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Default OMG Side Effects of Having Excess Cheese

Not Quite Natural: One of the most serious disadvantages of eating cheese is the misconception that cheese is natural. Cheese may not be as natural as you believe. Dairy products, such as cheese, contain artificial ingredients, such as Bovine Growth Hormone which can be harmful to your health and have long-term consequences.

Dehydration: Yes, failing to drink enough water can quickly lead to dehydration. But consuming high-sodium foods, such as creamy casseroles and cheeseburgers, can also be harmful. Cheese is a high-sodium food and this can add up quickly, especially if you eat more than one slice at a time, according to experts.

Gastric Problems: If you’re extremely lactose intolerant and eat a lot of cheese, all of the lactose will end up in your large intestine rather than being processed and absorbed by the body. Feeling gassy right after eating too many cheese is a major sign that this kitchen ingredient doesn’t suits you.

Cholesterol: Yes, cheese is high in cholesterol and can be blamed for raising people’s cholesterol levels. Having in moderation, cheese and saturated fat will not **** you. However, in order to maintain a healthy diet and promote cardiovascular health try to avoid cheese as much as you can.

Weight gain: People think of cheese as a ‘low-carb’ or ‘high-protein’ food, so they add it to salads, sandwiches, and omelets, and they eat it as a snack. But after adding it in your weight loss diet, you observe opposite of what you expected, then its a sign for you to eliminate cheese from your meal.

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