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Full Details - Nataraj Master 2021 Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Contestant

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Old 09-02-2021, 11:38 AM
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Default Full Details - Nataraj Master 2021 Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Contestant

Latest Update:
  • Today Episode:
  • Week 4, Choreographer Nataraj get evicted from the show. Right from his entry to his recent comments on Ravi, Nataraj is one of the most trolled contestants of the season. He was popular for his ‘lion and fox’ fables during the nomination tasks. He grabbed attention with his allegations that a fox had manipulated a few sheep in the house during a nomination task. Ravi took offence to Nataraj’s allegations and confronted him as well. But Nataraj is determined to reveal when the time is right. He had his share of fights with Vishwa as well. Their spat during the recent nomination task deserves a special mention and Nataraj's gestures during the task were trolled on social media. Meanwhile, a few contestants in the house feel that Nataraj has been distancing himself from other contestants and trying to play the sympathy card. Nataraj teamed up with Lobo in the recent captaincy contender task and despite cooperation from Lobo, their team could advance in the game.
  • There are some promising contestants and then there is Nataraj master. The choreographer, who has a peculiar game play in Bigg Boss Telugu 5, was trolled on social media for his filmy dialogues and dramatic stint during the latest nomination task on Monday. Nataraj nominated Vishwa adding that the latter is a weak contestant and is acting in the house. This led to a verbal spat between the two. This is not the first time the two are at loggerheads during the nominations. In the conversation, Nataraj gave filmy dialogues like, "Simham tho Veta, Naatho Aata rendu pramadame... adi adavi lo untadi...idi Bigg Boss house lo untadi", trying to warn Vishwa. Twirling his moustache and other gestures in the task especially when Kajal pointed out his attitude became fodder for memes on the internet. While a few opined that Nataraj is trying to replicate Kaushal Manda's strategy from season 2, a few others thought he is 'overreacting' and throwing 'attitude' without a concrete reason.
  • Nataraj belittles Jaswanth during nomination task: After Uma Devi's eviction on Sunday's episode, the stage is set for the next nomination task wherein the contestants need to stamp the names of the two contestants they want to nominate for eviction on a slate and break it. While the task has Sreerama Chandra-Maanas, Hamida-Priyanka, Sunny-Priya at loggerheads, Nataraj belittling Jaswanth as a 'kid' in the task. While a section of netizens are criticising Nataraj mentioning his attitude towards the housemates, a few others are also slamming Jaswanth. Nataraj was nominated for eviction in week 2 and he got saved at the nick of the moment while Karthika Deepam fame Uma Devi got eliminated. Nataraj got emotional upon surviving the danger zone.
  • Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Hamida to take part in the show.
  • Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 which is set to premiere on September 5 (Sunday) has an interesting celebrity line-up this season. Sources close to the show confirmed that Choreographer-TV personality Nataraj is the next contestant, who shot to fame with is a part of the upcoming season and is already quarantined at a posh hotel in Hyderabad along with his co-contestants.
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Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Journey:
  • Choreographer-TV personality Nataraj is the next contestant.
  • Nataraj reveals how a girl, who waited for 7 years for him, taught him life.
  • Nataraj is the 12th contestant to enter the house. He enters the show while performing to Dakko Dakko Meka song from Allu Arjun's upcoming film Pushpa The Rise. Even his costume is inspired by Allu Arjun character in the film. Nataraj sought to become an actor in movies. But, he ended up as a dance choreographer.
  • Nagarjuna invites Nataraj's 7-month pregnant wife on stage to bid goodbye. The interaction gets a bit emotional as both Nataraj and his wife get teary-eyed.
About Nataraj:
  • Coreographer-TV personality Nataraj
  • Controversies.

About the Season 5 BB Telugu:
  • The 5th edition of Bigg Boss Telugu is set to entertain the telly audiences in a new time slot.
  • The show will now air at 10PM on weekdays while the weekend episodes will continue to air at 9PM. Notably, the previous seasons were aired at 9:30 PM on weekdays.
  • The channel airing the upcoming season has confirmed the same on its social media handle recently. However, this change in time slot has evoked a mixed response from netizens.
  • Nagarjuna Akkineni will return to host Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 and he is expected to shoot for the premiere episode on Saturday. Keep watching the space for more updates.
Contestants, Participants, Celebs:

