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TOP 10 Controversies of Ieshaan Sehgaal (Bigg Boss 15 Contestant)

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Old 10-02-2021, 05:18 PM
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Default TOP 10 Controversies of Ieshaan Sehgaal (Bigg Boss 15 Contestant)

Latest Update:
  • Today Episode:
  • Ieshaan Sehgaal keeps his promise; makes girlfriend Miesha Iyer meet his family: Bigg Boss 15 contestants Ieshaan Sehgaal and Miesha Iyer, who were criticised for faking love in the reality show, are going strong with each passing day. Ieshaan had promised his ladylove, Miesha in the BB 15 house that as soon as they got out of the show, he would take her to meet his family. The handsome hunk has kept his promise. He shared a series of pictures on his social media accounts wherein, the couple can be seen posing with his sister Tulip and mother.
    Ieshaan's family also seems to be over the moon to meet him and his girlfriend and they welcomed them with open arms. His family decorated their house with balloons and also wrote their hashtag '#Mieshaan' on the wall. Miesha also looks quite comfortable with Ieshaan's family. In one of the pictures, Ieshaan is seen kissing his mother.
    For the uninitiated, when Ieshaan's close friend Rajiv Adatia walked inside the BB 15 house, he had told him that the former's family wasn't happy with his relationship with Miesha and it is a big no-no from them. The couple had differences because of that in the show. However, when Ieshaan came out after his eviction, he learnt that Rajiv had lied to him and his family had no issues with his closeness with Miesha.

    In an exclusive chat with ETimes TV, Ieshaan Sehgaal revealed that his family is fine with his relationship with Miesha and he is shocked that Rajiv made such statements inside the house. He even talked about making Miesha meet his sister and mother.

