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Anupamaa TV show: 10 Major twists

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Old 07-03-2024, 09:30 AM
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Default Anupamaa TV show: 10 Major twists

After a significant 5-year leap, the popular television series 'Anupamaa' introduces a web of emotions and conflicts within the Shah family. Here are the major twists that reshaped the storyline:
​<b>Shruti and Aadhya's entry</b>
Shruti and Aadhya's entry
​Shruti and Aadhya's entry is making waves. Sukirti Kandpal’s portrayal of Shruti has injected a fresh twist into the Anupamaa-Anuj love saga. As Anuj’s fiancée, Shruti is determined to keep Anupamaa away from him at all costs. However, things take an unexpected turn when Aadhya, Anuj’s adopted daughter, agrees to spend time with her cousins in the Shah household. This decision surprises Shruti, who had been plotting against Anupamaa. Fans are delighted to see Aadhya finally behaving her age, mingling with her relatives instead of obsessing over her father and Anupamaa.
​<b>Anupama's America Chapter</b>​
Anupama's America Chapter
​​Anupamaa's journey in America has been a blend of culinary exploration and her enduring love for dance. As she embarked on this new chapter, her passion for cooking took center stage, but her feet still tapped to the rhythm of her heart. It was through dance that she earned her initial income in the States, a testament to her unwavering commitment to the art form.

​<b>Malti Devi's friendly flip</b>​
Malti Devi's friendly flip
​There was a heartwarming twist in her life. Malti Devi, who had previously caused turmoil, extended an unexpected olive branch. She handed over the keys to Anupamaa's dance academy to Dimpy, acknowledging her past mistakes. This generous gesture allowed Anupamaa to reclaim her beloved academy, filling her with surprise and joy¹. Anupamaa's dance academy became a canvas where dreams converged—her own, her students', and even her family's. Baa and Bapuji joined her venture, with Bapuji managing accounts and Baa serving as the principal. Anuj, a significant presence in her life, shared a dream dance sequence with her, evoking emotions that transcended both their hearts.

​<b>Pakhi and Adhik's Divorce</b>​
Pakhi and Adhik's Divorce
​Five years have elapsed since a significant upheaval in Pakhi and Adhik's marriage. Following the birth of their daughter, Pakhi initiated a divorce and relocated to Delhi, distancing herself from everyone. Recently, Pakhi returned to the Shah household, where Adhik attempted to reconnect with their daughter, Ishaani. However, Pakhi and Vanraj vehemently opposed his efforts, preventing him from meeting his child. The strained relationship between Pakhi and Adhik has escalated to the point where he now seeks a divorce, desiring freedom from their troubled union. Anupama, despite being Pakhi's mother, has chosen to support Adhik during this difficult time, standing against her daughter.

​<b>Tapish's angle</b>​
Tapish's angle
​Tapish seeks permission to marry Dimpy. Returning home with newfound success, Tapish's desire to wed Dimpy sparks conflict within the Shah family. Vanraj, however, outright rejects their union, warning them to stay apart. Bapuji, recognizing the need for Dimpy's happiness, teams up with Kavya to persuade Baa to reconsider her stance on Dimpy's remarriage. Meanwhile, Pakhi, driven by her own motives, manipulates the situation, instigating Vanraj against Dimpy. As the drama unfolds, viewers can expect intense confrontations, emotional turmoil, and unexpected twists as the Shah family navigates love, betrayal, and redemption. Additionally, Kavya investigates Tapish's alleged double-dealing, learning that Pakhi is deeply in love with him but may not have sincere intentions. Tapish's heartfelt request to marry Dimpy adds another layer of complexity to the family dynamics.

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