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TOP 10 Ways/Tips Brain Tumour: how to fix the side-effects of treatment

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Default TOP 10 Ways/Tips Brain Tumour: how to fix the side-effects of treatment

World Brain Tumour Day 2019: Here is how to fix the side-effects of treatment


A brain tumour is basically growth of abnormal cells in your brain. It can originate in any part of your brain like membranes, cranial nerves, pituitary gland or pineal gland. Brain tumour occurs when normal cells in the brain acquire mutation in their DNA. The mutation leads to growth and division of cells in an increased rate. If not taken care of on time, it may spread to other organs of your body and can even lead to death. To spread awareness about this deadly condition and to ensure its early diagnosis, World Brain Tumour Day is celebrated every year on 8th June. This campaign was first initiated by the German Brain Tumour Association (GBTA) way back in 2000. This day is celebrated globally as a tribute to brain tumour patients and their families. Various campaigns and events are organised all over the as part of the event. If you have this fatal condition you may experience symptoms like frequent headaches, difficulty with balance, speech difficulty, gradual loss of sensation, hearing problem, vision issues, seizures etc. Exposure to radiation and family history of this condition can potentially increase your risk of developing brain tumour. If you are already fighting with this disease and getting treatment, there are some common side-effects that you may experience. Here we tell you about them along with ways to tackle them.


You feel too tired to eat: Fatigue is a very common side-effect of taking medicines of high dosage and other treatment options as this is the time when your body is already working too much to get rid of the condition. Try having smaller meals within short intervals than eating a large one.


You will feel sick: One of the side-effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy can be nausea. Take anti-emetic medication.


You may experience constipation: Pain****ers or anti-sickness drugs can potentially lead to this condition. Eat foods rich in fibre like nuts, wholegrain, fruits etc. Also, drink plenty of water.


Your taste buds may work differently: Your sense of taste and smell may get affected due to chemotherapy.Consider brushing your teeth frequently and to avoid metallic sensation, use plastic cutlery.


You will feel hungry all the time: Intake of steroids can potentially increase your appetite.Have foods rich in protein and fibre like fish, eggs, nuts etc.

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