she is pregnant and will not agree to it.
  20. Vanraj decides he will leave his parents and move out with Kavya so that there is peace at home. But Kavya is not actually pregnant so she stages an accident and frames Anupamaa for deliberately doing her miscarriage.
  21. Anupamaa is jailed but is proven innocent, Kavya is jailed for 2 years for fraud and Vanraj divorces her too. Paritosh reconciles with Anupamaa and Kinjal returns.
  22. Vanraj leaves house voluntarily but gets a brain stroke so Anupamaa lets him live with the family again.
  23. Kavya is tryin to be nice in jail after struggling initially and requests Anupmaa to occasionaly meet her son (from first husband). She visits them and eventually brings the boy to live with her and the entire family except Samar's wife support this.
  24. Samar's wife starts creating trouble and Samar contemplates divorce, but his wife is not willing to let go. Her ultimate agenda is to kick Anupamaa out and have Samar all for herself without compromising on property rights. His ex-girlfriend is now widowed and returns to India.
  25. With hopes of Vanraj-Anupamaa reconcilation, everyone including Kinjal and Pakhi start requesting Anupamaa to agree and discourages her chances with Anuj.
  26. Samar gets a paralytic attack due to stress and his wife is now no longer interested in him but asks for money to agree for divorce.
  27. Anuj's foster sister, her husband and son enter. They hate Anupamaa because Anuj never married because of her and their son is Pakhi's batchmate in college.
This is pretty much the gyst of all that has happened till now. The track is now about Anuj's foster nephew conspiring against Pakhi and has gotten her kidnapped to be sold to flesh trade but the kidnapper is a nice man so she falls in love with him. Also the cliche war between Samar's wife n ex girlfriend.

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