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TOP 10 Controversies of Neha Marda

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Old 01-30-2023, 05:31 AM
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Default TOP 10 Controversies of Neha Marda

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti fame Neha Marda.

​People would say I don’t want to have a child and I am too ambitious

When I learnt about my pregnancy I was very excited, because I’ve been looking forward to it. I had always mentioned that I want to be a mother just how I wanted to get married. My reaction was overwhelming as after 10 years of marriage we are expecting our first baby. Not that we had been trying for a baby for the last 10 years but after many years and after hearing people’s taunts that I don’t want to have a child and I am too ambitious, I am finally pregnant. You know how relatives and distant people think about you. Not your immediate family, they know you. Aas paas ke log jinko aap zaruri bhi nahi samjhte, but they interfere. I never bothered about them and just smiled back at them thinking jab joh hoga dekha jaayega. (Photo: Instagram)

​When I learnt about my pregnancy I felt overwhelming, satisfying

When I got pregnant and learnt about it, the feeling was more overwhelming, satisfying and thanking God that this has happened to me and I’ve got this opportunity to be a mother. It is said that after God if something is there it is a mother but I feel that God has blessed women that only they can become a mother. This is a power and we should be thankful and I know I am not doing anything great. I never knew this but the motherhood journey gives you a feeling of fulfilment which I didn’t know earlier. I’ve never felt this before, this complete. I would irritated earlier when people would tell me that being a mother completes you but now when I am living the journey I know what it means. With time and age today I know the feeling of getting downloaded as a mother (laughs). I am still not a mother let the baby come out I’ll be able to explain it better. (Photo: Instagram)

​When I showed him the pregnancy strip, he was not ready to believe it

My husband’s reaction was the most irritating one that one can have. When I showed him the pregnancy strip, he was not ready to believe it. He was like how can a thing tell you in 2 minutes that you are pregnant. When I got checked from a lab he was like let us get it checked from some other place, I asked him what exactly do you want (laughs). He is a very logical person so for him it took time to sink in that I am pregnant. I wanted a filmy reaction but for him it took a lot of time to sink in. For 3 months he kept denying. He was not ready to talk about it when I came back to stay with him after 3 months in Patna, now he’s excited and shows all the love and concern. (Photo: Instagram)

​My family never pressurised us to start a family

See coming from a very educated family till 10 years nobody asked me about starting a family but I could sense everyone was waiting for it. I knew as parents they were waiting for the good news but they never pressurised us that it is the time now and all that. They are very educated to understand that ultimately it is our life and decision. Now that they know both the families are on cloud nine and the kind of pampering and attention I am getting at this time is utmost. (Photo: Instagram)

​My family has been pampering me and are looking forward to the arrival of the baby

The family understands all the ups and downs that my body is going through the hormonal change. Recently, my blood had turned a little thick so I had to get those injections everyday for blood thinners, they see you getting through so much and understand the pain. My family has been pampering me and are looking forward to the arrival of the baby. It is a wonderful feeling. (Photo: Instagram)

​As per our tradition till the baby is not born we don’t shop

We have started to make the room for the baby. But as per our tradition till the baby is not born we don’t shop. So everything is chosen and is in the cart but we can’t buy anything. The celebration can only happen once the baby is out. In fact, for the first two months the baby will not wear anything new. The baby will wear my husband, mine and cousin's stuff when we were young. The room is setting up, the wardrobe, bed is done, the cot is selected. We are just waiting for the baby to come and use it all. (Photo: Instagram)

​On her Vlogs and videos on pregnancy - I wanted to do something related to my craft

I am a workaholic person and chilling one or two days are really good enough for vacation, but after that I can’t sit at home idle. I need to be active and doing something. So the idea came to help myself first before helping the world. I need to be happy for the baby to grow well. My happiness is to be active, productive. I wanted to do something related to my craft. I am just being at home, not stepping out as I am being extra protective about my pregnancy and not that the doctors have asked me. (Photo: Instagram)

​Neha on making Vlogs - I do it from 12 to 5 and I am happy I am associated with my craft

I felt pregnancy is the subject of my life right now and I am living this journey. So for me to pick up this content and make it would be easy and it would be easy for the people also to connect with me. It is not creative but an experience that is happening to me daily. I do it from 12 to 5 and I am happy I am associated with my craft. Through my Vlogs, a lot of brands are coming my way and I am shooting for them from my home only, so I enjoy doing it. (Photo: Instagram)

​The changes that I saw in myself I knew and I was always prepared for it

Coming from a field of showbiz size zero, skinny is the phase that we have mostly visualised ourselves in. A lot helps, when people around you motivate you, make you feel that you are beautiful. The changes that I saw in myself I knew this is going to happen and I was always prepared for it. I want my baby to be happy. Right now my focus is not how much weight I’ve gained and will I’ll be able to shed off. I have the confidence that I’ll get back to what I was in fact in a better shape. My mother-in-law, my mom, husband they make me feel better. They keep praising me I am glowing, they motivate me for the smallest thing. (Photo: Instagram)

​On the taunts of not wanting to be a mother - I just smiled back and I feel very pity for those people

No, I never reacted to them. I just smiled back and I feel very pity for those people who say that. It not that they were taunting me they just want us to have a baby and it is a good motive. But my only question is how do they know that someone is not trying for the baby, or how do you that the woman doesn’t have a complication. If someone can’t be a mother and you keep telling her don’t think about career have baby first how will she feel. With god’s grace I never faced such challenges and my pregnancy is an answer to everyone who keep questioning. People should stop giving opinions, let couples decide. (Photo: Instagram)

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