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TOP 10 Reasons WHY OUT from Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Anjali aka Aarohi Rao

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Old 10-06-2022, 05:39 AM
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Default TOP 10 Reasons WHY OUT from Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Anjali aka Aarohi Rao

Anjali aka Aarohi is a survivor and she tried to prove it with her stint in Bigg Boss Telugu 6. She did not take much time to prove that she is a promising contestant in the BB house. But her unexpected eviction has left many of her inmates in tears. In an exclusive chat with Aarohi spoke at length about her BB journey, the negativity she has been battling ever since her exit and more. Excerpts...

'I used to wait for nominations'

I'm not having a Bigg Boss hangover at all. Since we are used to less food inside the BB house, I'm not able to eat much. It is indeed helping my diet. I've missed our movies and Nandu inside the house. Now, I'm missing the nomination task a lot. While many others dreaded the task, I used to wait for it. It was a good opportunity to speak my mind and expose people who had to be. Of course, a few reasons given didn't make sense to me and the arguments can get taxing, too. (Photo: Instagram)

Now I feel like believing that only fake people win

Seeing a few contestants surviving eviction every week, I kind of had a feeling that maybe we should fake in order to survive but I failed. Now after stepping out of the house and facing all the negativity that I'm getting, I feel like believing that only fake wins. (Photo: Instagram)

'Everyone's saying I've ignored my game but the truth is...'

Everyone's saying I've ignored my game and only played along with Surya. But the truth is I've played my individual game and have spent more time with Srihan and even Keerthi. At times I used to share my personal things with Marina akka as well. There were times when Surya used to get possessive about my intimacy with them. I had to make up for that and guess only such conversations made it into the episode. (Photo: Instagram)

'What pricks me is character assasination'

It is a reality show and as a media professional even I can understand the fact that the makers are entitled to pick and create content for their TRPs. People expect us to be prepared for all of it but what pricks me is the way some are finding fault with my game alone and indulging in character assassination. I don't want to blame anyone including Surya here. It was in fact me who made the effort to clarify that I've Nandu outside the house and Surya is close to Bujjamma. Surya is yet to clarify on it. But still many blame me and call me names. (Photo: Instagram)

'You can't digest if a girl questions you'

To all those who are saying I've created a 'track' with Surya to survive in the house, who are misconstruing his 'We are just making memories here' statement as mine, and who think I'm deliberately 'trapping' men, let me tell you, Surya came to Aarohi, she did not go to him. She did not kiss him on the forehead, he did. Even Surya isn't getting the negativity that I'm facing. Why can't you question him at least once? As his well wisher, I only pray for his well-being though. But the fact is you can't digest if a girl questions you. You label her 'arrogant'. You expect girls, especially orphans to not have a voice of their own, to surrender to everyone and everything. Guess if I were a celebrity, I wouldn't have faced such negativity. You think you can say anything to an orphan? (Photo: Instagram)

'Your words can't break me'

The perspective towards independent women should change. Gender equality is what I wish for. I used to shout at Revanth just to prove that we, too, can shout like a man does and shouting shouldn't be a sign of superiority. Yes, this negativity hurts me. Please understand that a single click bait thumbnail, a baseless rumour can influence and mislead many and affect our lives a lot. I'm still not ready to check my phone and my friends were scared to leave me alone. But my Nandu, my friends and everyone who supported me in this journey are with me today. But your words can't break me. I've seen so much in life, I will overcome this as well. (Photo: Instagram)

'Guess none of it made it into the episode'

I've stolen chocolates, sweets and confectionaries from the VIP balcony because we don't get enough food there. In fact, I'm a bigger foodie than Sri Satya. Myself and Srihan had some best memories. I used to stamp his feet and even clean my hands with his shirt at times (laughs). Guess none of it made it into the episode.(Photo: Instagram)

'I've realised the effect of PR machinery and paid votes'

I'm not very active on social media like many of my contemporaries. My Insta handle had just 8k followers before stepping into the BB house. I couldn't afford a PR agency as well. Now, after stepping outside the house, I've realised the effect of PR machinery and paid votes. The Bigg Boss game is all about pulling down someone in order to crawl up the ladder. I've asked my friends to handle my Instagram handle. I was indeed surprised to see so many fan pages on social media. I'm more than happy with the genuine following I've earned with the show.(Photo: Instagram)

About the contestants...

When compared to me, I feel Arjun is being more dependent on others, Sudeepa Akka can put her points but can't perform in a few tasks. Rohit can play but he is yet to tap his strength while Marina Akka is relatively weak. Vasanthi is also not aggressive during the tasks.(Photo: Instagram)

'24x7 live streaming is not helping'

Yes, 24x7 live streaming is not helping. It is affecting the interest of the viewers over the one hour episode as well. Short and sweet episodes every day are the best indeed.(Photo: Instagram)

'I would like to pursue some acting opportunities in TV'

At times, I feel the BB house more or less resembles the society. In fact the society is better when compared to the BB house, where a majority are fake. I've been to Bigg Boss not for fame or money but for the unique experience. I understand BB fame is short-lived. Perhaps I might disappoint a few haters if I say I'll not let the negativity affect me. Because none of those who criticised me will come to my help anytime. At the end of the day, I've to look after myself. I have my job and I would like to pursue some acting opportunities in TV. (Photo: Instagram)

Future Story here
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