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TOP 10 Hyderabad, Telangana

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Default TOP 10 Hyderabad, Telangana

Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana State in India, is steeped in deep history, a vibrant culture and architectural wonders. Hyderabad has myriad experiences to offer travelers who want to get immersed into its mesmerizing charm from ancient monuments to delicious cuisine. Below are some of the tourist sites one cannot afford to miss while on a visit to Hyderabad.

1. Charminar: Iconic Symbol of Hyderabad
Charminar which is found in the heart of the city stands as an iconic symbol of Hyderabad. One could describe it as the milestone built by Sultan Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah at that time it was made with four giant arches each pointing towards a different cardinal direction (N,E,S,W). Visitors can climb up narrow staircases reaching out onto upper floors where they can see panoramic views of busy streets below them. The Laad Bazaar is also located near Charminar and this place is well known for its beautiful bangles, pearls and traditional dresses in Hyderabadi style.

2. Golconda Fort: A Testament to Grandeur
Golconda Fort set amidst rocky hills tells stories of splendour and luxury from the days gone by during the rule of Qutb Shahi dynasty. This massive fortress used to be a central authority residence for ruling kings too. Whoever visits will have a chance to wander within huge ranges of premises including Fateh Darwaza known for amazing acoustics; moreover after sunset there's fabulous sound and light show devoted to history concerning this fortification.

3. Ramoji Film City: Bollywood Extravaganza
Ramoji Studio video village situated across two thousand sprawling acres happens to be among largest film studios worldwide; therefore all movie fans should definitely check it out when travelling around this area. Set tours allow tourists to observe complex sets, large gardens and thematic villages that were used in Bollywood as well as regional movies. There are also live shows, adventure rides and good food outlets found within the studio.

4. Salar Jung Museum: Treasure Trove of Artefacts
Salar Jung Museum is the ultimate paradise for history lovers and art enthusiasts, having one of the largest collections of art and artefacts in the country. It has some very old sculptures and beautiful paintings among other diverse exhibits that represent Indian's rich cultural heritage through centuries. A famous Veiled Rebecca sculpture, an extravagant wardrobe belonging to Nizam's and a wide variety European & far eastern art work among others are on display at this museum.

5. Hussain Sagar Lake: Serene Oasis in the City
The Hussain Sagar Lake was built by Ibrahim Quli Qutb Shah in 1563; it is a peaceful retreat amidst Hyderabad's ever busy cityscape. In its midst there is a monolithic towering statue of Lord Buddha placed on Gibraltar Rock; this lake contains leisurely boating facilities, long walks along its dam or indulging into mouth-watering street food while observing beautiful sunset views.

6. Chowmahalla Palace: Architectural Splendor
Chowmahalla Palace takes you back to an era of Nizams where one can witness architectural splendour shown in Asaf Jahi dynasty's seat of power. Four palaces make up the palace complex each exhibiting exquisite woodwork designs, luxurious indoor spaces and green surroundings respectively characterised by distinct styles dwelling with these buildings. Inside one can also see Durbar Hall, Council Hall or Clock Tower which together represent an insight into royal lifestyle peculiarities prevailing then in Hyderabad.

7. Qutb Shahi Tombs: Architectural Marvels
Qutb Shahi Tombs are an illustration of the architectural brilliance of the Qutb Shahi dynasty, and are situated among landscaped gardens. These magnificent structures were constructed in the 16th and 17th centuries to serve as tombs for the rulers of Golconda. A visitor will find himself or herself in awe of fine stonework, graceful domes, and a placid atmosphere that is characteristic of Hyderabad's illustrious past.

Hyderabad's history, culture and modernity make it a fascinating place that every traveler wants to experience. Hyderabad never disappoints whether one is exploring its ancient monuments, tasting its delicious food or getting lost in the pulsating atmosphere of this city. So, get your bags ready for an unforgettable journey to explore the jewels of Pearl City.

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