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TOP 10 Best Moments of Bigg Boss Telugu 4

Poll: What is the Best Moment in the Bigg Boss Telugu 4
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What is the Best Moment in the Bigg Boss Telugu 4

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Old 09-13-2020, 05:10 PM
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Default TOP 10 Best Moments of Bigg Boss Telugu 4

Week - 1
Bigg Boss Telugu 4: From a major fight on day one to the rise of Gangavva and Divi, a wrap up of Week 1

With an ugly fight on the very first day of the season to the most underrated contestant grabbing headlines with their impressive gameplay, the first week in season 4 of Bigg Boss Telugu has been quite eventful. Here's a quick rewind of the first week in the BB house.

Major fight on the very first day

A major fight broke out between Sujatha and Karate Kalyani on the first day of the show. In one of the previous episodes, Sujatha received a call from Syed, who is kept in the secret neighbour room along with Ariyana. As per Bigg Boss' instruction, Syed ordered food and other essentials for him and Ariyana. Noel suspected that it can not be Bigg Boss who gave them the task but someone else. Lasya and Kalyani opined that Sujatha must have confirmed if it was Bigg Boss who assigned them the task and they tried to help Sujatha understand the same. This triggered an argument between Sujatha and Karate Kalyani which quickly escalated and Sujatha got emotional. Later in the nomination task, yet another heated argument erupted between Sujatha and Kalyani. Sujatha claimed that Kalyani is being very 'demanding' while the latter accused her of 'targeting' her.

Seven contestants get nominated in the first week

The housemates had to participate in the first nomination task on the first day. In a task where they had to shut the window on the contestant they wanted to be eliminated, Abhijeet, Surya Kiran, Akhil, Divi, Meha****, Sujatha and Gangavva got nominated for elimination in the first week. Gangavva refused to nominate anyone but eventually got nominated, too.

Noel's hilarious response to Ariyana

Noel's hilarious reply to Ariyana over the food order became the fodder for many memes on the internet. The prolonged debate between Ariyana and Akhil over the phone call regarding the housemates ignoring the food order (from Ariyana and Sohail in the secret neighbour room) took a hilarious turn when Noel interfered and disconnected Ariyana's call. Noel's reply left Ariyana and Sohail shocked. The housemates then participated in a luxury budget task but got shocked after gaining only 5000 out of 14000 points. This led to the entry of Ariyana and Sohail into the house.

Ariyana and Sohail's entry triggers new fights

Ariyana and Sohail entered the BB house to question the housemates but during the course, a new fight erupted between Sohail and Abhijeet who lost his cool for the first time in the BB house. Abhijeet was reprimanded by the host for the same in the weekend episode.

Gangavva won a million hearts

The eldest contestant of the season grabbed the attention of the telly audience with her wit, sarcasm, enthusiasm and Telangana accent. She soon became the one of the favourites of the season garnering a niche fan base on social media as well. There were a significant number of promos knit around Gangavva in the house. She was the one of the first three contestants to be saved during the first round of elimination.

The rise of Divi

Divya Vadhya aka Diva was one of the most underrated contestants of the season. She shot to fame almost overnight after a teaser, showing her voicing out her brutally honest opinions on the housemates, surfaced online. She was appreciated by a majority of netizens with a few fan clubs popping up within no time. She was lauded by host Nagarjuna Akkineni for her keen observation, frankness and articulation. Her romantic track with Amma Rajasekhar as a part of an act was also one of the most trolled episodes in the first week.

What's cooking between Monal and Abhijeet?

Abhijeet and Monal tried to know each other better in the first week. They shared what they would like in their partners. Later, in a conversation with Akhil, Monal shared her relationship status, views on marriage, and married life. Interestingly, Abhijeet on the premiere episode stated that he will marry Monal, date Pooja Hegde and kiss Tamannaah Bhatia. Host Nagarjuna in the weekend episode asked him to try making a connection with Monal also.

Failing in the first physical task

The housemates failed to score points in their first physical task - Tomato pulp factory. Their luxury budget points were also taken away after Sohail and Ariyana in the secret neighbour room got ignored. The contestants failed in the 'find the Kattappa in the house' task as well.

Lasya becomes the first captain of the house

Besides, Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 also witnessed its first captain of the house. In a dramatic fashion, Lasya was declared as the captain. The host left Lasya relieved and overwhelmed with his announcement. While a majority of the housemates voted her as 'Kattappa', Nagarjuna revealed that there is no 'Kattappa' in the BB house. He further added that Kattappa is none other than the suspicion and negativity of the house. Three contestants - Abhijeet, Gangavva and Sujatha - were saved in Saturday's episode.

