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If you wish to lead a happy life, adopt these lifestyle changes.

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Default If you wish to lead a happy life, adopt these lifestyle changes.

Want to Boost Your Brain Health? Adopt These Lifestyle Changes

Your brain health is responsible for the quality of life that you live. If you wish to lead a happy life, adopt these lifestyle changes.

Brain health

Your daily routine and habits impact your brain health. The food you eat, time at which you sleep, and people you interact have a great role to play in your cognitive function. To keep your brain healthy, here are certain lifestyle habits you need to follow.

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Walking 10,000 steps or more in middle age can make you brain 2.2 years younger, says a study published in the journal JAMA Network Open. Exercise actually helps in the healthy growth of brain cells by improving the blood circulation.

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Eat green veggies

Vegetables like spinach, kale etc. can stimulate grey matter in the part of your brain and improve your brain's cognitive function.

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Keep blood pressure under control

A high blood pressure has negative impact on your brain health. So, keep it in control.

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Take enough sleep

You must sleep at least for 7 hours. It can stimulate brain functions and makes your memory sharp.

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Avoid eating junk food

Processed food can degenerate brain cells and can cause inflammation in the brain leading to Alzheimer's disease.

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