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PUBG Mobile ‘Zombie: Survive till dawn’: A detailed look at all the zombies

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Old 02-21-2019, 12:38 AM
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Default PUBG Mobile ‘Zombie: Survive till dawn’: A detailed look at all the zombies

PUBG Mobile‘s newest addition is the much-awaited zombie mode, called “Zombie:*Survive till dawn”. The mode is now live, and people are busy encountering different kinds of zombies that are there in this mode. The zombies are incessant and come in different types. While some are easy, others are harder to ****. Most of the zombies are modeled after the ones seen in the Resident Evil 2 game, and there are some original ones as well.

****ing different kinds of zombies in PUBG Mobile will reward players with different kinds of loot, which in turn can be used to **** more zombies. We have here a list of all the different kinds of zombies added by Tencent Games that players will face in the new game mode. Let’s take a detailed look at them all.

Normal or Police Zombie

These are the regular zombies that will generally run and try to **** players with swipes. This is the most commonly available zombie and spawn almost everywhere. They require few shots to **** and can appear in hordes at the same time.


These zombies can be easily distinguished by their obese figure, and they will run and try to **** players with a butcher’s chopper. These need more bullets to **** and appear only a few at a time with the regular zombies. Beware, once this zombie’s health runs out it tends to explode.

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The Spitters look like regular zombies, but can spit green goo at players from a distance. This makes them pretty dangerous . They require almost the same amount of bullets to **** as the regular zombies.

Riot Shield Zombie

These are larger variants of the regular zombie and appear with a riot shield which is used to deal damage to the player. Needless to say, these shields are also used to protect from the player’s bullets. The Riot Shield zombie needs more bullets to ****, and the shield is basically bulletproof. Hence players will need careful timing to **** this zombie.


The Licker is a type of zombie that has been adopted from the Resident Evil 2 franchise, and it moves very quickly from one place to another. It also tends to attack with swipes that deal a lot of damage. And unlike in Resident Evil 2 players can’t avoid this zombie by walking.

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G(Stage 1)

This zombie is again adapted from Resident Evil 2, but in PUBG Mobile players can damage it by shooting it anywhere. This is a large and quick zombie which attacks with its hand and deals a lot of damage. And unlike in original game, it does not evolve in PUBG Mobile.


The Tyrant is the most powerful zombie that has been added in this mode. In Resident Evil 2 the Tyrant can’t be ****ed, but the PUBG Mobile developers have added the ability to die. The players are usually notified when this boss enters the game, and its location is marked on the map.


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