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Old 09-19-2020, 06:36 PM
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Default Week 2

Week - 2

Bigg Boss Telugu 4: From Kumar Sai getting nominated on day one to Gangavva's emotional plea to Bigg Boss, here's a recap of week 2

Bigg Boss house saw some major unexpected events in week 2. Right from the first wild card contestants getting nominated on day one to Bigg Boss punishing the housemates, here is a quick wind up of the second week.

9 contestants in elimination race

Nine contestants- Abhijeet, Monal, Gangavva, Amma Rajasekhar, Sohail, Noel, Kalyani, Harika and Kumar Sai - get nominated for elimination in a task that required a housemate to get off the boat after every siren. Contestants usually try not to get nominated but the task saw the contestants getting nominated at will. Host Nagarjuna criticises them for the same in the weekend episode.

Wild card contestant Kumar Sai gets nominated on day one

Monday's (Sep 14) episode saw the entry of Kumar Sai, the first wild card contestant of the season. However, he got nominated on his very first day during the nominations task. Kumar is yet to make his presence felt in the show.

Devi vs Lasya and Amma Rajasekhar

This week witnessed the differences between Devi and Lasya along with Amma Rajasekhar. Devi, who was interested in sharing the kitchen duties, protested the appointment of Amma Rajasekhar as the 'Ration Manager' of the house. Later in the week, Devi and Amma Rajasekhar had a tiff after Noel was elected as the new captain of the house.

Abhijeet's major confessions about personal life

Abhijeet opened up about his previous relationships to Monal. He revealed that he was into two serious relationships while the last one was almost a romantic relationship. Monal, who was pleasantly surprised by his confession, also disclosed that one person changed her life big time and that's her only love story in life. When Abhijeet asked Monal about her relationship status, she said it is 'complicated'.

Meha**** and Harika steal the show

Meha**** and Harika proved their mettle in the BB TV task with their electric dance performance. They were chosen as the Best Performers in the task that also featured some sizzling performances by Monal-Sohail and Amma Rajasekhar.

Akhil, Abhijeet and Monal's 'Water Story'

The 'water story', which created a buzz on social media, was all about Monal coughing while conversing with Abhijeet and Akhil giving her water before he (Abhijeet) could fetch her some. This week revolved around the equation of Monal, Abhijeet and Akhil. The teasers and episodes showing her trying to be close to both her male friends while they are at loggerheads.

First mid-week wild card entry of the season

Jabardasth fame Avinash made a vibrant entry into the house as he waked up the housemates and made them dance. Then, he came in dressed a joker. He got a warm welcome from the housemates. He quickly mingled with the rest of the housemates who also played a prank on him. He scored brownie points for his performance in the recent task and also apologised to Monal for imitating her.

Gangavva's emotional plea to Bigg Boss

Unwell Gangavva shared her concerns with Bigg Boss. When she was called into the confession room, Gangavva told Bigg Boss that she can't endure this Bigg Boss life anymore. She got emotional adding that she is just unable to stay locked up in the BB house. Despite Bigg Boss trying to give an assurance about her health, Gangavva asserted that she is unable to cope up with the environment in the house. She was soon attended by a doctor.

Bigg Boss punishes housemates; Noel demands an apology from him

Bigg Boss punished Monal, Abhijeet, Akhil, Noel and Harika by ordering them to learn Telugu from Sujatha and write an imposition on the board apologising to Bigg Boss. The housemates did 20 sit-ups on every buzzer promising to be punctual. Lasya had to sacrifice a personal belonging upon every buzzer.

Noel, who was annoyed, demanded an apology from Bigg Boss. He said he wants to leave the show in the weekend episode.

Noel becomes the new captain

The housemates had to nominate 4 best performers in the BB TV tasks - Abhijeet, Kalyani, Meha**** and Noel for captaincy. Noel was unanimously chosen as the captain of the house.
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Old 10-06-2020, 01:22 PM
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Bigg Boss Telugu 4 poll alert: Here's what netizens think about Abhijeet and Akhil Sarthak's dispute in nominations task

The recent brawl between Akhil Sarthak and Abhijeet over Monal has created a stir in the BB house and social media as well. Abhijeet and Akhil went all guns blazing in the recent nomination tasks where they argued over their personal differences and also with respect to Monal.

While Monal was eventually dragged into their argument, she broke into tears and urged both Akhil and Abhijeet to settle their disputes without mentioning her.

Opinion on social media over the entire issue is divided. While fans of both Akhil and Abhijeet are busy defending their favourite contestant, a majority of netizens in our recent Instagram on the issue supported Abhijeet. 82% of the respondents supported Abhijeet while 18% supported Akhil in the issue.

For the unversed, Monal was shown moving closely with both Abhijeet and Akhil from day one. While Abhijeet is seen with Harika, Monal and Akhil are spotted together in the house from the past few weeks. On Saturday's episode, Monal stated that she likes Abhijeet as a person while Akhil is her biggest support system in the house.

