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TOP 10 Diabetes-Friendly Fruits

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Default TOP 10 Diabetes-Friendly Fruits

Are You Diabetic? Have These Diabetes-Friendly Fruits

Eating mindfully is something that diabetics cannot compromise on. Having anything recklessly can make you susceptible to severe health conditions. Read on to know about fruits that you can eat as a diabetic.

Having low glycemic index, cherries are a good option for diabetics. Also, they have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can help in fighting against the side-effects of diabetes like heart diseases, kidney failure etc.

This diabetes-friendly fruit is packed with potassium, vitamin A and C. Apart from being super nutritious, it can increase your satiety and help you maintain an ideal weight.

This fruit is a good source of fiber that can create a feeling of fullness and prevent you from overeating and increasing sugar level in the blood.

Being rich in vitamin C and fiber, apples can keep your immune function optimum and help you fight against infections that diabetics are susceptible to.

Oranges have low glycemic index and they contain nutrients including potassium and folate, that can keep your blood pressure under control.

Having pears is a wise decision that you can make as a diabetic. This fruit contains vitamin K that is known to help in clotting of blood.

This bright green fruit is low in carbohydrates and therefore can be added in your daily diet.

And Mango, Banana, Custard apple - DO NOT EAT

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