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TOP 10 Must-Try Street Foods In Lavasa, Maharashtra

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Old 07-09-2024, 12:49 PM
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Default TOP 10 Must-Try Street Foods In Lavasa, Maharashtra

Therefore, wherever you are from, if you want to have Indian spicy curries or Chinese delicate dumplings then be sure of an unforgettable experience at Lavasa's street food.

1. Vada Pav
You may call it an Indian burger but Vada Pav is actually a popular Maharashtrian snack made by deep frying potatoes mixed with spices wrapped up in gram flour dough served between buns. Served along with chutneys and fried green chilies, it's simple but flavorful.

2. Momochas (Momos)
Originally from Tibet; momos are now being enjoyed by many all over India including Lavasa town. They can be prepared either steamed or deep-fried and depending on preference they could be filled with vegetables, chicken or pork. These are frequently enjoyed with tangy red chili sauce that blends flawlessly with the mildness of dumplings.

3. Pad Thai
Indulge your taste buds with Pad Thai from Thailand. This stir-fried noodle dish features rice noodles tossed together with shrimp/chicken pieces/tofu/peanuts/scrambled egg/bean sprouts in a sour tamarind sauce tinged flavoring ingredients blend making it irresistible for street eaters.

4. Chole Bhature
Chole Bhature, a spicy chickpea (chole) dish served with fluffy deep-fried breads (bhature) is very popular in North India. It is satisfying and sumptuous, and combines different ingredients and textures which are well spiced.

5. Baozi (Chinese Steamed Buns)
These fragrant steamed white buns contain barbecued pork, fresh vegetables or sweet red bean paste depending on the filling. Originating from China, baozi have found a place in Lavasa's street food scene. Soft, light and full of flavor making them great snacks that can be eaten on the move.

6. Pani Puri
Pani puri goes by other names such as golgappa or puchka and it is one of the most common street foods in India consisting of hollow crispy round wafers filled with tamarind water, chickpeas & potatoes and chutneys. The explosion of flavors along with the crispiness make it an enjoyable eating experience.

7. Satay
An Indonesian/Malaysian dish involving skewered grilled meat served together with a rich peanut sauce; Satay comes in variations made using chicken, lamb or beef as seen in Lavasa city. The smoky taste obtained from grilling meat combined with creamy nutty sauce creates an excellent blend.

8. Bhel Puri
This famous Mumbai street food is made up of puffed rice mixed with vegetables covered by tart tamarind sauce. Topped off with sev (fried chickpea noodles) and fresh coriander leaves, Bhel Puri provides a variety of tastes that make it a perfect low-calorie snack while exploring Lavasa town.

9. Ramen
Lavasa is home to Ramen, the Japanese noodle soup that has become a global phenomenon. This comforting dish comprises wheat noodles in a meat or fish based broth, seasoned with soy sauce or miso and topped with roasted slices of pork, nori (seaweed), menma (bamboo shoots) and scallions. Ramen is highly recommended because of its rich broth and delicious toppings.

10. Gyoza
Gyoza, another Japanese food favorite, are pan-fried dumplings usually filled with minced meat and vegetables. Gyoza's crispy underside and juicy filling make them ideal snacks or starters on any occasion. This would come along with dipping sauces made from soy sauce, vinegar, chili oil

Exploring Lavasa Through Food
This street artscape shows how lovely and multicultural Lavasa is to be able to support this kind of diversity in food offerings. Every meal is practically an encyclopedia expounding on different classes of the world Asian cuisine was built upon. Step by step across the streets of Lavasa you will find yourself trying some scrumptious bites which are just a reflection of that region's flavors.

If you're a culinary connoisseur or just want something new to try out, you won't be disappointed by what Lavasa's street food offers. The reason behind these culinary pursuits in the city lies in the fact that it is not only appealing to sight but also tantalizing taste buds for an unforgetting experience while at Lavasa.So take a plateful of whatever takes your fancy and start eating your way through Asia one mouthful at a time.

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