    "I have already discussed with my sister and mother about Miesha. And in fact, today my sister and Miesha spoke to each other over the phone. They are planning to meet soon and I will surely post pictures from their meeting. I will share pictures of Miesha with my mother and sister. The bond is genuine and my family doesn’t have any issues. I don’t know why Rajiv made these statements. In fact, I always wondered inside the house how it is even possible that they won’t like someone who I like. Who would know my mother and sister better than me. They like Miesha a lot and they will meet her soon," said Ieshaan back then.
  • Ieshaan Sehgaal clarifies he is ‘straight guy’ amidst his fight with Rajiv Adatia; latter says “Mera munh mat khulwa” Not all have been in favour of Ieshaan Sehgaal ever since his friend Rajiv Adatia entered the show as a wild card. Now, the upcoming episode is going to witness a huge fight erupt between the two friends. Ieshaan trying to sort things out with Rajiv. However, things take an ugly turn when the latter refuses to listen and blames Miesha Iyer for the change in Ieshaan’s behaviour towards him. He is also seen talking to both Ieshaan and Miesha. During their conversation, Rajiv mentions that he is ‘very close’ to the former. Meanwhile, Ieshaan requests him to not mix things up and keep both his relationships separately. Their argument turns so nasty that Shamita Shetty, who is Rajiv’s Rakhi sister is forced to get involved. As she tries to make Ieshaan understand the situation, the model-actor clarifies that he is a straight man and Rajiv’s statements about him are affecting his image. “I’m a straight guy and it is looking like there is something….”Raged out by the environment, Rajiv exclaims that he knows Ieshaan for two years. He further warns him to not instigate him and make him make some big revelations. “Mera munh mat khula,” Rajiv states. This is not the first time that Rajiv and Ieshaan locked horns in the house. Both of them were seen discussing their issues and trying to clear out their misunderstandings in the last episode too. Stay tuned to this space for more updates from Bigg Boss 15.
  • Ieshaan Sehgaal opens up about his ex-girlfriend after Miesha Iyer asks if he is bi***ual: Miesha Iyer and Ieshaan Sehgaal are facing trust issues. The couple has already proposed to each other. But, now they are getting to know each other better and solve each other’s insecurities. Miesha asks him to tell her about the incident where he said, “If you go out, you might get to hear about something.” While Ieshaan shrugs off saying it is not important and doesn’t matter, he assures her that he is not a wrong person for her. However, Miesha tells him, “You mentioned, playing around. So define ‘playing along’.” Ieshaan narrates about a ‘friend’, who might also be Miesha’s friend and he says, “He was threatening to ruin my reputation and also publish negative articles about me before I entered the house. So I had to play along to sustain. Everyone does that at some point of the time. This is how it works. Aise logo k saath aise hi kaam nikalna padta hai. He was creating problem. And that’s why I said, he might try to do the same once we come out. I don’t have any scene but he creates a major scene. I don’t know if he is your friend or not. You think I am bi? He was playing around with me.” He also narrated, “There was a time I wouldn’t get time to meet my ex-girlfriend because every night she would go to a hotel. One night, things went out of hand and we had a huge fight after I called her. Then she threatened me saying, ‘I will see who gives you work’. That apart, there’s only one person from whom you might get to hear negative things about me.” Miesha says, “I will let go off this topic. But you have to promise me nothing like this will happen henceforth.”
  • While conducting one such act, Vishal and Shamita asked Ieshaan to express his feelings for Miesha Iyer.
    Ieshaan took the center stage and told everyone that the show and the platform means a lot to him and he had never expected in his life that he will fall in love on the show. He shared that he least expected it. Ieshaan stated that the rest of the housemates only got the show, but he has got two precious things, the Bigg Boss house and Miesha Iyer. All the contestants cheered for them as Ieshaan went down on his knees to propose to Miesha. He told her, "The connection I feel with you, I feel with none. I Ieshaan want to Miesha, will you Mieshaan?". Miesha hugged Ieshaan and whispered the three magical words, I love you into his ears. All the housemates rooted for them. They then danced on Ishq waala love. Ieshaan kissed her forehead.
  • Weekend Ka Vaar episode, amidst all the reprimanding, Ieshaan Sehgaal and Miesha Iyer also received good schooling from the host. While talking to the newly-in-love couple of the Bigg Boss 15 house, Salman warned them of their growing intimacy in the show, which is out there on national TV. Salman told Miesha and Ieshaan to keep a check on what they are doing and how would it be looking on TV. He also expressed that according to him this is not coming out in a good way on-screen. The host asked Ieshaan and Miesha to be responsible for their acts and think about how would it look if they are not together sometime in the future. He further mentioned that they should think about it from all perspectives and then act on it accordingly. Moving ahead, Salman also schooled Miesha for not following the rules of the Bigg Boss house. He scolded her for smoking around in the house rather than using the ‘smoking room’ provided there. “Aapki marzi hai aapko karna hai, lekin aise karo ki kisi ko pata na chale (It’s on you if you want to smoke or not, but you must do it in a way that nobody outside comes to know about it),” he said. Salman was also seen smashing her for using foul language and abuses in the house. After he leaves, Pratik Sehajpal and Ieshaan try to calm Miesha down and make her understand where she went wrong.
  • Miesha & Ieshaan’s love story in BB15 is totally fake, Miesha and Pratik Sahejpal are playing together: Splitsvilla contestant Bhavya Singh
  • Bigg Boss 15: Miesha Iyer and Ieshaan Sehgaal kiss each other and hug under a blanket; Jay Bhanushali jokes, ‘thank god the show is not for 9 months’ - Things seem to be moving quickly between Ieshaan Sehgaal and Miesha Iyer. Amid a sea of contestants in Bigg Boss 15, they have found company in each other. During the first week, the housemates and the viewers saw a close friendship between them and by the time the first episode of Weekend Ka Vaar aired, it turned into love. The two are now even comfortable sharing ******** moments in front of the camera. Ieshaan and Miesha are seen kissing each other despite the camera zooming in on them. They are seen hugging and lying in the bed together. Other housemates declare they have a new couple in the house. Seeing them get ********, they go, 'Maar Daalo'. Jay Bhanushali jokes, "Shukar hai nau mahine ka show nahi hai warna yahan family banate yeh." During the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Ieshaan and Miesha were seen sitting together and holding hands. He confessed that he feels quite close to her in just 8 days. She stopped him for asking her out. But Ieshaan continued. “I genuinely feel we have a deep connection and it doesn't feel like mein aapse just 8 days pehle mila hoon. I really like you.” She asked him to give her some time but he went on to tell her, “I want to be with you.” She then said, “Aap hi bolte ho na ki main aapki hun, toh mera koi haq nhi banta na bolne ka. They also kissed each other with affection. Other contestants commented their love story is moving at a rapid pace. Even Salman called it the ‘fastest romance’. Even in the Sunday episode, seeing Ieshaan defend Meisha, Salman called him her lawyer and teased the two.
  • Romance is in the air for Miesha Iyer and Ieshaan Sehgaal; the latter admits he likes her: The duo started bonding each each other from the second day and have now started expressing their feelings for each other. During the night time, Ieshaan and Miesha were sitting with each other in a cozy blanket when Miesha asked the former what kind of girl he likes. Ieshaan replied saying, "She should be pretty and cute, but I only want one thing that she should love me unconditionally." Then Ieshaan asked the same question to Miesha, who replied to him, "I like very off-beat kind of boys, like who can tolerate my tantrums."
  • Responding to her Ieshaan said, "I've been doing it since the last five days." He further added, "I don't know why but when you cried that day, I literally fell for you." Miesha was a little surprised and told Ieshaan that she can't believe that he liked her because she cried the other day. Ieshaan then stated she won't understand as he's a different kind of a person. Miesha and Ieshaan have been spending quite a lot of time with each other. They seem to be quite comfortable in each other's company. In fact, as per the new promo, the housemates will be seen teasing Ieshaan and Miesha and the two will be seen blushing. Miesha and Ieshaan's bond has definitely made her friend-turned-foe Pratik Sehajpal uncomfortable and he was seen picking fights with the two unnecessarily.
  • Recently, the supermodel who is also a great dancer gave a sneak peek of his great dancing and acting skils inside the house, all the contestants had assembled in the garden area where Ieshaan was seen taking his jacket off and then grooving to the tunes of a Hritik Roshan’s song. He was also seen mimicking a scene from Koi Mil Gaya. His fellow contestants were amazed by his acting skils and lauded him for it too. After watching his performance, they cheered up for him and gave a huge round of applause for him too.
About Ieshaan Sehgaal:
  • Ieshaan Sehgaal is grabbing eyeballs and gradually becoming one of the most talked-about contestants of Bigg Boss 15. Be it his ripped body or chiselled looks or talent, the handsome young lad is making it big for all the right reasons.
  • The video has been shared on his Instagram handle. It is captioned as “Sab bohot pagal aur sab bohot ache hain, aur hum bhi kuch kam nahi ”
  • For the unversed, Ieshaan got nominated this week after he allowed Donal to walk inside the house safely. This happened because either one of them had to get nominated in order to enter the Bigg Boss house, as per the rules.
  • Meanwhile, the model and actor also got into a tiff with Umar Riaz on the very first day, while they competed to win Donal Bisht’s heart. Ultimately, Ieshaan won the tasks and got a chance to enter the house with the actress.
  • However, with the kind of progress he is showing in the game, the chances of his eviction seem dim this week. What do you all think?

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