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How to Be Good at Laser Tag

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Default How to Be Good at Laser Tag

Laser tag is a fun and simple game that involves using laser tag guns to try and shoot your opponent. The laser guns fire infrared beams, and trigger sensors in a player’s vest to indicate that they’ve been hit.[1] Games of laser tag are typically team-based, and take place in complex arenas and mazes. This means that strategy and teamwork are essential to becoming a good laser tag player. You can increase your odds of performing well by preparing for the game, working as a team, and making smart decisions in combat.


EditPreparing for the Game
  1. Wear darker clothing to make yourself harder to spot. Laser tag is almost always played in the dark. This means that you’ll stick out if you’re wearing bright clothing, making it easier for the enemy to spot you. Wear black or dark blue to keep you hidden from your opponents.[2]
    • Wear something comfortable. You’re going to be running around a lot, so make sure that you’re not wearing any heavy or baggy clothing.
  2. Tighten your tactical vest to make you harder to hit. Your vest contains sensors. When one of your opponents hits one of your sensors, you’re out. To make it harder to hit your sensors, tighten your vest so that it doesn’t wobble around. To tighten your vest, push it all the way up on your torso, and then tighten and buckle the shoulder and side straps.[3]
    • Some vests go off accidentally if they’re too loose. Make sure that it’s tight by double-checking the shoulder and side straps before the game starts.
    • If your vest is loose, it’ll be easier to hear it rattling around when you’re moving. You don’t want to give away your position![4]
    • If you have trouble with your equipment, ask someone that works at the venue for help.
  3. Communicate with your team ahead of time to prepare your strategy. Most laser tag games are team-based, meaning that you’ll be working alongside the others on your team. Before the game starts, discuss a general strategy for working together. This could be as simple as assigning roles, or as complex as setting up specific plays.
    • Consider using simple hand signals to indicate the location of an enemy, or ask for covering fire.
    • Split your team into two smaller teams and use one for offense and one for defense if you’re playing a game of base defense or capture the flag.
  4. Study your environment ahead of time to get an upper hand. If you can study the map ahead of time, look for good tactical positions or areas to hide. Knowing the lay of the land will give you an advantage over an unprepared opponent. Look for areas with good cover, or easy routes to sneak around and flank the other team.[5]
    • Some laser tag facilities have a brochure with their map in it. Pick one up when you get to the play area to see if it has a map!
EditWorking as a Team
  1. Split your team up in order to make you harder to beat. Many people think that it’s always better to stick together, but it actually makes it easier for your opponent to hit one of you. If your team is bunched together, the odds of a shot landing are much higher. Split up or work in pairs to keep your team safe and difficult to catch.[6]
    • It’s also much easier for the opposing team to pin you down in one location if you’re all next to each other. You don’t want to get trapped as a team!
  2. Ambush the enemy by splitting up with a teammate. Try hiding near an enemy and using a teammate to lure them out. Once your opponent reveals their location, get into position and sneak up on them. While they’re distracted, jump out and surprise them.[7]
  3. Cover your teammates by shooting when they’re moving. Shooting while a teammate is moving is a good way to ensure that your opponent doesn’t get a free shot off. It’s harder to hit a moving target if someone is shooting back![8]
    • Some laser tag weapons use digital ammunition. That means that you may not have unlimited opportunities to shoot, so use them wisely![9]
  4. Watch your back and keep an eye out for your team. Being aware of your surroundings is essential to winning at laser tag.[10] Make sure that you keep track of your team so that you can help them if they get into trouble. Keep an eye out for opponents that try to sneak around and flank you from behind.
    • Almost all laser tag vests have a sensor on the back, but ask if you have one just to be sure. You can’t be hit from behind if there’s no sensor on your back.
EditMaking Tactical Decisions
  1. Take the higher ground whenever possible. If your play area has multiple levels, it is a good idea to get as high as possible. If you’re up high, you have a vantage point over the rest of the map. This will make it easier to spot and shoot at enemies.[11]
    • Being up high can be dangerous, since you’ll be a target for your opponent. Consider bringing a teammate to cover your back.[12]
  2. Stay low behind cover to reduce your vulnerability. If you stand out in the open, you’re giving your opponent an easier shot. Try to keep the majority of your vest behind cover so that you’re harder to hit.[13]
    • If you have to go out into the open, stay low while you’re moving. This will make you harder to aim at, and your opponent might not even see you moving.
  3. Keep an exit route nearby if things get messy. You don’t want to end up in a sticky situation with no way of getting out. When you move to a certain part of the map, try to identify where you could hide or run away before going any further.
  4. Avoid staying in one place for too long. Unless you’re intentionally defending a good position, you’ll need to move often to stay safe. It’s easier for an opponent to hit a target when it’s standing still, and moving a lot will make it harder for them to keep track of where you are.[14]
  5. Hide if you get shot and regain your composure. Most games of laser tag give you multiple “lives” and let you continue playing after you’ve been shot. If you get hit, the odds are that you’ll be removed from combat temporarily. This is a good time to find a spot to hide and catch your breath.
    • Slow your breathing while you wait and relax. This will make sure that you’re ready to move when you’re able to reenter combat!
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EditQuick Summary

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