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Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia TOP 10 Controversies, Unknown Facts, Bigg Boss 16 Contestant, Full Journey

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Default Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia TOP 10 Controversies, Unknown Facts, Bigg Boss 16 Contestant, Full Journey

Latest Update:
  • Spoiler:
  • Choti Sardarni's Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia was the first contestant to join Salman Khan on stage at the premiere episode of Bigg Boss 16 on October 1. Not only that she was the first to enter the house and become the captain of the house. The actress has been handling her duties well. Before she stepped inside the Bigg Boss 16 house, Nimrit spoke exclusively to ETimes TV and shared her excitement on being a part of the show and how she is going to deal with the challenges. She also revealed what are the qualities she hates in people and if she was skeptical of being judged by the audience 24/7.
  • Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia enters with a blindfold, says Salman Khan has been her lucky charm
    Bigg Boss 16 has finally premiered and the first contestant is Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia. Salman introduces her while she performs gidda. She comes with a blindfold on the stage. Salman asks her about the reason behind the blindfold, she reveals that Salman has been her lucky charm.
  • While she was in school, she had once met him while he was shooting. She got a picture of him along with her family. After that, Salman had come for promotions on the sets of Choti Sarrdaarni and now that she is entering the biggest reality show, she wants him to be the first person she sees.
  • Salman asks if she is the same bubbly person. Nimrit reveals that "I am a real sardarni, and not just an actor, I am a lawyer too. Nimrit asks Salman to make her his lawyer. Salman has a condition that he will only agree after seeing her game inside the house. Nimrit insists that they could do a demo where she will claim a few crimes and he would agree or disagree. Nimrit begins, "Under the section of Heartbreak, you have broken every girl's heart". Salman disagrees. Later agrees that he has. Her second claim is, "We don't get to see Salman Khan shirtless in Weekend Ka Vaar". Salman agrees to do it for Nimrit this time. Her third claim is that she never got to dance with him and they dance on "Aethe aa".
  • Nimrit enters the house and Bigg Boss gives her two choices, seeing the house on her own or through his eyes. She only gets the living area, the bedrooms are not for them. Only shows the captain's bedroom to her and gives her a task that she will have to allot rooms and tasks to every contestant that enters after her if she wants to become the captain.
  • The makers dropped another promo featuring the next constant. It seems like Choti Sardarni actress Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia is going to be seen in the season. The contestant gets introduced as, “Hindustan ki chahiti bahu hone ke saath saath main ek lawyer bhi hu. Iss combination ke saath main kaise haar sakti hu Bigg Boss?” The caption reads, “Bade se bade arguments honge fail, jab saamne khelenge the biggest player, Bigg Boss.”
  • Choti Sardarni fame Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia to be seen in Salman Khan's Bigg Boss 16
  • Bigg Boss 16 has already created a lot of curiosity amongst fans with the tag line 'Iss baar Bigg Boss Khud khelenge'. The ardent viewers of the reality show are eagerly waiting for Bigg Boss 16 to go on-air and are curious to know the names of the celebrities who will be locked inside the house.
  • ETimes TV has been exclusively revealing names of the celebrities who have been finalised for the show. After Sajid Khan, Sumbul Touqeer, Shiv Thakare, the latest name we have heard who has given her nod to get locked inside Bigg Boss 16 house is none other than Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia.

