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TOP 10 things to put and NOT in child's bedroom

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Default TOP 10 things to put and NOT in child's bedroom

TOP 10 things to never keep in a child’s room, according to paediatricians

Things to never keep in a child's room

Decorating a child's room is, unfortunately, no child's play.

While a playroom or a child's bedroom should be a happy space and you want to make the room as cosy and comfortable as you can, dangling wires, tricky furniture, sharp edges are best kept away from. There are also some additional things that are best kept away from.

According to paediatricians and safety experts, here are 8 things you should never keep in a child's bedroom or play area.

P.S. Some of the items on the list will definitely surprise you!

Loud toys and action figures

What every child wishes to have growing up is a loud toy that makes noise. However, that's not a toy that would top a paediatrician’s best-recommended toys’ list. The reason? Super-loud toys may actually contribute to hearing loss, especially for a young infant.

In fact, a study by the Sight and Hearing Association also found that there are some popular toys that are capable of causing hearing damage within 15 minutes of use. So, try and use toys that are less noisy.

Unstable, heavy furniture

Furniture that's not secured or fixed to the wall shouldn't be in a child's room.
Experts recommend that any kind of heavy furniture-tables, beds, chairs which is unstable, unbracketed can be easy for the child to tip over them and cause injuries.
Hangnails, loose corners or bad wood finishings can also be bad.
Similarly, some also vary of installing heavy artwork, mirrors and other breakable matter in a child's room.
If you can, use additional brackets, anchors which will make them less likely to break.

Baby walkers

This is one baby utility that divides opinions. While many see it helping an infant move around, experts say that a baby walker can possibly facilitate a child's movement in unstable places, bump into walls when unsupervised. Therefore, it's best kept away from a child's room. Playpens are a better alternatives to install.

Windows with long strings, cords

Windows allow fresh air and sunlight in a room, but it can quickly turn into a choking hazard for your child, if left unsupervised.
For example, blinds with long strings, loops can be easy for the child to get into his/her mouth and impose the risk of strangulation. Easy access windows are bad too.
Tightly secure windows and ensure there's enough distance to keep the child safe.

Outlets and uncovered appliances

Any appliances are hazardous for a child, period. It's equally dangerous to have uncovered wall sockets, appliances within a child's easy reach, which could cause injuries.

Loose screws may also increase the risk of choking. Big appliances, such as table lamps, which can be pulled off are also hazardous.

If you must, mount outlets and appliances in a manner that it's well-covered and safely out of reach of the child. Make sure all cords are secured, unplugged when not in use to minimize the risk of injuries.

Windows can also be latched with baby-proof guards, if possible.

Certain houseplants

Again, while houseplants add freshness to the room, they can also quickly turn toxic for young children.

Before bringing in any houseplant or setting, double-check if your child's allergic to them, and place them at a distance, away from easy reach.

Crip canopies

Certain nursery decor and furniture, which are currently trending on social media are actually bad. It is best to avoid additions like canopies, fairy lights and throw pillows in a baby's room.

Television sets

Lastly, if there's one thing which shouldn't find mention in a child's room, it has to be a television.

No matter how young or old your child is, the risks of having a television set contributes to increased screentime, which, in turn, can lead to additional health problems like obesity risk, bad eating habits, cognitive and developmental deficits and sleep disturbances.

Encourage playtime for your child, and less screentime.
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Old 08-05-2022, 09:51 AM
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Default put and NOT in child's bedroom

What NOT to put in a child's bedroom: 1. A bed with sharp edges 2. Mirrors that can't be covered 3. Toys that can't be picked up easily 4. Cords from lamps or electronics 5. A heavy dresser or TV stand 6. Window treatments that can't be opened 7. Anything with sharp points 8. Furniture with a surface that is too high for the child to reach 9. Furniture with no back support 10. Drawers or cabinets that can't be opened easily.
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Old 08-24-2022, 09:05 AM
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