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Future Projects/Shows of Shilpa Shinde after Bigg Boss

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Old 01-15-2018, 05:21 PM
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Default Future Projects/Shows of Shilpa Shinde after Bigg Boss

The winner of Bigg Boss Season 11 has turned out to be none other than Shilpa Shinde. From being one of those contestants who faced flak and came in the house following a lot of controversy, Shilpa became one of the most loved contestants.

While one of the prime reasons for Shilpa's win is the unanimous support she received from the fans, here is her journey from beginning to the end which led to her historic victory.

Not The Ideal Start

Everybody knew Shilpa Shinde even before she entered, owing to her infamous fallout with h makers of her ex-show, Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai! The lady who popularized the tagline, 'Sahi Pakde Hain' came in with a backstory, not many would like to have before appearing on a show like Bigg Boss.

And the same was infact worsened when she got into a war of words with producer, Vikas Gupta on stage even before they could enter the house. We all know how negative light is bad news for a particular contestant in the show and it did not seem to be the ideal start for the actress.

A Negative Impact and A Forgettable 3-4 Weeks

Determined to teach Vikas Gupta a lesson, Shilpa Shinde became the torturing and bullying Shilpa who would leave no stone unturned to harass Vikas on every instance she managed to grasp. This wasn't something that was appreciated and even though some understood as to how she may have a backlog of angst and frustration towards the apparent injustice, her bullying wasn't justified at all. The usual favourite to Salman Khan ( which she became later) was under direct scrutiny when she even questioned and made fun of Vikas' ***ual orientation! I mean just imagine on how would such a wrongdoer manage to reach the finals! But she did and here's why-

The Sudden Change And The Positive One

After being marked by Salman, there was a tiny shift in her behaviour towards Vikas and the same was followed when Vikas sacrificed his jacket for Shilpa in a special nomination task. That's it! This began a new innings for Shilpa Shinde, where she became the subtle, positive and loving one.

Even though she was all of the above to everyone even before, but getting rid of all the unwanted negativity made her bloom. From explaining Dhinchak Pooja to not pay attention to the fun being poked at her to handling a madcap like Akash Dadlani, Shilpa became an ideal person.

Calm, Composed and Staying True To The 'Maa' Tag

Her switchover led her to being affectionately called 'Maa' by Arshi Khan and Akash Dadlani even though the duo made a mockery of the same later. There was a certain amount of flak involved due to this 'Maa' tag and being the Kitchen Queen, but Shilpa reminded unfazed and continued to play her game her way.

The end result was Arshi accepting her mistakes towards her and she coming in the positive light. Amidst all the madness and negativity going on in the house, Shilpa was the calming factor and her closeness and elderly love towards Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra was the perfect example of the same.

The Hiten Eviction Saga

Tables were turned once again, when she, to everyone's surprise evicted her friend and close one, Hiten Tejwani, when asked to choose between him and Priyank Sharma. Many thought she is ruthless again and has back-stabbed Hiten by kicking him out when she got the chance. This invited a lot of backlash for a couple of days, but things faded away rather easy, as she was brutally honest about how she merely played a game and wasn't apologetic about it. Afterall, it is a game and one has to play it over all the relationships after a point of time.

Stone-Hearted, But Stayed True To The Game

This and many other instances led people to think how Shilpa is stone-hearted and insensitive about different issues. But the same was seen in a different way by several others, who felt the show is about playing a strategic game and putting yourself above all the bonds and relationships formed.

This will always be debatable, but nevertheless it was an important side to Shilpa Shinde.

Miserable Task Player And A Bad Leader

Two of the biggest negative points about Shilpa Shinde is how she has always been a bad player when it comes to performing tasks. Her lethargic attitude towards the tasks and her overconfident nature on the assurance of being saved by fans isn't ideal for anyone to follow. Apart from all this, even though she was the sacrificing queen, she never turned out to be a good leader like Vikas or Hina Khan.

Still The True Mastermind Of The Show And A Total Entertainer

She may not be a leader or a good task player, but she certainly is one of the true masterminds of Bigg Boss history. People continue to term Vikas being the mastermind, but Shilpa's tactics and silent game has proved otherwise. Her plans to shift her behaviour with Vikas, evicting Hiten, not being a 'Yes' man to anyone and only showing her emotional side when needed among many other factors determine how Shilpa has been a silent master player for sure.

And inspite of all this serious stuff, one cannot forget how Shilpa has been a complete entertainer too. From making you cry to making one applaud, Shilpa has even made you laugh at instances which truly were hilarious.

The Immense Support

One of the prime reasons and possibilities for Shilpa Shinde going on to win the show is how she has been receiving immense support throughout her journey in the show so far. From having a record breaking trend on Twitter to getting the highest votes in the Mall Task, Shilpa Shinde's confidence in her fans doesn't seem overestimating afterall. In fact, we recently reported on how Shilpa For The Win crossed a mamnoth 3.12 million tweets. All that hardwork by the fans seemed to be fruitful now.

Congratulations Shilpa Shinde for the victory!

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Old 10-30-2020, 01:53 AM
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Shilpa Shinde denies entering Bigg Boss 14

India Forums got in touch with Shilpa to confirm the news and not only did she denied the news but also said that she will soon be seen in a new Avtaar.

Shilpa Shinde is one of the most popular faces of Television. She has not only won many hearts but also went on to win the title of Bigg Boss 11 winner. The actress has been in the news from time to time and the latest news that is being reported in the media about Shilpa is that she might enter Bigg Boss 14.

It has been three weeks since Bigg Boss began and the show is already gaining momentum while also doing well as far as the online TRPs are concerned. Meanwhile, the seniors Sidharth Shukla, Hina Khan, and Gauahar Khan had left the house and the contestants are playing the game by themselves.

The media has now reported that the makers have approached Shilpa Shinde to enter the house for a special task.
India Forums got in touch with Shilpa to confirm the news and not only did she denied the news but also said that she will soon be seen in a new Avtaar. She said "I am not entering Bigg Boss 14. I am busy with something big. And like have always maintained that I have moved on from this show. I always like to do different things, repetition not my thing, unlike others. All my prior outings have seen me in different avtaars. My upcoming avtaar will again surprise you."

Shilpa was one of the most trending contestants of her season and won the show with a huge margin of votes. She was approached for a task last season as well, but the actress had denied the offer.
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