About actress Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia:
  • Nimrit enjoys a massive fan following owing to her successful show, Choti Sardarni and her character of Meher Kaur Gill. Her debut TV show ran successfully from 2019 to 2022.
  • Nimrit began her career with modelling. She was placed in the top 12 of Femina Miss India in 2018.
  • She won Femina Miss Manipur for the year 2018.
  • She has never shied away from talking about mental health openly. During 2021, Nimrit took a 40-day break from her TV show and resumed work only after she was mentally healthier. The actress was hailed for her decision by her contemporaries and industry people.
  • During an interview with Bombay Times, Nimrit had opened up about the same, "Yes. I feel the medium we are a part of requires a certain kind of commitment. I have faced different situations, constantly pushed myself and given more than 100 per cent while shooting. But sometimes in life, it becomes important to choose yourself and your well-being. I have spent three years on the set and I wish I could have continued, but that wouldn’t have been fair to myself. I needed to take time off.”
Interviews, Questions and Answers:
  • "I am excited because it is a once in a lifetime experience and I am just looking forward to it and I am just embracing each day as it comes,"
  • When asked what made her take on Bigg Boss 16 which is of controversial nature, she said, "For me the one thing that I truly believe in is that when you throw yourself in situations which are uncomfortable, you realise your true strength. I feel that Bigg Boss is an opportunity which gives you a platform to reach out to a larger audience. So whether it's my battle with mental health or anxiety and the fact that I've always been pretty vocal about it, I feel that when opportunities come for you to reach out to larger people, you should take it up and make that kind of impact that you want to. This is something that I always wanted to do. This is also something that compelled me and also I want people to know who the real Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia is. I am grateful for all the love I have received for Choti Sardarni and for having a place in the audiences' hearts but I want this love to increase by giving them an access to know who I am as a person."
  • On being asked if she is bothered about being judged for her actions on national television, "This is the most empowering thing because I am going to be in front of the camera 24/7 and I want the people who love me, the audiences who have given a place to me in their lives, to know that I am as real as them. I am someone who has spoken about mental health or body positivity, now I just want to give people an insight into life and show them that I am as human as them. Every person has good, bad, ugly all aspects and just to own that thing is a matter of a lot of courage which I feel that I have taken at this point. Jaise kehte hai na whatever is in your destiny always comes in its own way and what God has written, nobody can take that away from you. What I can do is just keep my best foot forward and let people know who I am. I want to be relatable to them. I want them to know that you can come from a simple family background which is non-filmy and still can make a place in this industry by just saying true to who you are and that makes all the difference. Even in my little capacity, if I can inspire the youth of this country, men, women, boys and girls, everyone who is watching the show, I will think I have done my bit. Bigg Boss is a platform which everyone watches, so if I can in my little way inspire them then I have fulfilled my job as a lawyer, an actor and as a humanitarian in the future," she shared.
  • Nimrit also shared how she is going to deal with fights and clash of ideologies, "I have always been someone for whom what I think and believe is right. I go to all lengths to stick to that because if I don't stick to what I believe in then I can't sleep peacefully at night. We meet many people try to take the limelight from others, but aren't these the kinds of people that we meet at every stage and juncture of our life. Whether it's our workspace, relatives, friends, family, we meet such people everywhere. When I went to a law school I dealt with all kinds of people, when I stepped into the industry I met all kinds of people and not necessarily everybody needs to love me. But if I can stand up for the truth and be confident that what I am saying really is the truth that makes sense, then my job is done there. Either you sit back in your own bubble, world or you take the plunge and hopefully you will fly high."
  • Talking about household chores, the actress said, "I am very comfortable (laughs) the fact that I lived in a hostel for five years, I can do most of the things. But cooking is something that I am very bad at, so I hope that the housemates don't get a chance to eat the food cooked by me because I take a longer time to cook food. Maybe I'll take a very long time to cook breakfast so that is something that I would want to stay away from. Because I can torture myself but would not want to torture the housemates with my culinary s****s. But when it comes to doing my own chores, I've done all my life. Also, lockdown has been a great learning for every human being to take up all the responsibilities and to also understand. Like in the West there's so much respect for every profession whether you are carpenter or a plumber or any profession it's never looked down upon. I will be more than happy to keep the house clean because that will be our space and we must do it."
  • Nimrit further stated about the qualities she doesn't like in people, "I don't appreciate people who are two-faced or extremely *****y or overtly judgemental like these are the general qualities that I dont appreciate in people. I am not saying I am perfect, I might do the same thing. These are the things which are putting off for me and also i just felt that irrespective of gender it should be quality in the house. Also, irrespective of gender I feel there should be equality in the house."

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