Here's a quick look at the list of rumoured contestants of the upcoming season 5:
  1. Anchor Ravi, who is the telly audiences' favourite entertainer, is touted to be a part of the upcoming season. The ace TV host has been approached for the show a couple of times but he is likely to take part in this season.
  2. VJ Sunny, The Kalyana Vaibhogam actor is yet another popular TV celeb who is rumoured to be taking part in the upcoming fifth edition. He has been away from television for a while now. The first look of his upcoming debut film as a male lead was released recently. However, he is most likely to participate in Bigg Boss Telugu season 5. He has been keen upon Bigg Boss Telugu for a while now.
  3. Manas Nagulapalli, This actor of Koilamma and Deeparadhana fame is also rumoured to be a contestant on the forthcoming season of Bigg Boss Telugu. He has played the male lead in a few Telugu movies but his successful stint on TV has made him one of the most probable contestants of the season.
  4. Uma Devi aka Bhagyam of Karthika Deepam fame is an interesting name on the list of the rumoured contestants. She is playing a key role in the show and a few other daily soaps as well. It remains to be seen if the actress will pause her shows to appear on Bigg Boss Telugu 5.
  5. RJ Kajal, This Radio Jockey-anchor is most likely to be seen on BB Telugu season 5 if the buzz on social media is anything to go by. Her interviews and content on the internet are popular and she can be an interesting addition to the list of contestants.
  6. Shailaja Priya, She is a familiar face to the Telugu audiences; thanks to her notable supporting roles in successful Telugu films like Mirchi starring Prabhas, Anushka and others. She is a must mention in every list of the rumoured contestants of the season.
  7. Varshini Sounderajan, Rumour mill has it that this popular TV host is a part of the upcoming season 5 of Bigg Boss Telugu. However, close sources reveal that she has opted out of the show due to unknown reasons.
  8. Jaswanth Shanmukh, This social media influencer recently made headlines for being charged with drunken driving. He is now most likely to participate in the upcoming edition of Bigg Boss Telugu. The fact that social media influencers hogged limelight in BB Telugu 4 is fueling rumours about his participation in season 5. Notably, his rumoured bea Deepthi Sunaina was a contestant on Bigg Boss Telugu season 2.

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Old 10-06-2021, 01:10 PM
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Bigg Boss Telugu 5's evicted contestant Nataraj: Undeserving candidates are surviving in the show by fooling audiences

Choreographer-TV judge Nataraj got evicted in Sunday's episode and it was one of the most unexpected evictions of the season. In an exclusive chat with ETimes TV, Nataraj poured his heart out about his brief stint in the house, the incidents that inspired his fables, the contestants who 'targeted' him, and much more. Excerpts...

She hugged and cried for 10mins

The moment I saw my journey video along with Nag sir (host Nagarjuna Akkineni), I was very content. I thought it's time to look after my pregnant wife. My wife Neetu Nataraj hugged me tightly and cried for almost 10mins. She felt better only after I told her that I was happy with my BB journey. She is my everything in this world.

I'm not popular on social media like many others

I understand it is just an hour-long episode and it is impossible for the makers to show everything about everyone. But people tend to judge a contestant based on what they saw in that 1-hour episode. I worked so hard and by the time the audiences got to see my work and vote for me, I got evicted. Moreover, I'm not popular on social media like many others in the house are.

I can't stand fake people

I can't stand fake personalities and people who are good at faking are surviving in the BB house. I could have unmasked and exposed all of them in two more weeks. I can't be something that I'm not just for the sake of a reality show. I decided to be myself on the show no matter what.

Ravi and others have been targeting me

A few contestants have been targeting me ever since day one just because I don't get along with them. Especially Ravi has been talking to Priya and others about me, asking their opinion on me and trying to manipulate them against me. This is not my assumption. Many told me that Ravi has been talking about me. That is the reason why I told the 'fox' fable during the nomination. Why did Ravi come to me asking if I called him a 'fox' if he was not the one?

Vishwa is flipping sides

Vishwa is being an opportunist. He is flipping sides, changing colours like a chameleon in a whisker just to survive in the house. When I tried to expose him, he got all agitated. The audience will soon get to know his real face. I've known these people even before the show. But then I was their mentor but here I'm just a co-contestant.

Undeserving candidates are surviving in the show

I felt these people are just fooling the audiences. They have watched the previous seasons, spoke to a few PR agencies and are here with a strategy. They are creating a few artificial tracks and doing anything and everything to survive in the show. All the undeserving candidates are surviving in the show.

What I did in the house

I used to cook during the day, was there to help everyone in the kitchen all the time, and even sacrificed my food. I haven't eaten for more than 2days during the task. I was waiting near the power room all night just to gain access to the power room. That is the reason I shouted when I got the access but I've been told that it got projected in a negative way. Also, I've danced for nearly 4 hours in the rain to lose weight but I couldn't put Lobo's health at stake for my ambitions. I've lost nearly 2.9kgs and 10kgs in total by the time I got evicted. Unfortunately, most of these haven't been shown in the show.

We can't expect Nag sir to pay attention

We can't expect Nag sir to pay attention to everyone in the house because we shoot for two episodes on the same day and seldom get time to eat and dress properly. He will have his pointers and he doesn't invest much time unless it is huge and controversial.

I've a few plans

I've been receiving a lot of appreciation and positive feedback. I'm sorry if I've disappointed anyone. I've a few plans which I will reveal very soon.
Future Story here
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