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Divyanka Tripathi's BOLD Interview Statements

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Old 04-16-2021, 09:51 AM
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Default Divyanka Tripathi's BOLD Interview Statements

Telly Stars Talk - Divyanka Tripathi: I feel shy to put out my pictures in bikini

Divyanka Tripathi is always a rare interview. This actress generally keeps to herself. When ETimes TV asked her for a chat this time, she said we might find her under her dining table as she mostly runs away from media interactions. We replied to her that it's time for one which should be actually a longish one.
On April 10, this beautiful and talented actress of 'Yeh Hai Mohabbatein' and 'Crime Patrol' spoke to us for Telly Stars Talk segment. Here are the excerpts from the conversation:

W hat was your parents' reaction when you first told them that you want to become an actor...
We were in Bhopal. I had just finished my graduation and I received an offer to act in 'Dulhan'. I had no dreams of becoming an actress. But, papa was taken aback. Mom however explained to him that he should rather accompany me to Mumbai and gauge the world that would exist around me, if I would get the role. He shut his medical store and we were in Mumbai for 3 days. We went back and returned for another test of mine. Later too, when I signed up for the serial, he came down with me but soon realised that his daughter was independent enough. After that, he was fine with it. Fathers are protective about daughters, aren't they?

When was the first time that a guy proposed to you? In college or school?

(Laughs). Pehli baar toh proposal mere end se gaya tha. I had proposed to a guy before a guy proposed to me. Hum equality ki baat karte hain, na? I went down on my knees, offered a rose and even sang a song to him in person. This happened in my first year in college. How unabashed I am! Log kya kahenge? (smiles).

You spoke about 'Log kya kahenge?'. It makes me ask if that plays on your mind when it comes to you putting out (on social media) your pictures in bikini?

The reason is only that I am very 'sharmilee' (shy) in such matters. I feel very shy about wearing a swimsuit or bikini, which is why I wasn't able to learn swimming. It's terrible and it shouldn't be. But it's just I am very awkward about it. I will have to gather a lot of courage before doing this. The girls who put out such beautiful pictures of themselves must be definitely courageous.

Have you dealt with a situation where you felt like putting out your picture in a bikini and then said No, then again Yes, and finally again No?

Nahi, aisi situation nahi aayi hai. I have continued to remain awkward in this matter. There's no logic behind my shyness. It's just that I am a shy person per se.

Have you had boyfriends in college? Did you have relationships?

Yes, I had. They were all very nice friends. It so used to happen, sooner or later, that they used to become my parents' friends. Now, Bhopal being a small town, we were told not to go out as there were many uncles and aunties in our neighbourhood (and we would be seen). Those were the days of beautiful innocence where friendship and relationships were not contaminated with corrupt elements.

Do you think that most relationships of today are contaminated?

Pata nahi. But if you see, nowadays, people have too many temptations and options. As a consequence, relationships tend to be not as pure as the ones in olden days. The beautiful innocence of yesteryears is hardly seen.

What was your parents' reaction when you first told them that you were in a relationship with Vivek Dahiya?

Dad did raise eyebrows and I hadn't seen him doing that in the case of my earlier 'friends'. This happened because it was clear that Vivek and I were planning to marry. Next, Vivek was interviewed by my Dad, sister and brother-in-law. I too was interviewed by his family in a closed room.
I think it's important to do such detailed interactions when you give away your daughter's hand to anybody. Plus, when families come into play, the couple tries much more to keep the marriage going as they understand that it is a responsibility.

So was it here too that you proposed first?

(Laughs) No, Vivek did. But we took a very long time until I guess we were absolutely sure of our decision. Of course we had felt love for each other just in our second or third meeting- pata chal jaata hai. We had gauged our feelings from each other's eyes. Many times, we were on the verge of breaking the news to our parents but kept procrastinating. No love note was exchanged between us for the longest time.

Were you sure that you wanted to marry Vivek Dahiya?

I was sure about this more than anything else in the world. I wasn't sure as much about becoming an actor. Getting married to Vivek has probably been the best decision of my life.

A lot of TV couples are in the family way during this post-COVID phase...

I am wearing a loose kaftaan in this interview for just a fashion statement. Parenting is a huge responsibility. We are going to take our time in having a baby; we'll have one in due course.

After one web show, why didn't we see you leaping into OTT?

I said 'Yes' to 2 shows but had to leave them due to my commitment to Ekta Kapoor's digital platform. There were 2 shows I was supposed to do for them; one was Season 2 of the web show I did and the other one was with Karan Patel. But, both didn't happen owing to COVID and the consequent lockdowns. But it's okay, such things happen. Something will come along that will turn out to be made for me.
Besides that, I haven't got web show offers wherein my character touched my heart. Over and above, there have been too many show which need the actors to indulge in skin show and get very ******** on-screen.

Has it become difficult to get web shows where they don't ask for skin show, ******** scenes and cuss words?

There is a sort of deluge of such shows because there's a herd mentality that prevails around us in content-making. If saas-bahu serials click, most people will walk up the same lane. Of course, there have been some fabulous web shows in the recent past which have done something really different, but by and large, we really need to break away from the vulgarity that I often sense has been put for just the heck of it.

How do you come to know that your role requires you to do bold stuff?

I ask right away. Why to waste time?

What's the plan ahead?

I wish something very good comes up for me on TV. I did 'Crime Patrol' simply because I was standing up for crimes against women. Now, on my way forward, I want to do something very challenging. The artiste inside me is very restless. I want to do films and web shows.

If you recall, we spoke the other day that many of our filmmakers have a mental block against casting TV actors in movies...

Yes, I recall. And that's true. Whatever they see me as on the small screen, they don't think beyond that.

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In Video:Divyanka Tripathi on Bikini Pictures, ******** Scenes, Vivek Dahiya & More

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