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TOP 10 Tips Checklist for Online Refrigerator to Avoid Fraud

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Old 04-26-2021, 10:52 AM
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Default TOP 10 Tips Checklist for Online Refrigerator to Avoid Fraud

Things to check when buying a refrigerator online on Flipkart, Amazon and other websites

While buying a refrigerator there are several things to consider like the form-factor, size, capacity, cooling technology, energy efficiency and more. Remember that it is important to carefully consider a refrigerator model that suits your household needs. A refrigerator is a long-term appliance and not something that you will replace every couple of years. And if you are choosing to buy online then you should pay more attention to the details of the product. Here are 10 things to check when buying a refrigerator online on Flipkart, Amazon and other websites.

​Decide where you want to place the new refrigerator in your house

Before buying a new refrigerator decide which area of your house you would like to place the fridge in. It is important to have an idea of the available space, head-room and availability of three-pin power sockets before clicking the buy ****on. Depending on the available space decide what kind of fridge you want. Note that you should consider that there’s enough space to open the doors of the refrigerator and the slope of the room floor should be aligned in a way that helps the door to get shut on its own freely. This ensures that you won't have to slam the door every time you open it.

​Decide your budget and the type of refrigerator you want

There are a lot of choices when it comes to form factors-- single-door, double-door, side-by-side, and mini refrigerators. Here’s a rough idea of the price to help you decide on the right fridge for you.

Mini fridge price-- up to Rs 8,000
Single-door fridge price-- Rs 11,000 to Rs 20,000
Double-door fridge price-- Rs 20,000 to Rs 35,000
Side-by-side fridge price-- Rs 40,000 to Rs 1,50,000

​Consider the size of the family and accordingly choose the capacity of the refrigerator

Buy a new fridge depending on the size of your family. It is highly advisable that you do not opt for a model that offers less than 160 litres of fresh food storage capacity. Also, while checking the capacity note the ratio between the freezer and fresh food storage space. Fresh food capacity is the actual storage area for food while the remaining storage is meant for the freezer. So, instead of seeing the combined storage capacity, see specifications properly to know the actual fresh food capacity.

Up to two family members-- Fresh food capacity of a minimum of 150 litres
Up to three family members-- Fresh food capacity of a minimum of 180 litres
Four and above family members-- Fresh food capacity of a minimum of 300 litres
Six family members and above- Fresh food capacity of a minimum of 400 litres

​Buy a mini-fridge only for limited purpose and bar requirements

Even if you are buying a fridge for a single member avoid buying a mini-fridge for day-to-day usage. Instead, opt for a single door 160 litres fridge by paying slightly more as it would offer more value. Mini-fridge is mostly suited for bar requirements and are not made to fit utensils used in Indian households.

​Opt for a stabiliser-free model while buying a high-capacity fridge

If you are spending on a slightly expensive high-capacity fridge that is above 200 litres opt for a stabiliser-free model. This helps in dealing with voltage fluctuations due to frequent power cuts.

​Consider the finishing, colour and design of the refrigerator

If you want to buy a fridge with stainless steel finish then note that it will easily attract fingerprints and you will have to clean it very often. Also, stainless steel finish means you won't be able to attach magnets as the material is non-magnetic. Similar, opting for certain plastic body models attracts scratches and dirt. Also, ensure the floral patterns or other design of the fridge goes well with your kitchen or room. Typically, opting for a burgundy colour model with a basic pattern design looks cleaner for a longer time.

​Frost-free vs direct-cool refrigerators: which one to consider

If your budget is restricted then you will most likely have to stick to direct-cool refrigerator models. This is because frost-free models are a bit expensive. With direct-cool fridge models, you will have to clean ice occasionally. These are usually meant for lower capacity models. Frost-free models offer better cooling and keep food fresh for a longer time. Direct-cool fridge models are available only up to Rs 15,000.

​Consider other storage features for bottles, vegetables and more

Make sure there are enough storage racks, preferably adjustable, for vegetables, bottles, etc. Also, consider the quality of the shelves, storage racks and compartments.

​Digital Inverter technology vs smart connect inverter: what are these

Digital Inverter technology automatically adjusts the speed of the fan depending on cooling demand. It helps save power, makes less noise and lasts longer. On the other hand, smart connect inverter is a technology that helps in keeping food cold and fresh during power cuts.

​Take a note of the BEE star-rating while buying a new fridge

If you are buying a low capacity fridge then the BEE star-rating doesn’t matter much and won't affect your electricity bill by a large margin. But for high-capacity models, opt for a model with at least a 3-star rating.
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