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TOP 10 DO NOT SHARE these Beauty Products to anyone Ever (Lipsticks, Eye makeup, Makeup brushes, Razor...)

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Old 06-26-2020, 03:49 PM
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Default TOP 10 DO NOT SHARE these Beauty Products to anyone Ever (Lipsticks, Eye makeup, Makeup brushes, Razor...)

Think twice before you share your makeup with a friend or co-worker. Makeup kit is a breeding ground of bacteria and germs that can cause serious infections.

I have got some bold lipstick shades and liners, want to try? Hello! Don’t ever say that again or think of sharing your beauty products with others. It may sound mean to not let your friend use your makeup, but you will be actually protecting yourself and her from serious infections such as pink eye or even herpes. Everything from its wet formula to dark containers, makeup is a perfect breeding ground for germs. Your foundation sponge, makeup brushes and even lipsticks may be carrying dirt, oil and bacteria. Now think about these contaminated products touching your flaky skin, chapped lips, and popped zits. If it doesn’t affect you skin, your friend may not be so lucky. Similarly, when you use other’s makeup, you will be putting your skin at risk of infections. Trading makeup can even lead to spread of diseases. So, next time you think of swapping lipsticks, consider all these possible risk factors. And always keep your makeup to yourself. Here are some beauty products you should stop sharing with others –

Lipsticks: That borrowed lipstick can give you cold sores, also called fever blisters. This viral infection could stay with you for life if you pick it up, according to dermatologists.

Eye makeup: Dermatologists say sharing eye makeup items, like mascara, eyeshadow and eyeliner, can lead to eye infections like pink eye, flat warts, styes, and other bacterial buildup. It is even riskier for those who wear contact lens, as the bacteria can get trapped behind the lens, say experts.

Makeup brushes: Sharing makeup brushes or base makeup can spread acne-causing bacteria. When you use someone else's makeup, her acne, oils, and bacteria are touching your face and that is not good for your skin.

All those beauty products that comes in a jar: You have to dip your fingers to use these products, which could be a cleanser, cream, foundation, or lip balm. So, it's best that you keep that product for your own personal use.

Razor: This beauty tool can carry warts or genital herpes — if you or your friend has either. Sharing this product can also make you more vulnerable to a staph infection, hepatitis, or blood-borne viruses.

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