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Life After Bigg Boss OTT 15 - Akshara Singh Latest Updates, New Films, New TV Shows, New Projects

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Default Life After Bigg Boss OTT 15 - Akshara Singh Latest Updates, New Films, New TV Shows, New Projects

Bigg Boss OTT contestant Akshara Singh, who recently got eliminated from the show during weekend ka vaar shared in her interview that she went inside the house with lot of expectations. In an exclusive chat with ETimes TV, the Bhojpuri actress spoke about how she felt cheated by her former connection Pratik Sehajpal when he flipped overnight and chose to play with Neha Bhasin. She also shared that she was held responsible for commenting on Pratik and Neha Bhasin's proximity but the truth was that everyone else in the house was discussing about their closeness. Akshara, who was earlier in a relationship with a Bhojpuri star, opened up about her troubled past. She revealed that her ex- tried to not only sabotage her career, but she also accused him of sending few boys to chase her with acid bottles.

I had many dreams when I went inside the BB OTT house

I think maybe the makers find the other contestants doing things that are you. That’s why the makers are supporting them. I had lot of dreams when I went inside the house. I wanted to go to BB 15 house and I wanted to make my audience and especially my father proud. He always wanted me to go to Bigg Boss. I am happy that I got an opportunity to do a show like Bigg Boss. I got this opportunity after three years of wait. I am glad my fans and the audience got a chance to know who the real Akshara is. This is a kind of achievement. (Photo: Instagram)

​I felt cheated from Pratik side when he flipped

Yes, I felt cheated when Pratik flipped overnight for Neha Bhasin. But I think this was part of his game inside. I had never gone inside with a game plan in mind and I always gave importance to relationships. The emotions I showed on the show were real. The amount of love and affection I gave to people, I wanted that in return. Just for the sake of the bond we shared, Pratik should have at least just mentioned or informed me that he was going to take such a drastic step. This is the complain that I’ve from him and I was very hurt at that particular time. Rest everything is game what else can I comment. (Photo: Instagram)

The way Neha and Pratik were staying with each other many were raising questions at it

Ye public hai ye sab jaanti hai… you can fake inside the house but nothing can be hidden from camera or the audience. You can fool the housemates but can’t fool the audience. Whatever Neha did I don’t want to comment on her personal life. But I want to add one thing that if she says on camera that she’s being judged by the housemates, she should also realise that she is also making judgements about others. So it was from both sides. Nobody was judging Neha, the things she was doing with Pratik and the way Neha and Pratik were staying with each other many were raising questions at it. I was not the only one, other housemates were also talking about it. And even if there was something like that between them then instead of getting angry or hiding she should have openly accepted it. Take a stand like, like how I did whatever was the situation, I never left Pratik’s side. I took a stand for him and was there for him till the time I was his connection. (Photo: Instagram)

Everyone in the house was discussing Pratik and Neha's proximity

Everyone in the house was discussing Pratik and Neha’s proximity. Whether it was Neha’s best friend in the house or anyone else in the house. But I was blamed for everything and I felt bad about it. Whatever I felt I said on the face and I am like that as a person. I can’t change that quality of mine. I was the one to speak while others spoke behind them. So that’s why their names was not disclosed. (Photo: Instagram)

​Shamita and Neha have been dominating since the day one

Yes, now after I’ve left now they are targeting Divya and making her feel cornered. Shamita and Neha have been dominating since the day one. They have always done this. Just because you speak English, it doesn’t make you classy. I don’t think aisa classy hona koi kaam ka hai. I feel how you behave with others and conduct yourself in the house, makes you a classy person. But I know Divya and I know she is capable of making their life hell if they mess with her. (Photo: Instagram)

​If I am alive today it is only possible because of my own strength

I am very proud of myself and if I am alive today it is only possible because of my own strength. I have faced a lot of things in life and I’ve battled with many to reach where I am today. People now know me because of Bigg Boss is the thing that I’ve earned because of the strength I have. People and the audience have supported me always. With time I’ve changed myself and the audiences love has kept me going. I am now strong enough to face anything in life. (Photo: Instagram)

​I was living a very humiliated life because of the other relationship

My parents supported me a lot during that phase. From the place I come, usually parents don’t support their girls to join the entertainment industry. And top of that if something like this (troubled relationship) happens, they just boycott their girls. But I feel I am very lucky that my parents supported me and did not throw me out of the house. I was living a very humiliated life and so was my family. I would sense that they were feeling terrible but they never made me realise that. They stood by me like my pillar of strength. I remember my father telling me something when I was going through depression. Those words of him gave me so much strength that till today it has stayed with me as motivation. (Photo: Instagram)

​I was into depression

When things got out of hand and situation got really ugly and I was into depression. A really bad one and I can’t express it. My father told me that being a father I am telling you this that if you plan to live the rest of your life like this, then please go and end your life and if you don’t want to do this then come out of it right away. If you want to end your life do it, I won’t regret or not stopping you. And if you want to live, then don’t turn and look back at your past. Just fight back, I am with you. This statement of his made me so strong that I never looked back. (Photo: Instagram)

I was getting so many threats that he would **** me or destroy my career

I was getting so many threats that he would **** me or destroy my career but after my father’s conversation with me I gained so much strength that I stopped caring about anything. I did not even fear for my life. I had faced so many thing by then ki maut ka khauff he khatam hogaya tha. I felt kya Karoge maroge he na… chalo maar lo. My ex sent few boys with acid bottles in their hand and also tried to destroy my career. (Photo: Instagram)

I was chased by a few boys with acid bottles in their hand

I was chased by a few boys with acid bottles in their hand. They were running behind me. People who do drugs on streets, they were sent after me. I just pray to god that no female has to go through what I’ve suffered in my life. (Photo: Instagram)

Nobody from the industry came forward to help me

Nobody from the industry came forward to help me. There were people who came to console me. But most of them judged me that I was like that and hence all this was happening to me. Nobody supported me. The entire industry was on one side and I was alone on the other. I had no work in hand. Everybody would throw me out of work without giving any reason. How I survived in Mumbai at that only I and my family knows. (Photo: Instagram)

​Whatever films I had signed, I was thrown out of them

When you are staying in Mumbai, you need money to even breathe. I used all the money that I had earned and borrowed money from my house and started making music. I thought I am not going to get any film now because whatever films I had signed, I was thrown out of them. (Emotional) I started doing music albums with my own money. People started appreciating it and I again started earning. But then there was time when music companies started ignoring and stopped taking my songs. They were pressurized to not take my songs. He was hellbent on making my life miserable, main isko jeene nahi doongi… kaise karegi ye kaam. She would either go back to her hometown or **** herself. He wanted that happened to me. (Photo: Instagram)

​I was rejected from everywhere and had no work in hand

So after being rejected from everywhere and with no work in hand. I decided to launch songs under my own label and company. I made up my mind that I will not give up and fight back. Aaj joh bhi chota Kota naam hoon Woh sirf audience Yaa apne mom and Ashirwad se. (Photo: Instagram)

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