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TOP 10 Reasons WHY Sreejita De evicted from Bigg Boss 16

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Old 10-22-2022, 04:33 PM
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Default TOP 10 Reasons WHY Sreejita De evicted from Bigg Boss 16

Sreejita De, who recently got evicted from Bigg Boss 16 house and became the first contestant to get eliminated, shared her journey in the show. She stated while physically she is out, but her mind is still in the house. After watching the episodes, she talked about Tina's game and revealed that Shalin and her (Tina's) relationship angle is 'fake' and completely for the game. Sreejita also spoke about the incident with Gori and clarified her reason behind the "Standardless statement". (Photo: Instagram)

​I was not at all expecting my eviction, it came as a shock

I was not at all expecting my eviction, it came as a shock. Everyone, my fans, my family, they all were shocked. I had a very beautiful, lovely journey though it was very short-lived, I made some lovely, beautiful memories and they are very close to my heart. (Photo: Instagram)

​I tried to be logical and sensible and always took my stand

I am happy I made the decision and went inside the Bigg Boss house this year. Everyone says that it is a controversial show, but I am happy I took the decision and went to experience what the show is all about. I tried to be logical and sensible and always took my stand wherever possible and where I felt it was necessary. I like to deal with things in a mature manner. I don’t like to get into other’s fights just to be seen. That’s not my nature. (Photo: Instagram)

​I just felt I could be a little more aggressive

I just felt I could be a little more aggressive. I took my time because I was understanding people in the first week. In the first week housemates only played Antakshari and were very happy and cordial with each other, but once tasks started, people started to show their real side. I like to understand people and not jump to conclusions. (Photo: Instagram)

​After eviction - I watched 8-9 episodes of Bigg Boss in one night back-to-back

I watched 8-9 episodes of Bigg Boss in one night back-to-back. Mine was a first-week eviction and I was not at all expecting, so somehow my body is outside the house and my mind is still there inside. I am physically here, but my mind is still there. Just watching the episodes, it was giving me so much happiness and pleasure. Because through my eyes and emotions, I would feel and sense the house again. So the first night after the eviction, my mind was looking for that house. Now, with each passing day, the feeling is slowly sinking in. (Photo: Instagram)

​Tina has insecurity and which is why she didn’t let Shalin, Gautam and others talk to me

Tina has insecurity and which is why she didn’t let Shalin, Gautam, and others talk to me. She has a dominating personality that you are just my friends and you should not talk to anyone else. Basically, she didn’t want anyone to hang around with me. But she shouldn’t forget that they are also individuals and they have their brains and they can make their own decisions. She is very insecure about me and by now everyone has started to understand her personality. (Photo: Instagram)

​Tina has been speaking behind my back

Tina had a problem with Nimrit, Shalin, Gautam taking my name for the dinner party with Salman sir. Shalin and Gautam told me about it later. She was already sitting in that room so I don’t know why she had a problem with me joining everyone. Whatever I have watched in the episodes, I feel Gautam filtered the information whenever he shared with me what Tina had been speaking about me. He could have been a little vocal about what she had been speaking about behind me. Because that could have changed my game. (Photo: Instagram)

​This couple thing between Tina Datta and Shalin is fake

Now that Tina is with Shalin, she will one by one target his friends and detach him from his friends. Whenever Shalin will be friendly with anyone, she will target that person and detach Shalin from that person, so that Shalin becomes dependent on her. This couple thing between Tina and Shalin is fake and part of their game plan. First, she tried to set Shalin up with Sumbul and started gossiping about Sumbul and Shalin. Now, suddenly when you have sensed that everyone else has got to know your reality. From Shiv to MC Stan everyone has understood her game plan, so she’s changing her game plan. She doesn’t want to get alone and fall weak. So she has started playing this love angle. (Photo: Instagram)

​First Tina tried to get attention from Shiv, then Gautam and now Shalin is her new and last option

I am absolutely sure that Tina and Shalin’s love angle is fake and if they are thinking that the audience will not understand then they are underestimating the viewers. They have seen the show for 16 seasons and they know that this is fake and will end soon. First Tina tried to get attention from Shiv, then Gautam, and now Shalin is her new and last option. (Photo: Instagram)

How can Tina and Shalin just be full of themselves?

Where’s humanity? How can they just be full of themselves? If Sumbul was getting dependent on Shalin and was trusting him, why did he break that trust, why didn’t he speak to her. Kahan gayi unki insaniyat. Sumbul has an innocent heart and she would not trust me as much as she trusted Tina and that’s why I never tried to tell her about Tina. Because she had a certain kind of impression about me as she spent time with Tina. They could have handled the situation very well. (Photo: Instagram)

​Gori Nagori did a very ghatiya, cheap and vulgar gesture

I never called Gori Nagori “gawar”, I think she herself must have started this statement. I had no idea when I called her that. I don’t know what happened outside. The entire matter started when we asked her to wipe her hands somewhere else as we were busy making and serving food. But she felt so bad that she did a very ghatiya, cheap, vulgar gesture. It was very ashleel. We all were shocked why she was behaving like that. I tried to think about what it could mean but I could not arrive at any conclusion but it looked cheap, below the belt and vulgar. We don’t do such things in our culture. Judging her on that gesture I told her this shows from which environment you come from. How you grew up. I never meant to question her upbringing. I meant the things she has grown up watching or learnt from her surroundings, people, society, situation. You have to be alert and aware to learn good things from your life. (Photo: Instagram)

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