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Stay Away From Bengaluru - TOP 10 Reasons

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Default Stay Away From Bengaluru - TOP 10 Reasons

Bengaluru, the Silicon Valley of India, is a bustling city known for the IT industry, wonderful weather and vivid cultural life. Nevertheless, just like any major city, there are parts of Barcelona that you should steer clear of because of safety concerns, overcrowding or a lack of tourist value. Although these are arguably the soul of the city, they are probably not your best choice for a travel experience. Below are a few locations from Bengaluru you would probably ignore to include in your itinerary.

1. Majestic Bus Stand (Kempegowda Bus Station)
Majestic Bus Stand / Kempegowda Bus Station The bus station is the biggest transportation hub in Bengaluru. This is an important location for bus routes coming from across Karnataka and neighboring states but not really a place with a tourist appeal. It is a crowded place, full of chaotic traffic and a hot-spot for petty crimes, especially pickpocketing. While the constant noise is irksome, the uncleanliness is as pesky as ever. Avoid the hassle and instead take advantage of ride-sharing apps or pre-booked cabs for ease of travel encemin traveling through the city.

2. City Market
Krishnarajendra Market, also known as City Market, is one of the oldest and busiest markets in Bengaluru. Even with all its sights and sounds of real life urban trade and hustle, it can be too much to some visitors. It becomes nearly impossible to make way through the narrow lanes jammed by vendors, shoppers and vehicles. Moreover, poor sanitation and pollution in the region are common. While Chickpet and Jayanagar 4th Block are great places to experience local markets, they are local markets you can more reasonably navigate in a cleaner environment.

3. Kalasipalyam
Tourists should also stay away from Kalasipalyam. Known for its wholesale markets and bus terminals. Dark, dirty, and not-great-safe-with-skyhigh-rates-of-pick-pocketings streets crowd the area. The region is notorious for having a high level of petty crime, and infrastructure (namely, roads) in a poor state of repair. It is advisable for tourists to stick to the more developed and safer parts of the city like Indiranagar or Koramangala, which have better amenities and establishments.

4. Shivajinagar
It is a commercial and residential area, with its bustling markets and street food, especially in the area of Shivaji nagar. But it is also known for its traffic congestion, congested roads and safety problems, particularly as the sun goes down. The Siddhartha Layout and Russell Market, near the Shivajinagar bus stand can be way too crowded and can wear you down in 5 mins! Tourists may be disenchanted with the sounds, pollution and constant threat of their pockets being picked. Commercial Street or Brigade Road .. these are places to go with no hurry, where you can walk and shop to your heart's delight!

5. Yeshwanthpur
Yeshwantpur is a locality in the northwestern part of Bengaluru and part of the industrial area. Yeshwanthpur Railway Station Source It is the destination of Yeshwantpur Railway Station, one of the largest railway junctions in Bangalore. The region is significant for transportation, but does not have many tourist facilities. The area surrounding the train station is usually dirty and crowded and low on facilities for travelers. The former industrial zone of Hebbal is lined with factories, so this is not the best place to explore the cultural and historical side of Bengaluru.

6. Peenya Industrial Area
Peenya is a major industrial area in Bangalore and one of the largest industrial areas in Asia. While an important commercial and employment district, it has little appeal to travelers. This area filled with factories and industrial buildings offering very bad air quality polluted the air with fumes leading to an uncomfortable environment. On the flip side there are limited tourist-friendly services and sites in the area. So if you are visiting Bengaluru it is better to explore more scenic and cultural places in the city like Cubbon Park, Lalbagh Botanical Garden and so on.

7. Nayandahalli
Nayandahalli is situated in the western part of Bengaluru NICE Road jn provides connectivity as a major transit point to bypass Bangalore. However, it is not a tourist friendly place. The infrastructure is archaic and the area experiences regular traffic jams and pollution. There are limited services or tourist attractions. Tourists will simply have a better time in the more central parts of the city, where the parks and shopping districts and cultural landmarks are.

8. KR Puram
Krishnarajapuram, widely known as KR Puram, is a suburb in the eastern part of Bengaluru. A major residential and commercial heart, it also has long been synonymous with both nightmarish traffic and inadequate infrastructure. This turn is quite chock full and disorderly and makes it less friendly to the sightseers who may consequently go away. This area of the city has minimal tourist attractions, and the general vibe can be off-putting for tourists. Whitefield, which is one of the best places to live in Bangalore or areas around Marathahalli is where you should look if you are looking for some experience.

9. Goripalya
Goripalya residential area in the western part of Bengaluru is densely populated. It is popular for its narrow roads, heavy, crowded houses, and lack of hygiene. It is well- known for lots of petty crime and is not the safest place for tourists to walk alone, particularly at night. Poor infrastructure, virtually no access to public utilities The public is asked to steer clear of this area and instead visit other areas of the city that are more established.

10. Wilson Garden
Wilson Garden is a locality in the central part of Bengaluru. Close to major attractions but there is nothing here for the tourists. It is famous for crowded streets, unhygienic conditions and types of security threats especially for night time. The area is largely residential and industrial, hardly a tourist friendly destination. Lalbagh or even Basavanagudi are better choices for tourists if they wish to have a good experience visiting Bangalore in complete safety.

A City of Wonders, Bengaluru with its massive parks, time-old landmarks blended in seamlessly with the ultra-modern shopping avenues, leafy streets, and the most vibrant nightlife is a city that has something to offer all and sundry. But also, like any large city, there are places that are not a priority to visit for tourists be it for safety issues, traffic or simply because they are not the most interesting sides of the city. Visitors' Experience in the city will be very smooth and enjoyable if they stay away from these places (few points). You will be able to see a lot more of the exquisite culture, history and contemporary charm this city holds. Given that the city is so huge, it tends to require a great deal more time to explore it as compared to some other cities.

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