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Default My 2018 resolution will be to control my craving for sweets.

TV Celebs Resolve To Make 2018 Better!

Be it about getting in shape or being on a travel spree -- television personalities like Delnaaz Irani, Tejasswi Prakash and Vatsal Sheth have resolved to make their New Year better.
Here are their plans:
Delnaaz Irani

I don't believe in resolutions because I've been promising myself that I will lose weight and I've been the same for years. So now I have changed my approach and it's all about loving yourself the way you are and also working harder professionally.
Tejasswi Prakash

I have always celebrated New Year's Eve with my family where we sit together and goof around till 12 am to wish each other Happy New Year. My New Year resolution for 2018 is to have more faith in God's plan for me and continue doing great work.
Vatsal Sheth

This New Year's Eve is very special as I****a Dutta and I got married few weeks ago. We would be visiting a friend's farmhouse in Karjat, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I don't believe in New Year resolutions as majority of people even forget them once the party is over. I truly feel that if you want to bring a change or correct something, one doesn't need to wait for the new year... Simply do it then and there itself. The right time is now.
Namik Paul

It has been a great year with regards to work where I got to enact a very different role in the show Ek Deewaana Tha and I am humbled with all the love and affection showered by my fans. My New Year resolution for 2018 is to listen more and speak less.
Manav Gohil

I want to work harder and fulfill all my duties as a husband, father and a son. My New Year resolution would be 'Haste Raho and Hasate Raho (Keep laughing and spread laughter)'. In 2018, I want to continue what I am doing as an actor and I think I am doing a fantastic job.
Vanshika Sharma

My resolution for the New Year will be to exercise every day. Each one of us needs to take the resolution of spreading joy. There can never be enough laughter or smiles in the world.
Vipul Roy

My 2018 resolution will be to control my craving for sweets.
With new year just around the corner, it's time to bring in more positivity, joy and love. And it looks like, the actors are already looking forward to having a year full of opportunities, smiles and laughter.

Have you set any resolutions for 2018? Let us know in the comments below..

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