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TOP 10 Coonoor, Tamil Nadu

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Default TOP 10 Coonoor, Tamil Nadu

Located in the Nilgiri hills, nestled and hidden in the Nilgiri hills and surrounded by the beautiful valley, Coonoor is an adorable hill station with its majestic landscapes, green belts and a peaceful environment. Although Coonoor itself is quite popular, it is equally a perfect starting point for other underrated road trips. These routes are natural sanctuaries; they show you peaceful forests that are full of trees as well as picturesque valleys and small towns to help you escape from urban discomfort. Here's a list of some underrated road trip routes from Coonoor.

1. Coonoor to Kotagiri
Kotagiri is another jewel in the crown of the Nilgiri district which is just twenty one kilometers away from Coonoor. The way to Kotagiri has tea gardens all along it, eucalyptus woods forested on both sides while misty peaks appear all over. You can make a few stops on attractions such as Catherine Falls, Kodanad View Point while cruising through this magical path. It is calmer than Ooty hence ideal for people who look at peace & beauty.

2. Coonoor to Avalanche Lake
Avalanche Lake, which lies about fifty kilometers away from Coonoor, is not known to many people but it's heaven on earth. The drive up to avalanche lake passes through dense forests, rolling hills and glittering streams everywhere around you; birders will find this route particularly interesting. A lot will happen when you reach there: fishing trout or hiking or exploring nearby Avalanche Sanctuary among others would be appropriate terms to use here! This journey brings us into a beautiful mountainous world where everything looks calm all along.

3. Coonoor to Mudumalai National Park
Driving from Coonor towards Mudumalai National Park, a jungle which is about 90 km away from it, will take you on an adventurous journey into the wild. On the way are pretty hills of Nilgiri and Bandipur National Park itself that are popular habitats for elephants, deer as well as lots of bird species. The park has got diverse flora and fauna thereby attracting nature lovers and wildlife photographers alike. Furthermore, one should not forget to try a jungle safari in order to interact with residents of this reserve.

4. Coonoor to Bandipur Tiger Reserve
If you want an electrifying experience full of fauna, then you must go on a road trip to Bandipur Tiger Reserve. It takes around a hundred kilometers from Coonoor while going through great landscapes and thick forests. In addition, tiger numbers at Bandipur are high enough for tourists on a budget who would like their safari entailing visits to leopards besides other mammals such as elephants among abundant bird species available there too; its lush surroundings with diverse ecosystem make it the most thrilling place for those who seek adventure.

5. Coonoor to Masinagudi
The city of Masinagudi is about sixty kilometers away from Coonoor and very few people know it therefore it promises amazing things once we get there as our destination! Masinagudi Road is curvy throughout the distance; through dense woods which make beautiful green hills rolling all over the place when seen from afar offshores as well as coastlines! As one can easily guess by looking at its rich wildlife this area offers plenty of safaris wherein visitors can find animals such deer or elephants or even leopards sometimes may be spotted here; If anyone is interested in bird-watching opportunities there exist several trails including several treks suited people into such activity too!

6. Coonoor to Wayanad
A trip down the road from Coonoor to Wayanad, a district in Kerala renowned for its breathtaking beauty, would be great. The journey is around 150 kilometers long, taking you through the enchanting Nilgiri Hills and greenery of Kerala. In this district there are waterfalls, caves and wildlife sanctuaries. Places that can be visited on this trip include Edakkal Caves, Soochipara Falls and Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. This is an opportunity to escape to the pleasant weather and picturesque landscapes.

7. Coonoor to Coorg
About 230 kilometers away from Coonoor is a beautiful hilly area known as Coorg or Kodagu County. Western Ghats with coffee plantations, thick forests and rolling hills lie on the way to Coorg. Coffee cultivation, spices and lush vegetation are characteristics of Coorg's environment. We can visit Abbey Falls, Raja's Seat and Dubare Elephant Camps among other places while in Coorg. Serene atmosphere coupled with favorable climatic conditions makes it suitable for a relaxing road trip destination.

8. Coonoor to Valparai
Valparai is a hill station located at about 150 kilometers from Coonoor which is not much known but has got astonishing views along with calm surroundings all over it . One can take plenty of photos during the drive due to the availability of 40 hair pin bends . Valparai has got tea and coffee estates , falls , wild life ,etc . Sholayar Dam which provides breathtaking scenes , Nallamudi View Point From Where You Can Have A Glimpse Of The Anamalai Tiger Reserve are some places you could stop by here . It offers peace and stunning beauty altogether that makes Valparai a hidden gem worth exploring.

9. Coonoor to Ooty via Upper Bhavani
Of course, Ooty is a well-known destination but one can take the less traveled route from Coonoor through Upper Bhavani which is equally beautiful. The drive of 80 kilometers includes passing through dense forests, tea plantations and some pure lakes. It's famous for its quietness and unspoiled nature. When heading to Ooty, do not miss passing by the Upper Bhavani Lake as well as Avalanche Lake. This route offers a refreshing change from the usual route and showcases the hidden beauty of the Nilgiris.

10. Coonoor to Palakkad
Palakkad is south about 160 km from Coonoor in Kerala state, India which is an amazing picturesque town with rich cultural history and natural beauty. On your way to Palakkad you will be crossing Western Ghats that are known for their scenic beauty with rice fields spread out all around along with rivers flowing in between them ,hills surrounding this region . You can visit Palakkad Fort , Malampuzha Dam , Silent Valley National Park etc. Cultural attractions here blend with natural beauty making it an interesting place for a road trip destination.

With numerous underrated and different experiences starting at Coonoor, it can be considered as a great hub for departure points mostly characterized by serene hill stations or adventurous wildlife safaris; These routes go through some of South India's most beautiful landscapes offering opportunities for exploration of hidden gems in nature's grace; Whether you are a lover of nature or adventure enthusiast seeking peace, these drives originating from Coonoor are nothing less than unforgettable experience! So pack your bags, hit the road and get ready to begin a journey that you will always remember.

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Coonoor, india, Tamil Nadu

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