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Old 10-25-2020, 12:01 PM
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Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 48, October 24, highlights: Housemates enjoy BB Blockbuster premiere and awards ceremony

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 4, the housemates prepped up for the Bigg Boss Blockbuster premiere of ‘Prema Modalaindi’, a film that the housemates made as a part of the recent task, and award night.
Ariyana turned an emcee for the event and interviewed Monal, Akhil, Sohel, Avinash, Abhijeet and other cast and crew members of the film.

Lasya and Sohel hosted the premiere night. All of them were seen watching the premiere and were rather pleased with the output of the film that featured “Angry star” Akhil, “Emotional star” Monal as Shravanthi, “Loud star” Ariyana as Subba Lakshmi, “Bachelor star” Avinash as Edukondalu, “Muscle star” Meha**** as Meh**** and Harika and Sohel doing a special performance to a dance number.
In the post premiere award ceremony, Avinash was awarded the Best Actor Award
Akhil won the All Girls Heartthrob Award
Noel won the Rocking DOP Award
Meha**** with the Best Villain Award
Lasya won the Best Makeup Artist Award
Monal won the Dream Girl Award
Ariyana was given the Mirchi Award
Amma Rajasekhar won the Best Choreographer Award
Harika won the ‘Item Rani’ Award
Sohel won the ‘Item Raja’ Award
Abhijeet won the Best Upcoming Director Award
Divi won the Special Jury Award.

Noel presented a rap song for the occasion while Amma Rajasekhar beatboxed to it.

Contestants were shown pictures of themselves in their extreme emotions while Avinash hilariously mocked them all.

Amma Rajasekhar and Divi shook a leg to a hit retro song while Sohel and Monal danced to another. Lasya and Meha**** paired up for a performance while Avinash and Ariana got together for a lovely duet.

The episode ended with all the contestants dancing to their hearts content.
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Old 11-16-2020, 01:48 AM
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Bigg Boss Telugu 4: From selecting Gangavva to Akhil's secret room drama, tactics employed to keep the show interesting

Bigg Boss 4 is one of the most talked-about seasons in the history of the four-year-old reality TV series in Telugu. From being launched amid the pandemic to the contestants sending Akhil out of the BB house, the makers of the show left no stone unturned to measure up to the buzz and TVRs.

Game of connections

Unlike the previous seasons, the fourth edition of Bigg Boss Telugu introduced the game of connections right in the premiere episode. From asking Abhijeet about Monal to giving the contestants a right to choose the next set of contestants entering, the makers tried to highlight the game of connections the contestants had to abide by.

Selection of Gangavva

58-year-old contestant Gangavva was roped in for the season which created a lot of buzz on social media. Gangavva was widely admired by the telly audiences within no time of the launch. She has shouldered the show until she got evicted in the 5th week citing health issues.

Sohel and Ariyana's entry from secret room

This season, Sohel and Ariyana entered the secret room before they could step into the BB house like their other peers. Their entry later in the first week helped the show create some buzz on social media and add to the drama in the show.

Back-to-back wild card entries

While wild card contestant Kumar Sai entered the BB house in the second week as expected, Avinash and Swathi Deek****h were sent into the house as wild card contestants in the first few weeks. Avinash's entry added to the entertainment quotient of the house while Swathi couldn't last long in the house.

Akhil-Monal-Abhijeet's love triangle

The show revolved around the equation between Akhil, Monal and Abhijeet for many weeks. The way they got closer, the hype around their close rapport and major fights during the nomination, kept fans engaged throughout the season. Love or hate them but you can't ignore them.

Devi Nagavalli's eviction

Journalist Devi Nagavalli, who was considered to be a rebel with a cause in the BB house got evicted from the show which took everyone by surprise. Fans trended #BringBackDeviNagavalli on social media soon after her elimination.

Saving Amma Rajasekhar

He got saved when he was expected to get evicted from the show. In addition to that, he was made the captaincy contender which was mooted on social media. A section of fans felt it was a tactic to save the count in the house as it might be difficult to find new celebs for the show.

Samantha's cameo

Samantha Akkineni stepped into the show as a guest host for Nagarjuna who was away for one of his upcoming film's shoot. Her cameo as a host for the 3-hour-long Dussehra special show and Divi's eviction in the episode worked in favour of the show, TRP report suggests.

Suma Kanakala's fake wild card entry

The makers of the show took fans by surprise with a teaser announcing ace anchor Suma Kanakala as a wild card contestant. She just played a cameo entertaining fans on a weekend episode and walked out leaving them disappointed.

Akhil's secret room drama

Bringing a midweek high in the show, the contestants were asked to name the strongest contestant who will be sent out of the house. Akhil was nominated by the majority and stepped out of the house in one of the recent episodes. He stepped into the secret room overhearing their conversations.
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