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The scream is back and Ghostface controls the smart home better than my phone.

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Old 10-13-2021, 05:01 AM
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Default The scream is back and Ghostface controls the smart home better than my phone.

he is back And it's coming to you — through your smart home. It's as if Ghostface's reappearance after lying dormant. Over a decade is not scary enough. This time, the self-aware and s****ed assassin knows how to control your door locks. And apparently smart home makers can learn a thing or two from him (or her). This dude has ****er protocols on hand.

The first trailer for Scream dropped today.

Technically, it's Scream 5, but slot obviously we're dropping numbers when it comes to a horror reboot. And it opens in that kitchen to the home of another child star alone, Disney's beloved Jenna Ortega. Step into the wonderful world of E.T. as "Tara," and as we go through the landline in the kitchen (What is this decade?)

Seeing that "Tara" lived in Drew Barrymore's former place, clearly we could.But this ****er is tech savvy. And the smartphone is Ghostface's torture this time. In the trailer, Tara texts her friend Amber, who she thinks is teasing her, and receives a reply: “This isn't Amber.” Surprisingly, the green bubble isn't nearly as scary as it was in the analog era.

But don't worry Familiar scary sounds are back for more fun and games. And this time with impressive home automation.In the future (2022), the smart home works flawlessly, and Ghostface has some hacking s****s that can instantly unlock Tara's front door. (This is a horror movie. Not real life) as she backed away from the locked door. Her phone beeps with the message:

"All Doors Unlocked,"

she frantically presses "All Doors Locked" in her typical smart home app (come on, Amazon has a ****er product placement opportunity here!) and we've been told. Practice to break shots of all these fancy (unwise) deadbolts that do. Dancing locks the door as a ****er and a victim playing smart home roulette. in the smart home No one heard the screams of your frustration.

Beyond the unrealistic smart home The next clip brings relief that this isn't just a copycat. This is a scream in gory '90s glory. We see Neve Campbell answer her smartphone. And when she said the words "My name is Sidney Prescott, I have a gun," I got chills. Gen Xers rejoice — the gang is back. Ex-husband and wife David Arquette (as Dewey Riley) Jersey) and Courtney Cox (Gail Weathers)

team up once again with incarcerated Campbell (Sydney), along with a husband-and-wife teenage film star. appropriate This Scream movie takes place 25 years after the first ******. (The way I feel really old, Paramount) and a new ****er are stalking the Woodsboro residents. (Why hasn't anyone lived there yet?) It was the first scream since creator Wes Craven died
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